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Titan - Chapter 6
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 12 September 2002, 4:03 am

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On the Surface of Titan near the Remains of Research Station A
      Lt. Webster didn't feel right, the Pelicans had landed and unloaded right there. He wondered why they didn't use to the COM to tell them. He clutched his rifle and glanced over at Major Bryant, he looked worried and strangly calm. "Lieutenant do you think they are friendly?"asked Pvt. Patterson. "I have no idea if they are or aren't friendly, Patterson". Webster turned on his HUD link to one of the sniper's scopes. He watched closly as 25 men piled out from each pelican. He shut it off as it was no help to watch them or not. He noticed that all the marines seemed tense, espically the ones on the Scorpions. Webster walked next to one of the snipers at the front line and heard a large noise. He saw the five Pelicans take off and were about to make a fly over. Warning lights went off in his head and he knew that this wasn't right, but it was too late. The five Pelicans opened fire with their Chin-Guns tearing apart marines around him.

      He dove down onto the sand to escape all the chaos that followed the attack, he looked to his left and saw that the sniper he was standing next too was dead. Before he knew it bullets were zinging by his head, they were coming from the ,now, enemy marines. Webster opened fired. He fired in a full-auto fusilade spraying EX rounds at the apporaching forces. The Scorpions began to fire at the Pelicans but the slow moving turrets couldn't track them very well, two shells however impacted on two Pelicans and blew them outta the sky. Lt. Webster glanced through his scope and saw enemy marines who weren't in cover being blown apart by EX and AP rounds. Pvt. Howard kneeled down right next to Webster, he glanced over at Webster and was blown backwards. A sniper shell had ripped through his helmet, Webster turned around and saw his squad member's face plate splattered with blood.

      Pvt. Patterson waited until the Pelicans were in range and fired off two missiles, one exploded right behind the cockpit and the other one missied. The Pelican flew over, Chin-Gun Blaring, bullets zinging right past her and turning the marine next to her into mush. Pvt. Ishida didn't have much luck, his shells were suppressing them but weren't killing any of them. Lt. Webster saw him smashing his MA6B-C because the clip was jammed, he stood up and a Pelican mowed him and two other marines down. He grunted and was shocked. He looked through his scope in time to see three sniper bullets take out three enemy marines. One of the Pelicans turned and fired a Anvil V missile, it impacted on a Scorpion and it blew into pieces. He barly heard Major Bryant as he screaming instructions to everybody, another Pelican fired a missile. It hit its target and blew off the turret, the turret flew through the air and slammed into Major.Bryant and two others.

      Lt. Webster in all his fury began to fire more aggressivly, six round bursts of EX shells blew enemy marines to pieces. An occansional Scorpion shell blew a group of enemy marines into the air. After three passes there was only one Pelican still attacking, the others were destroyed. Cpl. Ryan who was a distance away from Lt. Webster was firing rapidly at the advancing forces., one of the enemy marines fired a short burst. Ryan shot him dead but the burst connected with the Lieutenant. Webster was sprawling on the ground with four bullet holes in his abdoman. The Scorpions fired again and and blew almost all the enemy marines away. The Pelican flew around again and a Scorpion's shell blew it in two, it went down in flames as it crashed in to the side of the dune. Lt. Webster's eyes were getting blury and blood was in his mouth. He heard a few more sniper shells fired and then there was slilence.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit

      "Lt. Mendel, ask the Black Hawks whats their ETA". Captain White spun around in his chair and glanced at what remained of his screens. The carrier could barely move and any type of explosion near the reactor would send them all to hell. "Captain, I can't raise them. All im getting is static", "Alright Lt. Mendel sit tight, Angel will you scan for the longswords please". They couldn't of been destroyed, the Black Hawks were his veteran unit and they could out fly anybody, White thought. "Captain, i've found whats left of them", Captain White looked at Angel and then at the monitor. He saw one longsword manuvering and then exploding, he couldn't see what shot them down. Then he saw them, there was about 50 of them.

      They were shaped like a Dragon Fly and were human in design, they were painted black like the void beyond them. "Angel scan with infared and the cameras to see where they are heading". The monitor was split in half, one picture in infared and the other from the cameras. He saw the Dragon Flies moving towards a destinct part of space. The cameres showed them decellerating near five large black objects. Angel immedatly identfied them as four corvettes and one stealth ship, all painted black, all used specificly by ONI. Captain White heard gasps among the bridge crews and then he saw the Pelican from the Galaxy heading towards the piece of scrap metal once known as one of the UNSC's finest.

Pelican-541 en-route towards UNSC Crusier First Light

      Lt. Warren and his twenty four ODSTs were the only responsibilities he had in mind. Their mission was to board the First Light and copy all their data from their computers. They were riding on one of the varients of the Pelican, one could carry 26 men but no vehicles, another could carry 12 and a vehicle. He didn't like this mission, didn't like it at all. "Lieutenant, this is gonna be easy. Probably the First Light's crew is alreadly dead and we won't have to shoot anyone"yelled Pvt. Morris. "Yeah Pvt, and you're mom has wings". Lt. Warren checked his seals again, all fine. He snapped a cartirige into his MA6B, his squad soon following. The COM crackeled "hang on, we're docking" yelled the pilot. The Lieutenant heard a large bang as the Pelican made contact with. The rear passenger compartment depressurised and the hatch opened. Lt. Warren saw a great black void and a large hunk of metal.

      The ODSTs climbed out of the Pelican, they pushed themselves off. They glided towards a gaping hole in the ships hull. "Whoa this is fun" yelled one of the Lieutenant's cocky Privates. "Cut the chatter", replied Lt. Warren. When they reached the hull, they pulled themselves inside but being careful in not tearing their suits. "Squad, load your weapons and be ready for anything". Twenty Five ODSTs pulled the cycling bolts back on their MA6B's. One of them placed a tan block on one of the bulkhead's hatches, he pressed a button and the bulkhead wasn't there anymore. When they moved inside they found what would shock anybody, decompressed bodies were floating there. They weren't dead from their explosion, they had been dead for awhile now. None of the crewmen they passed had resperators on like they would of normally had in a battle. They pulled themselves along heading for the bridge.

      When they arrived, the bridge was sealed too. They repeated the process but this time they came in rifle's up. They found more decompressed bodies but they way that they had died was visable, the viewports on the bridge were blown out. Lt. Warren expected to find the Captain's body on the bridge but he wasn't there. "Cpl. Henderson, get moving on the downloading and then transmitt it to the Galaxy", "Yes, Sir". He looked around and remembered to check the secondary memory banks. "You fifteen stay here, you nine come with me". Lt. Warren pushed himself out of the bridge and went down a differen't corridor. His HUD was displaying the lay out of the ship. He took a couple turns and found what he was looking for. "Blow it" Warren yelled. Another explosive was placed and detonated. He looked in and saw something he shouldn't have. He saw the Captain at a terminal doing something and also in the room were six marines. They opened fire, Warren pulled back just in time as shells ripped through the space he had just occupied.

      One of his ODSTs was on the other side of the hatch and fired in. EX rounds were spewed into the room, one of the them hitting a marine and tearing his suit. Another one of Warren's ODSTs moved into the spot he was just in and opened fire, that ODST was hit by return fire. "Damn it, toss a flash nade in". One ODST primed it and tossed it in. The ODST turned away, it went off. He turned back in to see that the five marines were momentary blinded, he fired in full Auto. He changed clips and the nine ODSTs pushed past six bodies. The Captain turned around with a primed nade in his hand, along with four others attached to his suit. Lt. Warren leveled his MA6B at the Captain's head. "Solider, put down you're weapons or i'll blown us all up", "That Grenade won't kill all my men on this ship, by the way what did you do to those crewmen". "They didn't understand the fullness of our orders so I did away with a probable munity", "You son of a bitch, they didn't do anything". One of the ODSTs glanced around and activated a private COM channel, "Lt. Warren, there are large computer moduels behind us. We can take him out and take cover behind those, or get out of the room. Raise your MA6B higher if you agree". Lt. Warren raised his rifle.

      "By the way you stupid ODSTs, i've just set the Crusier to detonate in five minutes" Captain Taggert said with a snicker, "You'll find out why we did this if you're other ODSTs finish downloading". Lt. Warren looked at the terminal's screen and saw a feed of the bridge and a timer, not ticking yet. The ODSTs bolted backwards, Captain Taggert pushed the button and let go of the grenades. The nine ODSTs took cover behind the moduels and Lt .Warren fired a three round burst into the Captain as he took cover. The grenades exploded. The room lit up with flames. After the blast subsided the nine ODSTs made a dash for the bridge. When they arrived they found that they had finished downloading and were waiting for the Lieutenant. Lt. Warren checked the timer on his HUD, 3:11. He activated his COM, "Pelican-541, manuver towards the bridge and hurry. The Crusier's gonna blow". His squad heard that and their faces changed exspressions already. "Lt. Warren, wheres Petie", He turned to a Private "He's dead".

      The Pelican manuvered and pulled into postion with its rear hatch facing the bridge. The ODSTs, got what they came for jumped. They glided into the rear hatch and when they were all in, it closed. Lt. Warren looked at his HUD, the timer said 39 seconds. "Hurry the hell up, we won't reach the safe zone in time" he yelled at the pilots over the COM.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit around Titan

      "WHATS HAPPENING?!?!"Yelled Captain White, "Sir, the First Light's reactor is set to blow. Its gonna happen in oh about 5 seconds" calmly said Angel. The Captain noticed that the Galaxy's Pelican had reached the safe zone. A large flash appeared from where the Crusier had been, a wave of EMP burst forward in all directions followed by a shock wave. The EMP shut down most of the Carrier's systems and the shockwave made the whole Carrier shudder. The backup power came on and the view screen showed nothing where the First Light had been. Captain White also noticed that the Elemental had moved towards the ONI ships. What the hell was going on here? thought Captain White