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Titan - Chapter 5
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 2 September 2002, 5:00 am

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UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit above Titan

      "Captain we have recived a message from our forces on Titan. There are also some recordings sent with it too"Said Lt. Mendel, "Lt. put it on speaker". The speaked played static and then the message came out "Captain this is Major Bryant. We have recived some casualties but we have discovered something, well actually 3rd Squad did. We found some type of artifact in Research Station A and when one of the marines touched it, it was activated. There are more details but i am not going to discuss them over this open channel. One more thing, the marines are more armed then we had first thought. One of the battle groups was requesting our assistance. I'll give the next message when we have secured the situation, Bryant out". The captain pondered that message, he accessed the recordings. When he first saw it he couldn't believe it, a new alien race!. It was so amazing but he also wondered why did they look like humans.

      "Captain should we forward this message to Captain Taggart on board the First Light", "Yes Lt. Mendel forward it to Captain Taggart. Angel can you analize the recordings". The Lt. began to work at his console to send the message. Angel appeared on the holo tank "Yes captain I can, give me a few minutes".
The Carrier was being repaired at the moment and it was servicing all the longswords, one squadren at a time. The supply ship Bladivostok was still attached to the Devil's Messenger making repairs. "Captain the message has been recieved by the First Light", "Thank you Lt., Lt. Sanders stats". Lt. Sanders spun around in his chair "Captain, the Bladivostok has been doing some fine repairs but we have now 19 archer missile pods re-armed and operational. 47% of our 50 mm point defense cannons are operational and we still have two Shiva Nuclear Missiles". The Captain nodded his head "Thank you Lt., Lt. Martinez how is the status of the armour, hull, and reactor", "Sir, we have 23% armour left, the hull stats have not changed, and the reactor is working at 89%"

      "Thank you Martinez, keep monitoring the ship's status. Lt. Mendel keep monitoring the COM channels". "Yes, Sir" came from both of the Lieutenants. The First Light loomed in front of the Carrier. The Cruiser had many scars from the battle and many other battles. The Captain saw the Crusier launch five Pelicans, they proceeded towards the moon. The numbers on Angel's form moved up and down, it looked like trajectories. "Captain, the First Light and the Elemental are changing orbits", "Yes, why does this concern me", "Im detecting rising energy levels on both of those ships. The Elemental's trajectory is aligned with the Tsunami and the First Light's trajectory is aligned with ...................... uhhh us". "Holy crap, alert the Tsunami, Galaxy, and Bladivostok immedatly. Lt. Davis detonate the ventral emergancy thruster once we clear the Bladivostok" The Tsunami's engines flared and begun to move away from the Elemental. "Launch all longswords, send Black Hawk squadren down towards the surface to give air cover to our fighters". The First Light opened fire. "Captain they opened fire", "Are we clear yet Davis". "No captain but the Bladivostok's engines are on and they are moving, they are postioning themselves between us and the First Light".

      The two MAC rounds left the crusier and sped through space towards the two ships. "Captain, stresses on the hull are increasing", the Bladivosok finished moving. "Captain, no life pods have been launched". The twin thunderbolts slammed into the supply ship, the hull stresses were too much. The Bladivostok was ripped into pieces. "Lt. Sanders, lock archer missile pods A1 - C7 on the crusier's bridge. Lt. Mendel tell the longswords to engage the cruser, Davis get us moving". "YES, SIR'. Nine squadrens of longswords from the Devil's Messenger and Ten squadrens from the Galaxy engaged the First Light. The Devil's Messenger began to move. The longswords swarmed around the crusier, Archer missiles exploding along the outer armour. Longswords exploded as they were hit by thousand rof rounds. Archer missiles exploded all around the carrier. The Galaxy fired its MAC, the round burned through space and impacted into the mid section of the crusier. The Archer missiles fired from the their pods on the Devil's Messenger. The First Light detonated their port emergancy thruster and the missiles struck the armour above the bridge. In the distance the Captain saw a ship's reactor go critical and explode. The Captain looked on the Tac display, the Tsunami dissappeared.

      "Captain White this is Captain Gonzalez on the Galaxy. We are gonna get swamped get your ship outta here we are ##########". The Elemental and First Light fired their MACs. The Elemental's MAC round missed because of its long distance. The First Light's MAC rounds impacted in the mid and rear sections. The Devil's Messenger and Galaxy fired all of their Archer missiles. They curved and impacted in the jagged tear the Galaxy's MAC round made. Explosions errupted throughout the entire hull. The front section of the crusier was still partly undamaged. "Angel status of the Galaxy", "They are damaged but still are operational". The First Light turned albet slowly and it fired. Only one MAC round was fired but what fired with it was a couple hundred Archer missiles. "Evasive manuvers Lt. Davis". The ventrical emergency thruster dentonated but it wasn't enough. The MAC round entered from the bottom fore. It went through the ship at an angle and ripped through the armour right above the reactor. Half of the Archer missiles streaked towards the Devil's Messenger, they impacted in the same place as the MAC round. Explosions exploded along the hull.

      Sparks erupted inside the bridge. The Captain had to shield his eyes from the sparks. Flames appeared from some of the consoles. Lt. Sanders's consoles exploded. He screamed as glass shards were blown into his head and face. The lights flickered and died, the bridge was then light by the emergency lights. It looked eerie with the red glow shining on everyone. "Everyone alright", "Captain a couple of us has some minor burns but Lt. Sanders is dead. The glass was slashed his head, face, and neck up pretty bad" yelled one of the crewmen. "Angel give me the stats on the remaining ships", Angel's hologram flickered "Galaxy is still operating, First Light has recieved major damage and is slowly moving away from the Galaxy, Elemental is pulling back and I think it is because of a encrypted message sent by an unknown ship in this area". The Galaxy fired another MAC round, the round ripped through the prow of the crusier. The hull was bent and its running light flickered and died. It was dead in space.

      "Captain, we have a incoming message from the Galaxy", "Put it on the the main view screen, Lt. Mendel". The view screen light up and showed static, a women appeared with a glash on her forehead. "Captain White, are you and your ship ok", "Yes Captain Gonzalez, what the hell is the Elemental doing". The Tac display showed the destroyer taking a geo-sync orbit above the colony. "Probably keeping us from re-enforcing the marines, I don't think the marines have found out about this yet, I think Im going to send a boarding party to retrieve any information about why they did this". "Alright lets keep our longswords to protect us, good luck Devil's Messenger out". The captain stared out into the distance at the First Light, he thought about all the saliors that had just died in this short confrontation. Angel inturrupted him "Captain, Elemental's energy level is building but very slowly. Their target is Research Station A". The Captain's jaw dropped. "Launch Pelicans to retrieve our marines and have some of them to carry re-enforcements.

On Titan's surface at Research Station A

      Lt. Webster was beginning to dream when he was woke up. Cpl. Ryan stood over him "Lieutenant, we are moving out", "Alright lets move then". He noticed a sharp pain in his arm, he noticed that the blood had froze on the outside of his suit. The fires had been extingusehed a while ago. He saw all the marines begin to move . He saw the five Scorpions begin to move, but very slowly in the sand. He zoned out a bit as they they were walking. "Double Time it marines" Yelled the Major. The 117th and 252nd started moving very fast. They saw the main building in the distance. Webster looked at his small squad, he wondered how many more would he lose today. Two streaking bolts of flames ripped through the sky. "Take cover", all the marines dove down. The MAC rounds struck the reasearch station and it exploded. The ground shook and a shock wave rammed right into them.

      A few marines were knocked off their feet. As soon as the smoke had cleared they saw that the Research Station had been totally destroyed and probably the alien artifact too. They started moving for the nearest sand dune. Webster followed them up the hill. When they got up there the whole group of marines stopped. Everyone dropped down and the marines with Sniper Rifles took aim on the area of the group of marines they were supposed to help out. One of the sniper's patched their scope images to everyone's HUD. The images showed the height and distance, it also said the marine's name Lt. Mendez. It showed burning vehicles and bodies all over the place. There was no sight of movment in the area. Lt. Webster couldn't believe that they were all dead. One marine yelled and pointed into the sky. The feed from Lt. Mendez's scope showed 5 Pelicans in the distance, they had different markings from UNSC or Titan Pelicans. Webster and all the other marines were wondering what the hell was those doing here?