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Comments for 'Titan - Chapter 5'

6:59 am | May 24, 2004
fart machine
9:27 am | September 4, 2002
That seems like an interesting idea,i might try it on another series. But right now im gonna stick with this style because i don't want to confuse myself on changing the battle sequnces
10:35 pm | September 3, 2002
Alright, I thought the Elemental was already identified as a hostile. "The Elemental and First Light fired their MACs. The Elemental's MAC round missed because of its long distance."

Guess I was just confused. Nice story, have you thought about writing your battle sequences asynchronously. What I mean is describe a few actions and results from one ship, then in a separate paragraph describe what another ship is doing rather than going back and forth between ships so much in mid paragraph. Just a suggestion, that's all.

8:47 pm | September 3, 2002
I'll answer the Elemental, before they fired you didn't want to open fire on a "Friendly" unit until you figure out that they are a nme.
7:10 pm | September 3, 2002
Story is great don't die on us. I still get lost in the action, however. Hmm... Chaos of battle? I need things simple like red dots bad guys, blue dots good guys, hey look that red dot ate that blue dot... lol.

Keep it up though, story is really interesting. I don't have a clue to the answers to your two questions but I have some questions of my own:

(1) why didn't they just destroy the Elemental before its weapons powered up completely (did they really think they had time to run a bunch of Pelicans down to the surface before the weapons slowly armed and if so slowly arming, why not blow the thing up first?)

(2)Well I guess I lied, only got the one question.

6:50 am | September 3, 2002
When i put that it didn't mean u couldn't post comments, please post some im dying over here
8:29 pm | September 2, 2002
Ok I have some little questions for all my readers. 1# Why did the First Light and Elemental attack their fellow ships 2# What was the unknown ship, think of those things and if any of you people get close enough i might just add a 3rd for you to consider
6:47 pm | September 2, 2002
And you just got told again! ;-)

Don't worry I'm just kiddin' ya', your story was great.

6:00 pm | September 2, 2002
This page is for comments, not reminding me of the way I write. Including yours people told me that about 5 or 6 times already
6:00 pm | September 2, 2002
5:53 pm | September 2, 2002
"What?" "Me?" "No, I'm gonna' talk to you!" "Me?""No HIM!" "Oh," "What, me?" "No He dies!" "Fly the ship away!" "Kill that?" "No talk to him!"