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Titan - Chapter 2
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 2 August 2002, 9:01 am

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On board the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger, launch bay two

      "Alright hang on marines. we're leaving this tin can" Rose said over the COM. The Pelican shook as it left the carrier. As it was launched, it was joined by other Pelicans and longswords. The battle hadn't even begun but the Pelicans were launched before so they wouldn't take any fire. Pvt. Chavez was looking over the information about the battle on a data pad. "Chavez let me look at that". Pvt. Chavez passed over the data pad to Lt. Webster. Everyone else on board was tense and wasn't saying anything. The plan for the deployment was that the 21 Pelicans launched from the Devil's Messenger would be guarded by one of the Longsword squadrons. The launch had to be carefully planned he thought. The Pelicans needed to be on the other side of the moon. Directly before the battle begun or they would be subject to a lot of fire. If they started too late they would be caught in the fight and if they launched early. They would be slaughtered. When they landed they and the other marines from the Devil's Messenger would attack one of the 4 Research Stations surrounded the colony.

      Lt. Webster looked out the port hole and saw more longswords and Pelicans joining the group. He also saw the moon called Titan. It's clouds blocked all of his vision of the surface. "Okay hang on marines, re-entry in 10 Minutes. But the real turblence starts before that."Lt. Covenington said over the COM. "Pvt. Ishida, are you sure you can handle the MA6B-C?", "Yes I can sir ". The Lt. then just stopped and listened to the voices of all his marines chatting the last minutes of calmness away. He overheard many conversations and funnny jokes. "Sir, im not sure if I can kill other humans" asked Pvt. Patterson. She was sitting there clutching her Jackhammer. "I know exactly how you feel but we're marines and thats our job, okay?. One other thing make sure that the Jackhammer you're holding in a death grip is safetied, I don't wanna see the stars that close up", "Okay sir, and yes it is" The Lt. heard a explosion and the Pelican shook. "Crap what the hell was that", "I think it was a missile" Patterson said. "Oh hell, its starting" Webster thought.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Entering Titan Space

      The Fleets opening salvo has fired only moments before. The 8 ships fired on the orbital MAC guns hoping to get an advantage, only 4 out of 10 were taken out. "Lt. Sanders get that MAC charged, Lt. Davis evasive manuvering" Captain White yelled. The carrier rolled and dove just as a MAC went past them. There were hundreds of Longswords engaging the tiny Titan fleet and the orbital MAC guns. "Sir, the Titan corvettes have arrived and now are engaging our single ships"Lt. Mendel yelled , "Alright, Lt. Sanders fire archer missile pods a-c on a spread pattern at the cordnates of the Corvettes". The carrier launched a large number of missiles into space and they proceeded to their target. The archer missiles ripped apart the armor on the smaller ships like it was paper. The Carrier turned to face the orbital MAC guns and took a shell. "Angel damage report". "Caprain we took a MAC round straight into the area of our MAC gun, in other words we have no main gun", "Damn it, Lt. Davis move us near the rest of the fleet" just as the Captain said that 2 of the orbital guns exploded.

      "Lt. Mendel radio our Longswords, tell them to engage the orbital guns. Angel where is Titan's frigates?". "Captain, they are bearing down on us" Three large ships loomed in front of the Devil's Messenger but they weren't ordinary frigates, they had been improved upon. "Lt. Mendel get those Longswords back to cover us, Angel get a lock on the lead frigates bridge, Lt. Sanders fire all the archer missiles on the lead frigate" Hundreds of streaks left the carrier towards the lead frigate. The frigate tried to evade the missiles but their efforts were useless, the majority of the missiles hit the prow of the ship and the rest hit the bridge. What was left of the bridge was the brunt remains of its interior. The other two frigates let lose two MAC rounds which ripped into the top of the carrier. The angle of the rounds ripped through the starboard launch bays, utterly destroying them.

      "Jesus Christ, its like shooting fish in a barrel and we're the fish"The Captain said, "Captain, we have major casulties. In our starboard launch bays we had the second wave of marines to be launched in, they were to attack after the first units secured the objective."Angel said, calmly. Two longswords flew past the bridge and five archer missiles exploded right above the bridge's viewport. "Lt. Davis get us the hell out of here, NOW", "Sir, im trying but I ain't getting no response from the engines.", "Lt. Martinez, what the hell is going on". "The frigate's longswords and their own archer missiles and destroyed just about 87% of our engines and....." The carrier shook vilolently "and we just took a MAC round to out reactor, we're seriously screwed".

      The Devil's Messenger shuddered as a MAC round ripped through the center of the ship. "Angel any suggestions on what we should do besides abandon ship?". "We should try to radio the fleet to help us or whats left of it". "Jesus, I should of thought of that... Lt. Martinez" "Just did it Sir, they are coming about and are going to help our asses". Multiple longsword groups apporached the frigates and opened fire "Captain, our longswords came back. It's like a miracle" "Quiet Angel" 7 MAC rounds ripped one of the frigates apart and hundreds of archer missiles flew into the other frigate, leaving only the lead frigate still there. "Captain, hull integerty is at 13%. Another MAC round and we would be.... how should I put it, oh yes space debries. We can only launch from one port side launch bay. We have no armor left and 20% of our point defense guns are operational."Angel told them

      Captain Taggert's face appeared on the view screen. "We lost 3 ships the Orion a frigate, the Centurion a frigate, the Thor's Hammer a destroyer, and we wouldn't want to lose your ship too.", "Taggert we can't do shit, another MAC round would of killed us and this piece of crap can only launch from one bay". "Captain White, don't worry there are only a few longswords and a couple of corvettes left in their inventory left to kill us. They won't do shit and keep your longswords around for protection". "Alright thank you". "Angel tell the crew over the COM to begin repairs"

On board Pelican Dropship Yankee-723

      "Shit hang on back there, we just lost a Pelican."Lt. Covington yelled as the Pelican manuvered again. "Im going to puke in my suit", "Suck it up Pvt. Sinclair and if you puke, you are wearing it". "Lt. look outside, there are longswords". The Lt. looked through the porthole and saw two longswords make a pass, then let lose archer missiles. They impacted on one of the pelicans and ripped it apart. Webster shuddered as he saw bodies and the remains of bodies thrown from the pelican. "Thank god, we're entering the atmosphere hang on marines"Rose yelled. The pelican shook and the turbluence got even worse. The bottom of the Pelican got even hotter. The marines thought they had it tough riding in the back, but it was even harder for the pilots in the exact same conditions. The Pelican shuddered as it fired up its hovering jets and slowed. "Holy Hell, the colony got a lot of radar up and running. I say they have a lot of anti-air batteries around the main colony."Lt. Covington said "Yeah I agree, now wheres the landing area", "Missile in the air, anti-air missile was just fired us". The missile plowed right into a Pelican 40 feet ahead of Yankee-723.

      "Screw this, Marines im setting us down here. Too much anti-air fire. We're a bit farther then our original landing area but what the hell, you can get there"Rose yelled. "Alright Marines, grab your gear and wait for the hatch to open"Lt. Webster told his squad. The Pelican broke formation and headed towards the ground. No anti-air was fired at it. The Pelican pulled up and began hovering at 15 feet above the sand. The rear hatch opened and sand was blown into the pelican immedatly. The Grizzly in it's container was dropped into the sand below. "Alright marines, get off my ship". The 12 marines jumped off the pelican and landed in the sand. The Pelican closed its hatch and pulled up and began its flight back.

On Titan's Surface 13 Miles from Research Station A

      "Alright open this damn crate so we can get moving", "Yes, Sir". Pvt. Lee and Pvt. Ishida pulled the already weakened crate hatch off. Pvt. Lee and Pvt. Ishida went in. The Grizzly drove out was Ishida spinning around on the chain gun. "Ok Pvt. Smith you are gonna take the hull mg. The rest of us are going to get in the rear" Pvt. Smith climbed into the hatch on the the front right of the Grizzly. The rest of the squad walked to the back and opened the two metal doors. 3rd Squad climbed inside and took a seat on one of the two long rows of seats. The inside of the Grizzly was lighted red and the only other noises was that of the wind and the spinning of Ishida on the Chain-gun. "Pvt. Lee you do know where we are heading right?"Webster yelled. "Yes Sir, i've got a lot of navigation gear right hear and it says im heading in the right direction", "Alright good and can you floor it, I don't want to get there too late or be a sitting duck.

      "Damn, this piece of shit goes slow. Espically in sand, everyone got their gear ready to be used at a moments notice", "Yes Sir" "Lt. Webster I see three plumes of sand, one on each side and the other one is right behind us"Pvt. Ishida yelled while pulling back the bolt on the chain-gun, "Lt. Webster the radar on this tin can, doesn't show and frindly signals coming from those vehicles..." Bullets ricocheted off the hull "and that doesn't sound friendly either". The next noise was that of Ishida pulling the trigger down on the chain-gun and letting the lead fly. Bullets impacted around one of the vehicles presumably a warthog, "Lt. Webster the vehicles are warthogs but only two are firing at us, whats the last one doing"Ishida yelled as he let lose another burst of fire at one of the warthogs.

      "I don't know maybe its unarmed or its............oh crap I think it might have rockets on that thing" Just as Lt. Webster said that, there was an explosion outside and the Grizzly rocked. "Ishida try and keep all the warthogs back". This time there was an explosion far off. "Lt., thats one less warthog we have to worry about. Damn I love this chain-gun". "I got an idea, Lee keep us straight and Ishida keep firing on the last warthog with the chain gun. Im going to open one of the doors and Patterson, you're going to fire a rocket at them" The sounds of constent gun fire drowned out any answer, but the Lt. knew that they were ready. Webster opened the one of the doors and Patterson leaned out. Pvt. Patterson fired one rocket and soon after fired a second one at a higher angle. The first one blew up in the sand directly infront of the warthog, the warthog hit the crater was launched a couple feet in the air. The second rocket hit the windshield dead one and exploded leaving only one warthog to fight them.

      "Nice shot, Ishida how ya doing up there", "Everything's going swell, this bastard won't die" the warthog exploded just then "Finally it exploded, everything's clear up here. I can see a large tower in the distance and something even larger behind that". "Ishida thats the Research Station and a couple miles behind it is the Colony" Webster said as he closed the rear doors. The Grizzly seemed so small in comparison to the Research Station and the Research Station seemed so small to the Colony. Webster thought about what their odds were when other Grizzlies joined them, odds seemed better but not great.