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Titan - Chapter 1
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 5 July 2002, 9:40 pm

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(There are a few things I would like to say before you read this. Some of the reasons I haven't written in quite a while is because a week or so after I wrote the prologue I had this little thing called Finals. That took up my time as also me playing my new xbox. When I should of been writing I was playing it and sleeping. Then this month a damn lighting storm just ruining my whole summer by frying my xbox and my computer's modem. So that also took up time. So I'd like to apologize for taking so long to write this. So enjoy and please post comments, Thx.)

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Entering The Sol System

      "Captain we will enter normal space in 25 seconds" Lt. Mendel told the Captain. "Good, as soon as we enter normal space Lt. Davis set a course for Io." The Captain said. Motes of lights appeared, pinpoints, then the light smears lengthened, compressed, and distorted the stars. The Devil's Messenger materialized. "Where are we" Captain White asked. "We are near the asteroid belt, Sir" Lt. Mendel said. "Good, we aren't near Saturn. Lets head towards Io now."The Captain said. The Devil's Messenger spun 90 degrees and accelerated. The gas giant Jupiter soon came into view. It grew larger as the carrier moved closer. The Tac display showed signatures of UNSC ships. "Damn, the Brass really wants this situation resolved sir." Lt. Marinez said. "I'd have to agree with you Lt., something about this just doesn't seem right. We have to respect the chain of command though, so lets just drop this"Captain White replied.

      A cluster of 10 ships were gathered near Jupiter's moon Io. There was 1 carrier, 1 cruiser, 2 destroyers, 3 frigates, and 3 supply ships. The cruiser was obviously the ship in command since there was only 4 marathon-class cruisers left in the UNSC's arsenal. "Lt. Mendel what's the name of the cruiser"He asked. "Sir, the name of it is First Light. It's captain is Captain James Taggert", "Ok Lt. connect me with Captain Taggert"he asked. "Yes Sir". The View screen showed static and then a face appeared. "Hello Captain Taggert, how are you doing", "Captain White I am very pissed at the moment, what the hell the you want.", "You've got a nice assortment of ships but where do we go?".

      The Devil's Messenger positioned itself near Io. "White, Go into a polar orbit, re-arm on the supply ship Bladivostok and i'll brief you later."The Com screen abruptly shut off. On the view screen the supply ship made a turn towards the carrier. "Martinez kill the engines, Davis manuver the ship so the Bladivostok can dock with the post launch bays, Sanders check what weapons we have left, Mendel talk the Bladivostok in."Captain White said. "Yes, sir". The Captain picked up the Com " All Marines and Pilots proceed to their respective bays on the port side to recieve new supplies. Also along with that there will be the briefing on our mission at 18:00 hours. That is all."The Captain shut off the Com "I'll be in my quarters, Lt. Mendel you have the bridge" The Captain said as he exited the bridge. The supply ship maneuvered closer to the carrier.

Onboard the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger

      Lt. Webster and his squad were all in launch bay two. Ten minutes earlier they had been eating in the mess hall when the captain ordered them all to the port launch bays. He could see the supply ship maneuvering closer. "Now came the boring task of checking if his whole squad was here" Webster thought. "Ok let me check if you are all here, Sgt. Griffin, Cpl. Ryan, Pvt. Howard, Pvt. Ishida, Pvt. Sinclair, Pvt. Smith, Pvt. Mackenize, Pvt. Lewis, Pvt. Lee, Pvt. Chavez, and Pvt. Patterson. Ok you are all here". Lt. Webster said. "Lt. do you have any idea what supplies the ship is bringing over??Pvt. Ishida asked. "I don't have any idea" Lt. Webster replied. The ship shuddered and Pvt. Lewis fell out of his seat and onto his ass. Everyone in the bay was looking out the transparent bay doors at the supply ship maneuvering closer.

      The supply ship's thrusters manuvered the ship slowly towards the carrier. The supply transfer bay's docking clamps were less then a meter from the carrier, edging closer. The carrier shuddered and a large metalic bang was heard, which announced that the two ships had docked. One of the crew men checked the seals on the docking clamp and activated the bay doors. "Prepare for supplies transfer" The bay doors folded upward and crewmen along with others on vehicles moved onto the supply ship. They began with moving large vehicles over, probably warthogs or scorpions. The Lt. watched the vehicles being transferred and wondered what some of the different shapes were for. The crewmen from both ships began moving small medal containers over. The ships were a different story, the fighter and bomber longswords were flown over along with pelicans. It took about 23 minutes Lt. Webster noticed to move everything over.

      The bay doors were sealed and the supply ship Bladivostok parted from the carrier. A minute or so after that was accomplished, the Titanium A Battle Plate outer bay doors slid over the opening and locked into position. Lt. Webster stood up "Ok 3rd squad lets get ready to recieve what ever we are being issued. Steve could you come here for a sec"Sgt. Griffin stood up and walked over. "Sir, I know what you are gonna say and I never seen that type of vehicle before. It looks like a damn APC, its a wonder why they never developed it before."He said gesturing towards the large newly opened crate containing an armored vehicle with tank treads. Major Bryant walked out towards the vehicles and started calling out squads. One of the crewmen opened a crate and began pulling out what looked like pressure suits, except that they had armor plates on them. "Okay next up is 3rd squad, come on down Lt. Webster"The major said. Lt. Webster's squad walked up and was handed a suit along with a helmet.

      After all ten squads were given their suits the major began to speak. "Ok as you all know we will be engaging in combat on the surface of Titan. But what you don't know is that the temperature down there is negative two hundred and ninety four degrees fairenheight. These suits are the VCS (vacuum combat suits) that the UNSC recently developed. They have your old armor plating but with the addition of 35% more armor. Plus the fabric is made out of many materials including kevlar. You will have a sealed helmet with a bullet proof visor. The suit has a small powerpack along with a new air regeneration system, it is located on your back but it has double the normal armor protection. You need this suit because the temperature outside of colony is -296 degrees farenheight Ok do you all understand?". No one said anything

      "Okay good now onto the next technical aspect of this mission. You will be assigned a new vehicle called the Grizzly. The Grizzly is an APC with very thick armor. It moves on tank treads. The vehicle can hold 15 people. One driver, One hull machine gunner seated to the right of the driver, One on the chain gun right behind them, and 12 passengers namely you. The hull machine gun fires 7.62mm rounds but at a very high rate, about 35 rounds a second. It doesn't have a very good view but it is just there to clean out stuff right in front of the APC. The Chain gun is behind and between the front two seats. It fires 40mm rounds at the same rate as the Warthog's 30mm rounds. The Chain Gun pivots where the marine moves it. It's front blast shield protects the marine from harm but it also has a screen built into to help with the aiming. The passengers climb out by the hatch in the rear. Now im gonna talk about our mission plan."

      The Major stood back and activated a holo screen. "The colony on Titan has many functions, mainly research and mining. Titan has four main buildings out side the colony. Three of them are mining facilities and the other is the research station. Four of the ships assigned to this will attack the colony itself and the other four will attack the buildings outside. We have the pleasure of attacking the research station. We will be attacking it with a force of 246 marines, 10 Grizzlies, 10 Scorpions, 2 Warthogs, and 21 Pelicans. The people attacking with the Scorpions would be the 252nd Armored Division. Each one if their Pelicans would be carrying a Scorpion and 12 marines. 6 marines would ride on the Scorpion while the other 6 followed on foot. You will be flown in with 10 Pelicans carrying 1 Grizzly and 12 marines. The 252nd's commander and I will be flown in on the last Pelican carrying the 2 Warthogs and the 6 marines which includes me. This is all the information I have at this moment and will have more when we land on Titan. So right now I suggest that all of you eat a meal because all we are gonna eat down there is some shitty MREs. I expect to see you all back here at 20:00 to grab you weapons and suit up. That is all" He shut off the holo screen.

      The squads began to disperse. Mainly they all headed to the galley for some grub. Lt. Webster pulled Sgt. Griffin behind a container to speak privately. "I don't like this, it just seems too easy and too complicated at the same time." "I know but I guess we just have to trust the Major on this one, he's coming down with us. Im gonna eat, talk to you in a bit Sir." The Sgt. said and walked off. Lt. Webster thought about it and shrugged it off. Now all he thought about was the food he was craving for.

The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger Proceeding to the rendevous point between Jupiter and Saturn

      Captain White walked back onto the bridge and sat down into the "hot seat". He was reading something on his data pad that was sent to him from Captain Taggert. A crewmen stood up a console near the main view screen. "Sir, the AI is installed. Is it all right if I head back to the Bladivostok now." "Alright thank you very much, Angel how do you like the ship" Above the console an image appeared. It looked like a Angel, well actually the way that most people assumed that it would look like. "Captain you have a finely build ship here. What would you like me to do", "Alright I need to you to check over all systems and begin loading the Point Defense Guns." "That I will do, Sir".

      "Lt. Davis plot a course that would bring us close in with the battle group, Lt. Sanders remove all safties on all of the archer missiles. Lt. Mendel send a message to Captain Taggert saying that we are initiating Phase 1." The Captain told his bridge crew before picking up the COM. "All crewmembers I am initiating Phase 1, I say again Phase 1. You all know what to do so move it," He switched off the COM. "Angel, activate point defense guns and also activate the new friend or foe programming. Lt. Martinez bring the reactor to 105% and Lt. Sanders begin to charge the MAC, I wanna be ready to rock and roll when the time comes." The reply came as "Yes, Sirs and an If that is what you wish Sir". The carrier moved closer to the battle group staying close to the other carrier the Galaxy. On the view screen the planet Saturn came into view with all of its glorious moons and beautiful rings, but one thing stood out from all the other. This moon was armed to the teeth.

Onboard the UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger In Launch Bay 2

      Marines and crewmen were hustling all over the bay. Every single crewmen were wearing breathers and the Pelican pilots and marines were wearing the VCSs. Vehicles were being loaded onto metal containers at the rear of the Pelicans. Lt. Webster and his squad were loading all their ammo, supplies, and weapons onto the pelican. Lt. Rose Belamy and her co-pilot Lt. John Covenington were already beginning their pre-flight checklist. Lt. Webster saw that the briefing given by the CO's of this operation had really gotten everyone fired up. "Move it people, you don't wanna miss out on the action do you?"He yelled out "Hell, No Sir!"Was their reply.

      Webster laughed to himself as he picked up the last crate of supplies and climbed onboard. Lt. Covenington climbed out of the cockpit and checked the seals on the Grizzly. He then walked on board and closed the hatch. After he went to the cockpit and sealed the door. Lt. Webster opened two crates, which were ammo and M6Ds. Each one of his squad pocketed 4 Frags and 4 WPs along with 10 Clips of MA6B ammo, 6 AP clips and 4 EX clips. Lt. Webster checked to see if his rifle was fully loaded and then 3 spare clips for his side arm. "Ok 3rd squad lets lock down our visors" Lt. Webster pulled down his visor and locked it into place. His HUD told him that the suit was sealed and was working properly.

      "Okay marines be ready because we might leave at anytime. So sit back, relax, and please secure your belts. I don't want a repeat of last time, okay" Lt. Belamy said. "Roger that Rose". Outside of the Pelican others were also ready to leave. The Carrier's 6 Longsword squadrons of which 4 are fighters and 2 are bombers were ready to leave also. But they all had to wait for the battle group to be in the right position to deploy. But as this all happened the gas giant Saturn was ever growing in size and less in distance along with the site of the battle, Titan. Lt. Webster wondered he was ready to be killing other humans. But what he thought didn't really matter. "Prepare for deployment"