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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 9
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 29 April 2002, 2:13 am

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I woke up to the sound of a marine's screams. I had fallen asleep here. I looked around and saw the brig was still secure but the door was partly melted. I checked if the room had any Covenant inside of it. Good nothing in here. I checked Sarah's vitals and she was stable but still unconscious. I grabbed her extra MA5B clips and took them with me. She still had her M6D so she could still defend herself. I opened the Brig's doors and took a position with the other marines. The Covenant were all over this place and marine's were being killed all around me. There must of been 3 or 4 Combat Teams stationed here. Some of the marines had jumped over the barricade and were fighting hand-to-hand with the Covenant. I shot a Jackal in the back of it's head when it had turned around to shoot some of the marine near him. Hunters came around the corner and blew away all of the marines that were going hand-to-hand. Everyone behind the barricade opened fire and bullets pinged off the Hunter's armor. Two marines threw grenades behind them and ended the Hunter problem.

Special Ops. Grunts and Elites came at us. Their Needlers, Plasma Rifles, and Fuel Rod Cannons blew the marine lines apart. The marine next to me was hit by a Fuel Rod Cannon and the blast sired the skin off my arm. You could see the insides of my arm but I didn't mind the pain and I fired short burst into the Elites watching the bullets bounce off. I fired the remainder of my clip into an Elite whose shields were low already and killed him. I loaded another clip in and mowed down the closest Grunts to use. A marine primed a grenade and tossed it right behind some Jackals guarding the Covenant's entry point. Blood splatter everywhere and the Jackals were tossed across the room. An Elite jumped the barricade smashing his plasma rifle into the marine's head. I pulled out my combat knife and shoved it into it's back. I pulled it out and shoved my last grenade it the hole I created. Then two marines and I shoved him back over the barricade and laughed at him trying to take the grenade out. The Elite blew into thousands of pieces and some of which landed on us and the other Covenant. Needler fire sprayed us and the two marines I was standing with was hit by at least four needles each in the chest and head. There wasn't much left of their upper bodies after that. Their blood sprayed over us as I fired 10 rounds into the Grunts that shot them. A plasma shot scorched the top of my helmet and then my motion sensor detected motion in the Brig but away from the prisoners.

"Corporal where the hell are you going we need you here" The marine Sgt. screamed at me while killing an Elite who got to close with a weakened shield.

"Im detecting movement back there and Im going to check it out sir"I jumped up and dove through the door and a needle just barley missed me.

I ran back to where I left Sarah which was near the maintenance hatch. I saw Sarah had backed up to the wall with her pistol drawn aiming at the hatch. I saw there were dents in it as something was trying to open it. "J.D. something is coming through there and it looks pissed, are you ok??". Sarah said to me while looking at my arm. "Yes its fine don't worry about it, whatever makes it through won't be living long soon after" I said loading a clip of Shredder rounds. When it opened an Elite dropped down into a hail of bullets. It's shields died and it took hits in the chest and head. I ran under the hatch and shot a Grunt looking down it. I pulled it down and grabbed it's plasma grenades. I tossed all of the plasma grenades through the hatch and closed it. I picked up the Elite's plasma rifle and fired it to weld the hatch shut. The metal around the hatch was melted and look secure for now.

"Puny human whatever you try to do to keep us out will fail and I'll finally kill you like I should of". the Gold Elite screamed at me in English. "Well you stupid asshole you don't have any shields and if they try I'll kill you before they get you out". I returned grinning

"Sarah can you walk, and if you can take a position and aim at the Gold Elite."I whispered to her.

"J.D. I can but why??"she replied "Because if they come in im probably dead and won't be able to kill the Elite, while as you can with one good placed shot." Marines outside screamed and I could see that the Covenant were overrunning the barricade. I ran over to the door and popped 7 rounds into a Jackal's head. The rest of the marines were doing what ever they could to kill them. Their Sgt. was being attacked by two Grunts at the same time and actually killing them. One marine was smashed several times against the wall by an Elite. The Elite saw me and charged into the Brig. The Gold Elite yelled something at it probably warning it as it shoved my knife into it's head. There was seven marines left who backed into the Brig firing. One of the marines was somehow toting a Jackal's shield generator and was blocking all the plasma and needles. I fired my MA5B over his shield and cut down a group of Grunts. Then a Hunter came out and fired. We both moved out of the entrance way as the Fuel Rod Cannons hit. Smoke filled the room and a Red Elite stepped in. His plasma sword cut the marine on the other side in half.

I fired my MA5B and unloaded every shell in my clip. "Oh Crap" as I noticed I had no more bullets left in my clip. The rest of the marines kept firing and some of the shots hit and killed the Red Elite's shields. It charged at me and I dodged it but then the Red Elite shoved the blade through the left side of me. I felt the burning sensation and then I smashed my MA5B on it's back three times expecting to kill it. But the Red Elite stood straight up only to be shot in the head by a M6D. The other marines were firing outside the door and Sarah had her M6D still aimed where the Elite was. The maintenance hatch started the jolt. I had no rifle rounds left so I pulled out my M6D. I ran towards the maintenance hatch with two other marines and Sarah joined us. We aimed at it as it opened and two Grunts that jumped down were slaughtered. Their friends which were three Elites jumped down. I fired my Pistol into the Elite while I grabbed my knife. His shields dropped and I smashed his head with my M6D. The other Elites fired at us. The plasma wasn't aimed at me but at everyone else. The marines fired and most of the Elites shields were down and two more fell to gun fire. I stabbed the Elite in the chest with my combat knife.

"Die you stupid Covenant" I screamed over the Elite's own squeals.

The Elite staggered and grabbed my head. Blood was dripping down its head and chest. The Elite aimed his plasma rifle at my head and chuckled but then the rest of the marines came in MA5Bs blaring cutting down the remaining covenant and they killed the Elite but almost shot me in the process. I pulled out my knife and noticed my fellow marines were wounded and were on the ground. Sarah took a shot in the chest but was there wasn't severe damage. The other marines were dead or dying. A Hunter dropped down and his Fuel Rod Cannon was already charging. It fired and blew away two marines. The rest of us fired and our bullets pinged of his armor. His shield was blocking its weak spot so our bullets were useless. One of the marine's MA5B rounds punctured his armor and was treated to a Fuel Rod Cannon blast to the chest. The Sgt. pulled out a grenade and was going to throw it but two Grunts hit him with plasma fire in the side of his chest and killed him. The last marine fired on the Grunts and killed them while Sarah kept firing shots into the Hunter's head. I reloaded my pistol and dove under his shield. I aimed for the weak spot and fired, soon after the Hunter's blood splattered everywhere and fell. I saw an Elite charging us and a Grunt trying to open the Gold Elite's cell. The marine fired wildly trying to hit the Elite.

"Oh my god help me Sir"the marine screamed at me while firing wildly

Sarah fired her last clip and then collapsed but I fired my M6D and hit the Elite in the head as its plasma rifle bashed the marine into the ground. The Grunt somehow opened the door and gave the Gold Elite its plasma pistol. The Gold Elite thanked him by crushing him. It just looked at me and charged. The Gold Elite crushed the wounded marine and shot at me. I dodged it and returned fire, my bullets hit the Gold Elite in its side and blood splattered everywhere. It got up to me and knocked my M6D out of my hand and I returned the favor. I tried to dodge a swing from the Elite's arm but it grabbed my arm and broke it. I still had my combat knife in my other hand and I stabbed the Elite in it's chest.

"You know I've been wanting to do that to you for a long time, you bastard. That was for Alex". I yelled at him

"Ahhhh ,arrrg stupid human im gonna kill you". The Elite was about to rip out the knife when I bashed him on the head with my empty MA5B which was still at my side. The Elite stumbled and fell. "Take that you stupid covie, never saw that coming ehh. Ok why the hell do I feel my wounds now". I knelt down and picked up my pistol and dragged the Elite's sorry ass back into a new Cell and locked him in. The Covenant scientist was still there and kicking. It just looked at me and backed up when I aimed the pistol at it. I took out the BioFoam and filled my wound on my side. I knelt down next to Sarah and checked her pulse. It was still strong and her wound wasn't too deep. I filled it with what was left of the BioFoam. I still had one member of my squad still alive and that made me fell better. I didn't like what happened to me though, all my other squads had been wiped My HUD was cracked but still working and it showed no Covenant on this level and Marines moving in near the Data Banks. Some marines made it in the base and maybe that is why im still alive and then I just laid there panning the area with my pistol. I just sat there staring at the blood stained floors thinking of all my fallen comrades.

To Be Continued in Part 10. I would also to have people post comments on my stories good or bad thanks.