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Comments for 'The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 9'

9:43 pm | May 6, 2002
peg eachother with snowballs
9:41 pm | May 6, 2002
hey you should have a story where the marines travel on snowboards and peg eachother in the faces over and over lol
11:13 am | May 1, 2002
Nice stories! I like them, keep up the good imaginative writing, and the action, the action is great....keep pumping em' out!
8:45 pm | April 30, 2002
Thanks for the comments Shadow and your not making the RM stories anymore,dang they for really good too. Anyone else have comments thanks
7:12 pm | April 30, 2002
dang thats a shame, i wonder what the surprise is though.
6:30 pm | April 30, 2002
Sorry dood. I'm retired. But you won't see the last of me here just yet. I have a little surprise for this site...but not in the way of fanfics.
12:20 pm | April 30, 2002
Awww c'mon shadow your stories are great i love reading them, please dont give up.
2:35 am | April 30, 2002
HAHA! Hey guys...remember me? The guy who created RM? Well, lemme tell you...Jaywhit's stories beat mine out 100% so read his, not mine anymores. Not that I'm making anymore additions to RM. :(
12:21 am | April 30, 2002
I would like some comments and ideas on my story. I would really like to read comments good or bad. Please can you do this, thanks