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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 8
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 26 April 2002, 11:32 pm

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I woke up with a cold sweat because I just had a nightmare. It was about each member of my squad dying slowly but I still lived though. I checked my watch it was 05:00 and I felt like a piece of shit. My body still ached and I really wasn't physically ready for the mission that the Lt. was gonna brief us on later but I was still gonna do it. Our squad had only five members including myself and we weren't really strong enough to go on a raid but my maybe a reconnaissance mission. Taylor tossed and turned on the bunk above me which was so loud he could of woken a whole platoon of sleep starved marines. I wished he still had his cherry bombs, that would of shut him up. I just laid there for another hour till the Trumpet played and every marine was woken up. I put my combat fatigues on to start my morning exercises but a message over the loud speaker stopped that. " Tango-579 proceed to the briefing room in 15 minutes that is all".

"Goddamn it Taylor don't they give us a second of morning time"

"Huh what, whatever just another 5 minutes"

I pulled him off the top bunk and he woke up. I proceeded to the briefing room and ran into some MPs. They asked for my identification and I gladly handed it over to them. "You my proceed Corporal Andrews". They opened the door for me and everyone from my squad was already there except for Taylor. I greeted everyone and sat down. Soon Taylor strolled in and was met by the Lt.

"Good Morning Taylor nice for you to join us what took you so long, were you sleeping in again"

"Sorry sir I was a little disoriented after J.D. pulled me out of bed and dropped me on the floor"

"Okay sit down. This briefing will begin, at 02:00 hrs marine patrols spotted Covenant ground forces exactly 13 kilometers to the east of this base. The mission will be for us to be inserted 3 km away from the Covenant's last sighting. You will deploy Lotus anti-tank mines to hamper the Covenant operations in that area. Any questions, none alright we will assemble in the pelican bay and move out at 11:00 hrs"

My squad got up and exited the room. This was going to be an easy assignment or I had hoped it would be. I wasn't very hungry so I went straight to our squad's weapon lockers. I picked up my MA5B and grabbed three clips of regular rounds and another three clips of shredder rounds. I started putting on my armor plates. I was given new armor because my old armor was severely damaged. I grabbed a M6D pistol and seven clips for it. I strapped my Combat Knife right under my right thigh armor plate. When I turned other marines were getting their gear also. Taylor was strapping on his explosives and two bandoleers of Incendiary and Fragmentation grenades each. I saw Sarah grabbing her pistol, MA5B, grenades, clips, and her medical kit. The Lt. and Jessica just grabbed a MA5B with clips and grenades. They all strapped on their armor. I was going to take a few laps around the barracks with my combat gear on when the ground shook and the loud speaker went off.

"All units to your combat positions, pilots to your aircraft HQ is under attack. Large Covenant Attack force moving in with infantry, tanks, and aircraft. I repeat all units to their combat positions."

We just looked up and ran for the nearest opening to the outside and what we saw when we got near was horrible. I looked out the windows and saw hundreds of Covenant soldiers advancing on the base. "Tango-579 and Combat Team 7 to the command center". Our squad ran as fast as we could to the command center. We passed marines setting up barricades near the entrance of the command center.

The General greeted us. "Your two squads will protect and purge the Data Banks of any combat information we have. Tango-579 your squad will provide cover for Combat Team 7 but there is another reason for me assigning you to protect that very spot is because there is an maintenance hatch in that area that leads into the brig. It only can be accessed from the area of the Data Banks because the openings of it are from the top to keep prisoners from escaping. Move out now and secure that area". Both teams got up but Combat Team 7 left first till and when we ran into the hall the Covenant had already penetrated the HQ.

We opened fire and our bullets bounced off some of the Jackal's shields. A Hunter shot at us and hit the roof above us which fell and a good part of it landed on Taylor. He was pinned and there was no way to get him out and Combat Team 7 had already moved away from us. "Guys go, leave me I will hold them off long enough for you to get to cover." Taylor grabbed a bandoleer of Fragmentation grenades and chucked them at the Covenant. Different colors of blood splattered all over the place and my squad ran off. We heard the Covenant get closer to us but then a large deafening explosion was heard and Covenant bodies were tossed all over the place. The area we had to defend had two different corridors that met up and created a two meter wide and a thirteen meter long corridor leading to the Data Banks. I almost got around the corner when I was shot in the back by an Elite who was chasing after us. My squad fired their rifle's at the Elite and turned into him into a corpse. They dragged me over a barricade that was set up by Combat Team 7. My armor was melted but no internal injuries Sarah said to me. Five men of Combat Team 7 stayed with my squad behind the barricade and the other five were inside the room with the Data Banks destroying all the equipment. Four Elites came around the corners and two were immediately cut down by our MA5B's.

The other two fired their Plasma Rifles at us and hit one of the marines in the head leaving nothing more then the charred remains of a helmet. My rifle ran out of ammo and I loaded in a clip full of Shredder Rounds. One of the Elite's charged us while the other kept firing suppressing shots. I shot all my rifle rounds into the Elite till his shields fell and was pumped full of lead. The other one was hit by more MA5B bullets and a grenade finished him off. At least thirty Grunts entered the corridor armed with plasma pistols and needlers. Pinkish needles sprayed our position and hit one marine in the gut and the Lt. took one in the neck. He died slowly clutching his throat and blood sprayed everywhere. Sarah filled the other marine with Biofoam and checked the Lt. She shook her head no.

"They are gonna overrun us and kill us all"screamed a Combat Team 7 marine

"Shut up Pvt. We have orders and we are gonna hold till we have support or we might need to evac through the maintenance hatch" I screamed at them.

"Crap we've got hunters" Jessica yelled over us

I lifted my rifle and fire short bursts into the Hunters while the other marines handled the remaining Grunts. My bullets bounced of the Hunter's armor but one of my bullets hit it in a open spot of its armor. I fired three more rounds into that spot and it fell forward. There was two more Hunters and they fired. The barricade was already hot enough it could melt. The first blast hit the door to the Data Bank and melted some of it and the second blast burned through the barricade and hit Jessica in the gut and melted the armor on her back. Blood was coming out of her mouth and she started having spasms and Sarah went over to do something to help but Jessica's eyes rolled back and she died right there. I was the highest ranking marine there and that wasn't good. There was three marines from Combat Team 7 that could still fight. The Covenant were pissed off at us and tossed plasma grenades and only 1 made it over. It attached to a marine and he had to act quickly or we would all die.

He jumped over the barricade and ran right into the Covenant blowing the Hunters and Grunts to hell. All of us tossed a fragmentation grenade into the Covenant and blew Elite's and Grunts alike into pieces. We all fired Shredder rounds into the Covenant ripping Grunts apart A squad of Special Ops Grunts rounded the corner with Fuel Rod Cannons and Needlers blazing. One marine was hit in the chest by a Fuel Rod Cannon. The wounded marine was hit several times by needles and Sarah took a needle in the shoulder. The other marine and I kept up a constant rate of fire mowing down the Grunts but more Grunts and Jackals rounded the corner. I was gonna use Sarah's medical kit but it was burnt to a crisp, great. It seemed that there was no end to the Covenant. I fired another short burst and my clip ran out.

"Sir, more Covenant coming into the corridor we aren't gonna last much longer"The marine said

"Don't say that we are gonna make it ask your squad how much longer till they are finished"I replied

"Sir, they are almost done and we'll get support in a few minu........ ahhhh" he was hit in the chest by two plasma blasts and a Fuel Rod Cannon blew the top part of his body into bits of burnt flesh.

I loaded my MA5B with Shredder rounds and fired at them. Elites entered the corridor with Needlers and Plasma rifles. I heard pistol rounds going off and I noticed Sarah was still conscious and kicking. Blood was pouring out of her wound and if she didn't patch it soon she would die of blood loss. I grabbed her wound and put my hand on it to give it some pressure. I could see tears welling up in her eyes when the Elites just stopped and reached for their plasma grenades. I had just remembered about the maintenance hatch and I broke open the door that held it. I pushed Sarah in and closed it. I heard a large explosion and marines screaming. The Data Bank's doors blew. I opened the hatch and climbed down. I helped Sarah in and I noticed we were in the brig. Titanium Brig doors lined the corridor and I heard gunfire at the head of it."You will be just fine Sarah but keep your hand on the wound". She just looked at me as I set her down and ran to the door. There were two Combat Teams outside holding off the Covenant. I opened the door and immediately took cover. I went over to them and gave them a hand.

"Who the hell are you Corporal, you aren't part of our teams"

"Sir my squad was stationed above in the Data Banks with a Combat Team. A wounded member of my squad and me are the only one's who survived. She needs immediate medical attention or at least some BioFoam."

"I have no medics but I have BioFoam, here". He tossed me a bottle of BioFoam and I ran back in to Sarah. The Golden Elite just laughed at the site of me as I ran by. I ran to Sarah and said "Hold on this is gonna sting a bit so don't move". I filled her wound with BioFoam, I thought at least she wouldn't bleed to death. The marines would hold out till reinforcements ever came, if they came but Sarah wouldn't last that long. I just sat there thinking of what happened today and watching Sarah's vital signs. My HUD showed the position of the marines outside and amount of Covenant there was. Sarah fell unconscious and I slowly fell asleep thinking that was it my fault that all my squads were wiped out.

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