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Comments for 'The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 8'

3:34 am | April 28, 2002
Well not really the curse is merely the death of every squad he's been in.
1:21 am | April 28, 2002
the ultimate curse comes when the hero dies
12:00 am | April 28, 2002
By the way, why the hell no one comments on my stories anymore. Its like people don't read them or it seems they don't like them. Im asking for more then one person posting comments, anytype of comments good or bad please. Thanks
10:12 pm | April 27, 2002
What marine wouldn't want to be in some MJOLINIR armor. Thanks I wanted my stories to have to fact that the character's teammates actually die. My character is cursed or thats what it looks like
9:47 am | April 27, 2002
I would hate to be a marine with no MJOLINIR armor. This story gives you the sense of hopelessness that accompanies a battle between the covies and a regular squad of human marines. It's pretty realistic