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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 7
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 20 April 2002, 1:49 am

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İİİİİ(Note: I wanted to try something new in this part. So tell me how you like it thanks)

I was having some weird dream when I woke up. I heard tiny explosions in the room and sat up. I saw Taylor lighting these small red things. I noticed that they were cherry bombs. He was dropping them into Tom's bag. "What the hell are you doing Taylor, we aren't supposed to wake up for another hour and a half". "Oh sorry I didn't mean to wake you J.D., I'm just bugging sleeping beauty over there". He pointed over to Tom in his bunk with something over his ears. He looked like an idiot. I put some clothes on and walked to the door. I smacked Taylor on the back of his head and he tossed a cherry bomb at me but it missed, hit the door, and bounced back into the bag of cherry bombs. "Oh shit, thanks J.D.". "Your welcome, idiot". I walked out and heard a bang. I wanted to take a look around the ship because I never really been on a destroyer, especially one this new. But first I had to see the L.T. for something but I had no idea for what.

He told me to meet him on the bridge at 0700 hours. It was 0638 so I could look around up there if the captain let me. I walked around the corner look for an elevator to a higher deck. I really had no idea where to go. I found the lift and used to get to deck 1 where the bridge was. When I got out and walked down the hall I found the mess hall. I guess I few minutes to get breakfast because my watch said 0643. After I had eaten breakfast I headed towards the bridge. When I got there I couldn't believe what I saw. I saw another destroyer and a cruiser in front of the ship. A marine on guard asked what I was doing on bridge.

I told him that L.T. Thomson was going to meet me on the bridge. He let me through and onto the bridge. I saw the Lieutenant waiting for me next to the Elemental's captain. "Good Morning Pvt. Andrews." "Good morning sir". "Look I have to tell you something Pvt. Andrews, since you have survived three engagements and have about twenty kills. Well I have discussed it with the captain here if I could do it, so I'm just going to get to the point. I'm promoting you to the rank of corporal, good work". The captain turned around "Good job 'Corporal' I know you have suffered a lot but you will make a fine corporal"

I was just about to leave when the captain told me and the Lt. to be ready because the Elemental will go into slip space in thirteen minutes. I left the bridge and the marine let me through while congratulating me. His supervisor yelled at him to pay attention, all while I slipped around the corner. Before we went into slip space I wanted to know if the ship had an area for target practice. I went down the lift and on the deck where the armory was. I saw marines with their combat gear and their weapons walking down the hall. I saw a group of ODSTs (who were probably stationed on the ship) and I was going to ask them where the armory was. I noticed that there was a marine in between the three of them. As I got closer the marine looked familiar and I heard them talking. "Ah come on you know you want to", "What is it don't you get, leave me alone you stupid horny bastards!"

I saw the marine as she tried to move away from them, but they wouldn't let her. They really started pissing me off but I didn't want to get involved yet. "No way, we aren't letting you leave yet sweetie". "Ok that's it I'm getting mad assholes, let me leave or ill have to hurt you". "Go ahead try"I finally realized that was Sarah, she kneed one of the ODSTs in the groin. The guy's friends pushed Sarah against the wall and punched her three times. I ran at them and they didn't notice me. I did not really care that they were taller and bulkier than I was.

I dropkicked the closest one and he smashed into the guy who was still in pain. The other guy noticed I was there and well kicked me in the side of my head. The guy I drop kicked got back up and pulled my arms behind my back. "Oh shit can't we just talk about this guys". The other guy punched me in my stomach and it hurt because I wasn't wearing any armor like they were. The guy who was kneed in the groin got up and laughed "Oh look someone tried to help stupid marines, you people never learn". Sarah grabbed the guy's head and kicked it. I stepped on the ODST's foot and elbowed him in the face.

The other guy just backed away slowly and was knocked unconscious by the Lt. "Problem here boys". The ODST's got up "uhh no sir, uhh bye" they ran off. "Are you two ok?" Sarah and me both said "Yes sir we're fine" at the same time. I walked down towards the lockers where they had my gear stored. Sarah walked with me. I put my armor plates on and my helmet. Right then the loud speaker sounded "All personal, prepare to go into slip space." I held onto a bar as the ship went into slip space and what I heard when we came out wasn't good.

"This is the captain, all personal to combat stations, we're engaging the Covenant. Tango-573 to the bridge and all other squads to their positions. I picked up a shotgun, MA5B, and my combat knife. Sarah grabbed here MA5B and her med pack. We ran to the lift and the Lt. joined us. When we got to about the 4th deck when the ship shook. "I guess the Elemental just fired her MAC guns".

İİİİİWhen the lift reached the first deck marines were scrambling around trying to get to their positions. I entered the bridge and the rest of the team was already there. I saw out at the battle there was at least 20 human ships including us fighting about 14 Covenant ships. I saw out in the void of space white flash and then I knew a human ship had just exploded. I saw two Covenant ships heading straight for us. "Ok Tango-573 you will be on at the bridge. I suppose the Covenant are trying to find earth and find technological data on our ships.

The Elemental is newer destroyer with new scanners, better engines, and more armors than the cruisers. The Covenant some how know this and will to take over some ships including us. Your job is to protect the bridge from any Covenant who comes aboard. "Sir two Covenant cruisers incoming from the heading 514.34 and 523.03", "Ok tell the destroyer Reprisal and the cruiser Starlight to launch their Longswords and open fire on the Covenant ship at heading 514.34." I saw the Covenant ships launching banshees and drop ships. "Master Sgt. tell the Reprisal and Starlight to have all their Longswords engage the banshees while our Longswords take out the drop ships" I saw a brilliant white flash and I had just known that another human ship exploded. The three human ships fired their MAC cannons and their archer missiles at the Covenant ship.

The Covenant's shields went but only a few archer missiles hit the ship. The Covenant ship's banshees all headed towards the Reprisal and the Covenant cruisers fired at it. The Reprisal was severely damaged and its bridge was gone. The Elemental and Starlight fired at the Covenant ship again and it blew up. The other Covenant ship sent all the banshees towards the Starlight and fired at it. The Starlight took some hits in the mid-decks but the banshees were the most troubling. The Elemental fired at the Covenant ship but it dodged the salvo of archer missiles but took a MAC cannon shot.

İİİİİI heard the ship creaking as it nearly missed a shot from the Covenant cruiser. "Elemental this is the Starlight; we have taken heavy damage on all decks. We are on fire and abandoning ship. The Covenant ship fired another round and the shots hit the Starlight. The cruiser exploded into tiny bits. "Sir a few pelicans made it from the Starlight and landed in bay 2, sir Covenant drop ships just landed in bays 1,3,4 and Covenant boarding pods just attached on the port side of deck 3. Sir boarding pods landed on deck 1." "Ok tango-573 and my marines kick some ass for our comrades, good luck"

We ran towards the area where the Covenant were boarding. I cocked my shotgun and Taylor unhooked an incendiary grenade and tossed it where a couple of elites just entered the ship. Their shields were destroyed immediately and one was burning into ashes. An incendiary grenade is technically a fire grenade. The other one charged our position along with two grunts and another elite. My team opened fire and so did the other marines. One elite got to us but learned what a shotgun could do at close range.

A marine was hit in the head by a plasma bolt and another was picked up by an elite and smashed against the bulkhead. "Don't let them in the bridge marines give them heck" I heard a marine Sgt. scream over the shrieks of his marines. More and more Covenant kept poring into the 1st deck. A group of Special Ops. Grunts entered the room and fired their Needlers hitting marines around the room. Blood splattered everywhere and a needle nearly hit my head and landed on the bulkhead. A plasma grenade flew over the barricade and landed on an ammo box. An explosion rocked the ship and I knew that it wasn't the ammo that caused it, it was from a shot by the Covenant ship.

I raised my shotgun and a couple of those Special Ops. Grunts were no more. Tom fired his sniper rifle at close range and it killed three Grunts, Sarah was patching up a marine who had a needle still in him that didn't explode, and Taylor was readying a block of explosives to be thrown. I tossed a grenade into the Covenant and a dead Elite flew over the barricade. Taylor tossed the block of explosives right where a Covenant boarding pod landed. No Covenant that wasn't an elite survived and the elites were cut down by MA5B fire. My shotgun was hit by a plasma shot and it was finished

I picked up my MA5B and opened fire on the Covenant ranks. The Covenant were being cut down as they got in. There were no more Covenant coming aboard the 1st deck. The COM on every marine's HUD sounded "All units this is ODST squad three, we need support in bay 1. The Covenant are overwhelming us. We need ##### oh my go###". "Tango-573 we are going down below to support the ODSTs and any other marine squad that wants to help hurry up". Our team and two squads of marines headed into the lift and proceeded to bay 1. We turned a corner and saw an explosion and three ODST bodies flew into the hallway. Jessica moved near the opening and fired a short burst from her MA5B and signaled us to move in. "Ok my team lets move out".

We headed into the bay and saw a large amount of covenant in there with three dropships. ODSTs were holding their positions behind crates, two destroyed pelicans, and a repairing area. We moved to an area with steel crates creating a 180 degree wall of defenses. Tom set up his sniper rifle and started picking off Elites, Jessica and the Lt. were keeping the Grunts and Jackals away from our position. Taylor was picking up something "Hey look what I found". He had a Jackhammer in his hands. He fired off all the rockets he had at the dropships. One of them was severely crippled and the other two were still flyable. I saw a Banshee fly by followed by two Longswords and the Longswords followed by more banshees. Sarah and me had the left side and we were firing our MA5Bs into Hunters who were harassing the ODSTs.

İİİİİA fuel rod cannon shot flew over my head and hit a ODST. He wasn't much of anything anymore. The Hunters and some Special Ops. Grunts with needlers and fuel rod cannons started raking our defensive position with weapons fire. A heard a scream and I saw Tom with arm missing flopping on floor in horrendous pain. Sarah went over with her med-kit and tried to find something to stop the pain. Taylor tossed his last three incendiary grenades together into a group of Hunters. They weren't bothering anyone any more. The covenant sent all their forces towards the ODSTs behind the destroyed pelicans.

They were being wiped out but the covenant were taking heavy losses. The only covenant that weren't charging were the ones protecting the dropship. "Ok people lets take out the dropship with the exception of Tom." We started moving out and the two other marine squads went with us. The other ODST squads were helping out their comrades. The covenant opened fire on us and two marines fell instantly. There were three Jackals in front of the Grunts and Hunters giving them cover from our rifle rounds. Two marines who were holding a Jackhammer each made short work of the Jackals. All the marines opened fire and the covenant took immediate loses and another four marines were hit in their heads.

All the squads charged the covenant position and the dropship fired its plasma cannon and marines were just hit and cut down. Our team made it to the dropship without any losses. Taylor tossed us some demo charges and we placed them on the bottom of the dropship and inside it. Another marine squad easily finished off the covenant inside of it. We moved back as we fired at the remaining covenant forces inside the bay. The dropship blew up sending pieces of burning metal everywhere. What all the marines saw outside of the bay was very disturbing. Three more covenant ships were heading towards us. All the marines knew that they would be sending more covenant onboard the ship.

"All marines you've fought a valiant battle, we've taken out all the covenant on board. But we are going to have more company, out of the all the longswords from our three ships we only have thirteen left. The Reprisal is still there but we've gotten a distress message saying that their marine forces are dwindling and the covenant will take over the ship in a few minutes. I am going to order all the personal onboard our two ships to abandon ship. I will fire all the weapons on board this ship to provide cover, good luck my brave soldiers". I found a box of MA5B ammo and I passed some out. I started getting into a pelican when Sarah came back saying that Tom died from a stray plasma shot from the dropship. The Lt. got onboard and sat down with us and another marine squad got on with us.

We started hearing the ship shaking as it accelerated towards the closest covenant ship which was the one that destroyed the Starlight. The Elemental fired its weapons as the pelican closed the bay doors. I saw marines scrambling to the lifepods and other pelicans before it closed. "Ok hang on marines this is gonna be a bit choppy". The other marines had no commanding officer because he was hit by the dropship. The pelican lifted off and went out into space but was hit by a plasma bolt from a banshee that flew by but was blown to hell by a longsword.. I knew we were gonna fly into the atmosphere of Sigma Octanus II. I heard com traffic from the cockpit. "####### This is Alpha-294 to the Elemental, requesting longsword escort prior to atmospheric re-entry" "#### Acknowledged #####". "Hey what the hell, oh my god more ships are coming out of slipspace. Wait a minute they are our ships. There's three cruisers, two destroyers and a battleship. Yes those cov bastards are gonna get it". There was a loud cheer onboard the pelican. Then we entered the atmosphere and the pelican started jumping around and the metal started getting hotter some of the marines were getting nauseous, including me. Sarah I saw was rocking back and first and I guessed she was scared, but I mean who wouldn't be. When we finally came out, the pelican was shaking horribly and the pilot had no idea where a human base was because of the damage to the pelican. I heard that a team of marines that was on the ground were calling for evac and I guessed the pelican was going to set down near them because I heard the pilot reply to them.

To Be Continued in another part. Please comment on this story and thanks for reading it.