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Comments for 'The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 7'

9:47 pm | April 21, 2002
Correction robo42786
9:43 pm | April 21, 2002
The next part im doing is in conjuntion with Rob042786. Most likly you readers will like it. I appericate your comments. Thanks
Takato Matsuki
8:33 pm | April 21, 2002
It was good but I liked the old one's better.
Joshua "Infernal" Barreto
8:08 pm | April 21, 2002
I wrote something before, but I don't know if it got posted. Well, I liked the amount of action, and detail. The only thing that bothered me was that I couldn't tell who was talking because the dialogue was mixed in with the descriptive paragraphs. I like the climax building up too.
Joshua "Infernal" Barreto
8:08 pm | April 21, 2002
nice one, good amount of action. the only thing is, it's hard to know who's talking since you mix the dialogue with the descriptive paragraphs. but cool story, climax is building
2:04 pm | April 21, 2002
Come on, please can anybody please put some comments on my story. I would like to know how people like it. Thx