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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 6
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 16 April 2002, 1:54 am

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     This was the first time in a few weeks that I had actually stood up. One reason that it took me so long was that I had a metal plate put in my head. The doctors had to replace part of my skull after what the elite had done to me. I walked over to the armory and opened up my locker. I saw that my things had collected some dust. I put on my armor and my helmet. They had replaced my helmet and it didn't have my blood stains or dents in it. I put a fresh clip in the MA5B and started walking towards the firing range. I made a turn and I had to go through a security check point. Something happened the other day to have the security like this, but I was asleep when that happened. They checked my I.D. card and let me through. I entered a room with targets 15 yards to the left of me and rows of marines firing at the targets. I kneeled down and put the MA5B against my shoulder, my shoulder my still sore and I hoped it wouldn't aggravate it more. I took aim and fired a burst. My shot went wide and only nicked the outside of the target.

"Hahaha you suck how the hell did you live this long", I turned and saw a marine and his friend cracking up at the site of me. The corporal in my squad had just entered the room. She saw what the idiot was doing and walked up to him and hit him in the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. "What an idiot, and you better not start anything buddy or you'll get the same". She said to the marines as she took a spot and fired into the targets. I looked back at the target and for no reason I had a thought about Alex and what happened. I just felt a surge of emotions. I pulled the trigger and fired five rounds. I hit three out of five rounds in the center of the target.

The next time I fired I just kept the trigger down so I could see how my shoulder would take the punishment. The target looked like Swiss cheese and my shoulder felt like it was on fire. I knew that I need to take it easy before I was just about to put another clip in when a siren sounded and a red lights went on. The loud speaker sounded. "All units to combat stations, the base is under attack and conveant forces are attacking with air and ground vehicles. I repeat all units to ahhhhhhhhh"
The loud speaker went dead. The marines in the firing range all got up and grabbed their gear .ran to their positions. I could hear the sounds of Banshee engines as they flew over the base. The base I was in was behind the front lines and was the main base we had on the ground. Part of the roof collapsed behind me and crushed three marines.

I turned the corner and ran towards the pelican bay. The door was blown down and conveant were pouring through the hole like water. An explosion blew another part of the bay door down and a wraith was driving towards us. I fired at a grunt and then shot an elite with weakened shields. I fired 17 rounds and enjoyed watching him gasp for air after I filled his throat with bullet holes. The marine who was taunting me in the firing range was hit with a plasma shot. A plasma grenade landed on him and he ran towards his friend to get it off. He exploded taking two marines with him, what an idiot. We had assembled into a good sized squad and we were holding them off.

I spotted a wraith with three hunters, five grunts, and two elites. The wraith fired and blew away five men, but was then hit by a cannon shell and exploded into flames taking out the hunters who were sitting on it and four grunts. A sniper laying on a pelican put two shots through an elite's head. The other elite was hit by another shell and blown to hell. A Scorpion MBT rounded the corner and started chewing up the conveant. Three warthogs came around and drove through a squad of conveant who had just came out of the forest and chewed them up with their chainguns. A hunter fired at me siring my face and melting part of my armor plates together. I happily fired 26 rounds at him and I was shot at by five grunts who narrowly missed me. The corporal was behind them and tossed a grenade their way.

There was one grunt left who I smashed his skull in. "Oh shit look out"I heard someone yell I turned and dodged a blast from a fuel rod cannon. I smiled as a pelican started up and its engines cooked the hunter to a crisp. I saw three red elites charging a group of marines and slicing them into pieces. I was with three other marines and we backed up while firing at them. One of the elites fell, then another, but one of them reached us and killed one marine and smashed in another's skull before I played baseball with his head. The elite stumbled back and was shot up by the corporal.

Part of its blood sprayed on me and I looked kinda flourescent. The remaining conveant forces tried to pull out before we killed them all, but were slaughtered. We had lost thirteen marines and one warthog. Also there was three destroyed pelicans and four damaged ones out of the twelve that were there. Other parts of the base weren't so lucky, the defensive positions encircling the base were totally destroyed. Four squads of marines were wiped out and the vehicle storage bays were hit. I started walking around checking the bodies to see if any conveant were still alive. I saw a elite climb out of a damaged pelican and it crept behind the corporal. "Look behind you, move it!" The corporal turned and jumped to the left.

I fired my MA5B at it. Its shields shimmered as my shots hit. It didn't care about the corporal anymore and charged me. "Oh crap this isn't good" I threw my MA5B at him because I didn't have time to switch clips. I grabbed my combat knife strapped to my leg and dodged a swing from its plasma rifle. I shoved the knife into its chest and it shirked, and it grabbed my head and lifted me off the ground. "A little help here, please anybody" Part of its head blew off and I saw the corporal's pistol against the elite's head. Well after that it dropped me, which hurt like hell because I landed on my shoulder. "Is that good enough and thanks".

After the battle the Commander briefed the corporal, me, and four other people of where we were being transferred. "Ok listen up you are going to be sent to Sigma Octanus II, to help out our units there. We are losing battles there and our precious marines. I am going to have your team join our dwindling marine forces there since you are all combat experienced . You will back up ODSTs and marines on the planet. Okay I want you all to introduce yourselves to each other." A small guy with glasses stood up "Im Pvt. Tom Reese and im a sniper", a marine stood up "Im Lt. James Thomson and im this team's Lt. and my word is law" another marine stood up "Hi im Cpl. Taylor Rodriguez and im the demolition guy, you need a explosion, you got it", a marine stood up "Hello im Pvt. Sarah Sheffield and I have medical training which I guess sort of makes me a medic", I stood up "Im Pvt. J.D. Andrews and well im good with laying down suppressive fire and close combat" and then the corporal from squad stood up "Hi I am Cpl. Jessica Roberts and I am trained in electronics and I am a marksman". "Good you will all take off in a pelican, towards the destroyer Elemental." You will leave in fifteen minutes so get your things together.

Twenty minutes later I was onboard a pelican en-rout towards the destroyer Elemental. I never really liked space fight, and the large black void made me nauseous. Taylor was fiddling with his stuff, the Lt. was yelling at Tom because he dropped his gear on his foot, Sarah was looking at her feet, and I was trying to find the new blade I was given which was six inches long and made out of stainless steel, I had my pistol replaced with a shotgun for close quarters combat. Jessica was checking the circuits on her decoding equipment. I knew we were near the Elemental when the pelican slowed down and shook as it landed. Our team's callsign was Tango-573. Well here goes my new assignment.

Continued in Part 7, and P.S. please comment on this story and thank you for reading this I really appreciate it.