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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 4
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 4 April 2002, 12:52 am

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İİİİİThe warthog jerked up and down and the smell of burning death entered my nose. The warthog's chain gunner was spinning around firing like a madman, the driver was makeing sharp turns and almost rolling over, I was fumbling my MA5B clip. "dude calm down, geez it's like you hiped on something, oh here's your stop" the warthog stopped and I dropped the clip on the ground. I jumped down and reached for it.

İİİİİA group of hunters fired their fuel rod cannons at the warthog, all I felt was was extreme heat and I saw that they turned the hog into molten sludge. "what the hell??, oh shit I gotta move out of here". I raised my MA5B and fired at the hunters, they weren't paying attention to me until till I killed one of them, they turned and looked straight at me. I knew this wasn't very good, they shot at me and I could tell I was going to end up like the hog. But right then a very stupid marine tried to make a run for cover and lucky for me got in the way. I took my chance and ran near the rest of the marines.

İİİİİWhen I jumped over a dead marine another explosion sent me flying backwards. A plasma grenade went off near me, a body flew out of the air and landed in the bush ahead of me. I tried to check if he was alive and all I saw was that he had no lower half of his body. I stood up only to be shot in the chest. I was knocked back down I dropped my MA5B and I was looking for my pistol and then I saw something that made this scene look all to famillar. I saw an elite running towards a marine next to me. This marine was trying to help me up. "Holy shit look out" The elite raised his plasma rifle and slammed it into his head. I grabbed his weapon, thankfully it was a shotgun. I raised it and fired a few shots into his head. I kept pulling the trigger even though it was empty. I was kinda going a bit insane but then my com sounded which brought me back into reality "All units the is Captain Johnson all squads move towards the structure and support us, out"

İİİİİI heard some sniper fire and the hunters who were harrassing us were now on the ground with a large hole in their heads. When I got to the area where the Echo and Delta squads were meeting up. I had finally found my pistol, it was between my chest plate and my body. The pistol was melted "Oh thats where it went, thank god that was there". I saw in the distance where the structrue was, it looked like a communications center but what the hell did I know. Alpha squad was getting their asses kicked. I saw a large group of conveant rush their lines and just slaughter them. I saw an eilte cut a man in half and then I noticed the man was the captain. Bravo squad ran out of the building not noticing what was going on outside. They were immeadatly slaughtered. Both our squads opened fire which was a very very bad thing. We gunned down a good part of the conveant. A small group of grunts came around the corner and opened fire. 4 marines went down before we slienced them. The rest of the conveant fired at us. We tried to return fire but we were being cut down very easliy.

İİİİİI heard Delta's L.T. talking to someone on her com. "we need extract, we are being wiped out, and when are we gonna get ODST reinforcements". "Ma'am what the hell we had ODSTs with us?? "Shut the hell up, yes we did it was charlie unit" something was very wrong here, the banshees that attacked our pelicans only took out the one full of ODSTs, they waited until we were inside the structure before they ambushed us, it was like they knew we were coming. I just forgot that and unloaded a large amount of shells into a eilte. They fired a volley of plasma at us and one nearly hit me and wounded someone behind me, I could tell that person was alive because I heard the screams. I just kept firing till a plasma grenade killed a good deal of us. Another marine next to me took a hit to the face. The conveant started charging us, we didn't have enough marines left to stop them. "all units pull out we have pelicans coming in but no reinforcements let's move". We all just started to run, a elite sliced a marine into pieces next to me. I smashed my rifle into the back of his head. I had just remembered that there was a wounded marine and no one cared. I grabbed her arm and just ran as fast as my fucking legs could take me.

İİİİİMarines were being shot all around me. I saw marines going hand-to-hand combat with them. Elites were just having a field day. I saw something in the bushes and ran over with my MA5B pointing in it. Someone smashed a rifle into the side of my head. "Ow who got the number of that". "Oh shit sorry bout that", "lets just get out of here" the person who hit me the head was alex. I was happy to see her but that really hurt. I just went on as Alex helped me move the marine. I got near the field where the pelicans were. I saw a bunch of banshees flying over head shooting up the marines on the ground and the pelicans in the air. This was not going to be good.

İİİİİTo be continued in Part 5