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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 2
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 15 March 2002 6:09 am

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     As we looked on in horror there were at least 50 grunts 15 elites and other units. The sniper who was healing me went to the remains of the cockpit and she opened fire. There were 5 marines from Delta Squad still outside when the conveant opened fire. I could still hear their screams. Delta's L.T. walked up "Alright everyone prepare to move out, anyone who can move and fire a weapon will protect the wounded" there were still some marines from my squad at the hole firing their rifles at the conveant when a plasma grenade blew their bodys apart. The sniper in the cockpit almost was killed when a elite jumped through the window and Alex shot the Elite through the chest many times. "Alex we gotta get out of here" "you go we will hold the pelican till everyone is out" I got up and limped out of the Pelican only to find i had just entered a bloodbath.
     "All units tighten up the lines dont let any through" shouted my sgt but he was killed a moment later as elite jumped over the lines and fired 3 shots into him before he was killed too. "oh god this is horrible" the person right next to me got shot in the face and I had his blood all over me. I moved behind a log trying to get my clip in when i saw a shadow above me "Holy Shit" I turned around and there was a Red Elite standing above me. There was no other marines in this spot so i was alone. I started crawling back firing my MA5B into him but with little effect. My clip ran out "Oh god im going ot die" i heard the elites voice saying "Prepare to die you filthy human" he raised his energy sword and I closed my eyes trying to find the button to activate my frag. Then I felt this liquid spray all over me. I opened my eyes and saw the dead elite with a shot in his head and chest. I turned around and saw Alex and the Sniper from my squad (Let me just call her Echo Sniper) waving at me. "J.D. get over here we need someone to defend us from melee attacks" "Im not moving no way". Then a echo squad marine ran by and his friends grabed me and dragged me back to where Alex was behind a large boulder.
     "Just stay down J.D. and you will be fine" and my ears went deaf for a second from Echo Sniper's Sniper Rifle blowing through 3 grunts. "OH MY GOD MY ARM AHHH" i heard a marines scream next to me as his arm was blown off by a Elite. He got up and ran towards a group of 2 elites, 7 grunts, and a Elite Commander near the front. He activated all his Frag Grenades while he was being blown to bits. He killed every singal of those conveant. I just then had the courage to fight again and i stood up and unloaded 3 shots into a grunt nearby.(This is where i began and now I dont have a clue whats going to happen) "Ok people lets move out of here we are going to be over ran and ahhhhhhh" a shot blew through echo sniper as she lay there dieing with a shot to the chest. A elite ran right by us and killed the guy who moved me by smashing his plasma rifle into the side of his skull. Alex wasn't paying attention because she was slaughtering a couple jackals who didn't know where the snipers were. Echo Snipe fired a few shots into the Elite "Die you bastards die" she screamed before the elite killed her. I was firing my AR wildly at the elite trying to hit him. He ran at me "Alex look out we have a elite coming wait i got this" I sild beneath the elite and tripped him and stuck my AR in his back and fired. Blue ooze sprayed all over me. "That shows what we can do"
     Just then i took a plasma shot to my same leg that was wounded already. A grunt had enough courage to walk up alone to a marine and shoot him. I smashed my rifle into his skull. "Stupid Deformed Midgets" "J.D. im running out of bullets we have to get out of here Ahhhhh my chest" I turned around seeing a hole in her chest armor and blood coming out of it. I went and moved her out of the aim of the conveant and 7 marines ran past me firing their Assault Rifles into the conveant. I watched in disgust as 3 fell in unison as the grunts fired at them. I tossed my last frag into the grunts watching them fly, I smiled. "Ok alex im going to move you to back of the lines I ......." my voice was blanked out by the sound of 3 pelicans landing. The Squads that were here had 25 men each, we only had 17 people alive out of the two squads. I saw 75 marines get out and 3 Warthogs drive off the pelicans into the battle. I picked her up while dropping my MA5B and picking up my pistol. As I just made it to the pelican a group of 15 grunts rushed the pelican. They tossed plasma grenades everywhere blowing marines to pieces everywhere. A marine in front of me got hit by a plasma grenade and it stuck to him. "Oh shit"I said out loud. It exploded and all I saw was a bright light then darkness.

          Fourteen Hours Later

     I awaken to find myself in bed off the battle field. My skin burns from me touching it. I had bandages over my left leg and my right shoulder. I looked around and then it hit me I was in a hospital. I saw nurses hovering over a marine next to me. He has part of his face and torso missing. "Geez I glad im not that guy"I thought to myself. "Why can't I die I mean I 've been in a crash, i've been shot many times, people I know died all around me, and to top it all off a plasma grenade blew up in front of me" ohh thats what happened to you I heard a nurse say " Well I guess this is my luckly day" "And mine too" I looked to my other side and saw Alex in the bed next to me she had severe plasma burns and bandeges on her. "Well I think my day just got even better" I smiled "owww that hurts" Alex smiled and laughed.

     Continued in Part 3 (I might make a part 3 if people like this and if I can think of other things so post some comments thanks)