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The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 11
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 16 May 2002, 2:04 am

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     I awoke with my vision blurred, a nurse was injecting something into me and I had no idea what the heck it was.  The nurse looked at me, then she looked at the monitors and left the room.  I sat up, my eyes were focusing again and I looked around the room and  no one else was in here, I had no idea why I was alone in a room that should be filled with wounded marines.  I saw a figure outside the door and an Officer walked in.  I could tell he was a Commander by his insignia.  

"Good morning Corporal Andrews, I am Commander Wilkins"The Commander looked at me.

"Good morning Sir.  Do you know how long I have been unconscious"I said to the Commander and managed a salute.

"Well Corporal what I've been told is that you have been out for just about one day and twenty-three hours. Lt. Roberts was picking marines to fill up the remaining spots in your squad.  Since you are the highest ranking marine left in the squad you will get to chose the marines."

"Sir I know I should continue Lt. Roberts in choosing the new marines.  But in reality who would be their CO Sir."

"Well I was thinking about that and well you are gonna be their CO Sargent Andrews"

"Really I would like to know who the CO is and . . . . . did you say Sargent Andrews Sir??"

"Heh Yes I did and here is the list of marines.  Congratulations Sargent Andrews and if you see Pvt. Sheffield soon give her this.  Well that is it I might see you later Sargent Andrews" The Commander handed me the papers, two tiny black boxes, and then left the room.

     I started reading the papers, they had bios of each marine.  Not very interesting stuff but the  only three marines with combat experience I was gonna choose.  Two of the names stuck out in my head Cpl. Cory Stevens and Pvt. Mike  Jamison I fought with them earlier.  The other marine was Cpl. Louisa Mendez, she had been in twice as many battles as I had and to add to that she was a sniper.  It took me another hour and 20 minutes to choose the other five marines and they were Pvt. Steven Michaels, Pvt. David Anderson, Pvt. Brian Wallace, Pvt. Miguel Rodriguez, and Pvt. Harold Smith.  Not one of those five Privates haven't seen combat except for their training.  This was going to be fun. I got out of the bed and stood up to the disagreement of my muscles.  I leaned over and took a look at a notepad which listen my injuries.  Plasma burns to the left arm and leg (they fell better), a deep hole in the right side caused by a plasma sword (already knew that) cutting near the kidney (didn't know that), plasma burns to chest minimal damage(great that is fine), and a dislocated  left shoulder (it wasn't broken good).  I started feeling a bit woozy and steadied myeslf but that stopped a soon time after.  I looked for my combat fatigues and found some new dark blue combat fatigues (yes they are clean!).  

     These weren't dirty or torn so I put the fatigues on.  It took a good 10 minutes to put them on because my left arm still hurt like hell.  I looked around for my combat knife and found it in its sheath.  I was about to leave when the nurse came in and screamed at me.  I told her I was fine and I wouldn't be going into combat anytime soon due to the fact I didn't have a squad.  I also told her I just wanted to give something to another squad member and practice my aim with a MA5B.  She reluctantly let me leave and I picked up the little black boxes and the papers and sat down for a second.  

     I opened my black box and found the insignia for a Sargent in it.  I attached it to my uniform and left the room.  I was going to talk to Sarah and give her the black box but I had to first give the papers to Commander Wilkins.  I headed down to where his office should be and looked around.  The base seemed unusually quiet today.  There wasn't any marines around except for the MP that stood at his door.  I showed him my ID and was allowed in.  I saluted the Commander as I walked in.  He asked me to sit down and make myself comfortable.  I politely said no and stood.

"So Sargent Andrews decided on the eight marines to join your squad yet."The Commander said

"Sir yes I have decided on them and here they are" I handed the Commander the papers I had chosen.

"But one thing puzzles me Sir, where are all the marines? usually there would at least a group of marines anywhere inside of the base"I also added

"Well they are all in the hanger, every single one of them.  We had just gotten some new equipment and they are showing them the specifications for them.  If you want to get one or at least hear about it I would go now."The Commander told me and it sounded like he wanted to get rid of me.

"Sir I will, maybe I will see you later about my concerns for some of the new marines"I said, saluted, and then left the room.

     I jogged a bit of the way to the hanger.  What ever this demonstration was it seemed very important, the HQ looked like a ghost town.  I passed areas where some marines had the gruesome duty of cleaning the bodies and boy parts.  Many of the walls had tons of bullet holes and plasma burns, the HQ still looked like hell.  I moved hastily past the gym and where the Hunter took that shot at me.  I could see holes in the ceiling and I could see the Hanger down the hall.  Most of the wreckage had been cleared out and half of the pelicans that should be there were.  In the middle was a large cargo container and a couple hundred marines were gathered near there.  It was in the middle of the hanger and it was a good 300 foot walk from where I was.  I started walking and by the time I got there I saw a marine Lieutenant in a Black Suit picking up an AR.  I took a seat and started listening to the Lieutenant. in the Black Suit. "Ok marines we have a little surprise for you can any of you guess what this is. . . . .  No this isn't a MA5B, this is a MA6B.  This is new.  The MA6B fires 8.83mm rounds instead of the MA5B's 7.62mm rounds.  The MA6B also has a longer barrel for accuracy and some silenced fire.  The MA6B fires 8.83mm AP, Shredder, and the new type of bullet which is an explosive tipped bullet or an EX round.  The EX rounds do more damage then the other bullets and has a greater affect against Hunter armor, not much though.  One other thing about the MA6B is that it can also fire the MA5B's 7.62mm rounds."The Lieutenant said

     The Lieutenant picked up the MA6B and loaded a clip in.  Another one of those marines in a Black Suit set up a target 100 feet away.  The Lieutenant fired a three round burst and the target blew into pieces.  "Ok that is the end of our demonstration, we will assign the MA6Bs to their owners in ten minutes"  

     All of the marines stood up and proceeded to leave the hanger.  I saw Sarah far across the hanger on the other side of the group of marines.  I started heading over there and I saw that Sarah was with Cpl. Stevens and Pvt. Jamison.  I jogged over there and stopped.  They were surprised to see me there.

"Well J.D. they let you out already, I thought you would actually be in there for the time you should be."Sarah said to me and Cpl. Stevens was cracking up.

"Well the Commander talked to me and gave me these things, and you shut up" I said to Sarah and Cpl. Stevens.  I gave Sarah the box and I showed them what I had gotten.

"Hell they made me a Corporal and they made you a Sargent.  Is there anything else that you need to tell us."Sarah looked and said

"So this is great that all three of us got a promotion.  So is there anything else you need to tell us??.Cpl. Stevens said.

"Well okay im your new Commanding officer.  Sarah, Cpl. Stevens, and Pvt. Jamison you are all in my squad.  We have one other Cpl. joining us and her name is Cpl. Mendez and our official sniper.  The other five marines in our squad are fresh from training which is gonna a hell of a problem"I told them and I started walking.

"Jesus Christ really we are gonna be in your squad.  Okay thats fine, well sort of.  The only thing that freaks me out is that we will be working with five new marines straight out of boot."Pvt. Jamison finally said.

"Don't worry about anything okay guys, the only real thing im worried about is that are we gonna get to use those new MA6Bs.  Those things kick ass"I said and all three of them agreed with me.

     The marine Lieutenant called out to all the marines in the hanger.  He said the base still had 183 marines left from Alpha HQ and they shipped 75 MA6Bs with them for the surviving marines.  So in other words only the most worthy marines get them.  In about ten minutes 50 of the MA6Bs had been assigned and none of us still haven't been assigned one.  They called out Pvt. Jamison, then Sarah, Cpl. Stevens, and then me.  When they handed me it, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  The gun wasn't dented, scratched, or covered in blood stains.  They gave me one clip of each type of round.  I loaded the EX rounds and I was going to test it on some targets but the Lieutenant wanted to tell us some more things about it.  He showed each technical aspect of the MA6B and also demonstrated that the butt of the rifle is stronger.  He smashed the last part of the target into pieces with it.

     While the Lieutenant was talking I heard some sort of muffled scream but I didn't pay any attention to it.  The Lieutenant then stopped talking and stared out towards the container.  The other two marines in the black suits were just on the floor not moving.  He muttered something as 23 blue blades lit up in the hanger.  The blades were Plasma Swords and 23 marines were cut into pieces.  This is time I heard the Lieutenant say something "Waste those sons of bitchs".  The Lieutenant picked up his MA6B and we all followed.  One marine cried out "Burn in hell" and almost all of the marines had EX rounds in the MA6Bs.  I aimed for a spot where the Stealth Elite holding the Plasma Sword should of been.  I fired the first rounds and Elite blew into pieces, the rest of the marines opened fire.  The Stealth Elites tried to deactivate their plasma swords but most of them were blown apart by the new MA6Bs.  Plasma fire erupted from near the container and the plasma bolts hit marines and burned through them because only a couple marines were wearing their combat armor.  
      A couple of the Stealth Elites who were still alive moved up and started bashing marine skulls in.  We couldn't see them but the Lieutenant who was wearing his combat armor and helmet turned on his IR.  He yelled out to move out of his way as he fired in a full-auto fusillade and parts of Elites were blown on the floor.  The only Stealth Elites left were the ones still firing at us.  All of the marines opened fire towards the container and the fire ceased as two bodies fell to the floor.  The base's loud speaker went off.  "All combat ready marines prepare to engage the enemy.  Stealth Elites all over the base.  A Covenant radar signature was spotted near the base but no visual contact made all marines strap on their armor and get into your vehicles, good luck and kick some ass" I found Sarah, Cpl. Stevens, and Pvt. Jamison all ok.  

"Okay lets get our combat armor on and head towards a warthog, Pvt. Jamison since you already have your armor go secure a warthog for us we'll join you in a sec" I told them

"Yes Sir"Pvt. Jamison said and ran off.

     We ran as fast as we could.  I was a bit slower then them because I was still injured.  When we got there I grabbed a few EX and AP clips for my MA6B.  I put my combat armor over my dark blue combat fatigues.  I strapped my new helmet on.  When I left the armory and got to our hog everyone else was there.  Cpl. Stevens asked me if he could ride on another warthog because there wasn't ant room left and I was using the chain gun.  I strapped myself in as Pvt. Jamison pulled the warthog out and Sarah rode in shotgun holding a Jackhammer and her MA6B.  We moved out and I scanned the air, there wasn't any Covies in the area.  My COM went off "All units the Covenant ship is centered over the base but still no visual contact hold on, . . . . . The Covenant ship must be using a Cloaking device. Oh my god what the hell is that"I saw this shimmering and this Covenant ship was just hovering there.  This ship was as big as four covenant dropships next to each other.  Marines opened fire and the bullets didn't do jack shit to the ship's shields.  Sarah steadied the Jackhammer on her shoulder and fired a rocket.  The rocket hit and the shields shimmered and gave  out not long after as bullets constantly hit it.  I kept my fingers down on the firing controls for my chain gun as the bullets pinged off the armor.  The Covenant Ship landed and the bay doors in the front opened up.  10 Special Ops Jackals climbed out supported by 5 Hunters.

"OH shit Sarah fire some more of those Jackhammers, Pvt. Jamison drive us around those bastards"

     The Marines opened up on the Jackals but were blown apart from Fuel Rod Cannon blasts by the Hunters.  I fired the chain gun into them and got lucky.  One of the Jackals were blown apart but we had a bigger problem, the Hunters were aiming for us.  Pvt. Jamison tried to swerve but the shots were too close and my Chain Gun wasn't doing shit to them.  Sarah fired another rocket and it slammed into the Hunter's shield.  Three of the Hunters aimed for us and fired their Fuel Rod Cannons, the first shot hit behind us, the second landed in front of us creating a large hole in which we hit and flew into the air, and the last shot hit the front of the Warthog blowing the engine to pieces.  All three of us jumped out rolling onto the ground.  I was thrown off the Warthog and landed in the middle of the battle.  I aimed the MA6B at the Hunters and pulled the trigger, instead of bouncing off the armor the EX shells connected and melted part of it.  I was gonna fire some more rounds but I stopped when a squad of ODSTs came out into the battle and opened fire.  The squad was Lt. Clower's but my HUD showed the insignia of Captain.  I shouted over to him and he saw me lying on the ground.  He turned and fired.  What I saw next scared me out of my mind at least 15 Stealth Elites appeared in the middle of the marines.  They sliced marines up and started heading towards the Covenant ship.  They ran right through Cpt. Clower's squad and killed a bunch of his squad members by slicing them into pieces with their plasma sabres, then they grabbed him and a few other men and some were from his squad.  I stood up and a plasma bolt zoomed by my face.  I didn't give a damn and fired blowing an Elite into pieces.  

     The Elites turned and fired their plasma rifles at me, I ran as fast as I could and dove into the crater.  I looked around and Sarah and Pvt. Jamison were in the crater along with three other marines.   Pvt. Jamison was bleeding from a gash he got from falling out of the hog. Cpl. Steven's Warthog drove by and he was manning the chain gun.  They drove right through the Stealth Elites and ran a few over.  The Elites fired and the plasma bolts killed the marine sitting in shotgun.  The Stealth Elites dragged the marines they took past the remaining six Jackals and into the ship.  The Jackals backed up and fired the Hunters fired another volley of Fuel Rod Cannon and disappeared into the ship.  I stood up and I could see Cpt. Clower's face as they closed the bay doors.  I fired my last rounds in my clip into an Elite that was holding him.  The Elite dropped but another one grabbed him and held him.  The Covenant Ship lifted off as bullets peppered the ship's hull.  It's shields came back as marines started firing Jackhammers, the shields deflected the explosions and bullets .  The Covenant Ship lifted off and began to cloak.  The ship's plasma cannons fired and a Scorpion that started moving into position blew into pieces, not one piece larger then a chair still together.   The Covenant Ship's weapons were really powerful.  I heard the sound of a Longsword's engine as two of them flew by.  They made a pass and the Covenant Ship opened fire and the plasma bolts streaked towards one of the Longswords and blew it to hell.  The other one was hit before it could fire a missile and crashed.  It's plasma bolts stopped firing and it disappeared.  The last plasma bolt that hit the base blew the radio tower to pieces and along with it, the radar dish.  I just stared out where the ship disappeared and felt a wave of sorrow for Cpt. Clower and those other marines.