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Comments for 'The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine :Part 11'

5:33 pm | May 20, 2002
I have liked your stories for a long time,it is just i haven't figured out how to write a comment untill i looked to the side and saw post comments.I think it is an awesome story line and keep it comming!! :)
james (aka jediknight)
12:20 am | May 17, 2002
real good man keep it comming and keep on with the veriety real good ,... its a solid story so far GJ
7:44 pm | May 16, 2002
That was very nice. Very good Jay. Keep it up.-shadow
7:17 pm | May 16, 2002
lol, ok now you now how my story is going to end, ive got 2 more chapters to send in then im going to start a new series with a few of the same main characters. btw, good story jay