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ONI Black Operations Chapter 1
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 4 February 2003, 3:36 am

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(Hey guess what, im baaaack. This is my thrid series and i hope you will all enjoy, sorry for the delay though and it might take some time for me to write each. Read "The Hell Of War Through the Eyes of a Marine" my first sereies and "Titan" my second and now this one, they are all connected in big and little ways besides they each follow after one another, Enjoy!)

      "Lt. Grayson, do you have the guards in your sites?". I grunted at the command, trying to get a good view of the Marine sentry through my scope. I activated my COM. "Jesus sir, you want me to kill them and alert the whole frigging base. Im trying to get a good unnoticable shot away from the other guards" I waited to see if he would get a bit pissed at me.

      "Fine god damn it, wait until that shot is ready and take good aim. If you screw up me and the other 13 Squad 2 members are dead" He pratically yelled into the COM, nearly blowing out my ear drums.

      "Alright Lt. Commander, don't worry I got this under control, they will never know we were here besides this poor fool"I chuckled and switched the COM off. The sentry moved right were i wanted him to go, I just had to wait for the wind to die down and then I would get my shot.

      The Squad I was in was the ONI Black Ops, my squad was #2 out of 3 squads. This unit had more classified information then the Spartan 2s did. We were all made up of old ODST or Marine personel. We were chosen for this and we had to decide not knowing what we had gotten into. But the plus side was that we were some of the best equipted soliders in the military. We had the newest weapons only the 3 squads had access to. We had a new type of weapon powered differently then the MA6B and with better capacity, it was called the CP-02. The firing of the bullet was created by the expendenture of an energy like the Covenant Plasma, the bullets were also charged by this therefore increasing their speed and deadly power. It was also very effective against shielding.

      They also had the Sniper Rifle remade, it was powered like the CP-02 but it was more effective, the bullets were larger and were expelled at higher speeds, the Rifle had no type of loud report or contrail, even the flash was reduced, and best of all it had a 15x zoom on it along with the 2x and 10x

      There was also the new type of grenade codenamed "Cluster Nade" for its operation, after the pin is pulled and the grenade is released, after 4 seconds it explodes as a regular Frag Grenade but also tosses out 6 mini Frag Grenades to make the damage even higher.

      One of the most important things was the PSCS or the Personal Stealth Combat Shield. The PSCS is built like the MJOLINIR shielding but it is smaller and less powerful. The fusion energy pack is reduced to give the solider less weight to carry, the PSCS has a Personal Camoflauge unit, unlike the Covenant versions that die out after a period, the PSCS never runs out unless turned off by the user or it is knocked out. The PSCS gives the solider a small shield around him to aid in his protection but it is limited. Two to Three Plasma bolts will overload it and either shut it down or fry it completly. But thats not including our more consintrated armor with thicker helmets with a bullet proof Black visor, which also showed all the details of our equipment. We were in a sense, more expendable but more effective then the Spartans ever would of been, as the loss of 3 Black Ops Personal on another mission had showed.

      As I slowly went over the facial and body details of the sentry, the wind at his end began to die down for a second and my fingers slowly moved tighter over the trigger as I had a view on the Sentry's forehead, a search light from the base slowly went around the perimeter, unfortunatly giving a glare off my scope which the Sentry had seen, hes eyes widened and he saw no more as i put a bullet through his head, ripping through the Brain Stem causing instant death.

      "Sir, sentry is down, I repeat he is down. The Covenant have been making their way here and obliterating any Marine or ODST trying to stop them. We have little time, good hunting CO"I clicked off the COM and activated my PSCS. The air around me turned a light blue, my visor showing my 14 teammates, all shown in a light blue aura only visable to us, moving towards the entrance of the base and easily slipping in.

      I rested on the soft earth, knowning that they would all come out and this will be another easy mission, but I still partly resented killing friendly military personel. I began to sweep the area with my scope, the wind began to blow harder and howl. The Marines began to move around a bit more sparadictally then they would of usually did. They began to move into the fox holes and on the sides of the base with their weapons, even heavy weapons such as the SPNKr and the MA6B-C Light Supression Gun. The howl of the wind began to get louder and I noticed in the direction of the howl the marines were massing. I lifted my head off the scope and looked into that direction, noticing the dust and leaves moving about that normally my scope wouldn't detect. I added a bullet into my clip and was about to zoom in, when the canyon arean where the base was located suddenly turned to day.

      I looked up in horror as about ten Plasma Motars smashed into the base, vaporizing marines as they all converged on the part of the wall situated with the marines. The fox holes opened up on the forest as did the remaining marines on the wall. Tracer fire ripped into the forest only to have something greet them. More then 10 green Fuel Rod Cannon charges and twice the amount of marines returned as plasma was fired at the humans. Sliencing the Wall even though the fox holes were still in the fight, well were as the plasma mortars splashed their area, killing everyone. To my surprise instead of running away marines continued cutting away at the Covenant ranks. Grunts, Jackals, Elites, and Hunters errupted from the forest followed by Wraiths and Ghosts.

      "COMMANDER, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE" I screamed into my now active COM.

      "What the hell Grayson, were almost finished here" He replied calmly

      "Sir, get you're ass out of there, those Covies are here and just wiped out the marine garrision within 4 minutes. They are gonna fire and...." I stopped as the Covenant fired on the base, blowing it to shreds. Over his COM he heard screams of terror and pain, then there was nothing even as the Covenant kept firing.

      "Is anyone there, Sir, anybody respond. Come on please answer me" Tears appeared on my face.

      In a bit of rage I loaded my sniper rifle and aimed it at the covies, hoping to take a few of those poor bastards with me. I zoomed in on an Elite and squeezed the trigger....which in turn its head "Squeezed" off. I began to pick elites out and i ruined their day. Four shots and four elites dropped, regardless of rank. I reloaded another clip and began to pick more elites off, ones in ghosts or on foot.....they all applied to me. The Covenant kept firing not knowing that each second a number of their's died. I zoomed straight in on an Gold Elite, the Elite was on top of a Wraith and didn't know what was coming. He took a look in my direction but a Sniper bullet created a hole between its eyes and abruptly ended it's life. The Covenant, i saw, noticed the fall of their commander and looked for other higher up Elite to take up the command. Due to my shooting skills and only aiming for one type of Target, the Jackals, Grunts, and Hunters noticed themselves with out an Elite around besides the ones in the Wraiths.

      "Heh, like shooting fish in a barrel" I thought to myself.

      I viewed through my scope the yelling of one Hunter, which in turn all of the Covenant stopped firing. They turned around and slowly but carefully began to walk back towards the forest. Unfourtuantly for the Hunters, their orange flesh was open to me and i just had to obliouge. One by one, i squeezed the trigger of my Sniper Rifle and the Hunters fell. The Grunts were screaming like idiots, the Jackals began to move back towards the Wraiths. The Jackals never made it, i dropped every last one of them, i had 7 sniper shells left from my pouch and there was a lot of Grunts. I aimed at 7 Grunts, firing once each time i went over one, 7 grunts fell with head shots.

      "You god damned bastards are going to pay for those 14 lives, that means im going to kill all of you and you'll never see me till it was too late" I grinned and stood up, i was still cloaked as i swung my Sniper rifle over my shoulder and clicked the safety of my CP-02 as i walked through the trees and down the hill towards the Covenant's postion.

      The Grunts stayed crouched down near the bodies of their fallen comrads, thinking that it would help them and that the Wraiths, which was 5 of them, would protect them against their un-known killer. I began to sneak towards the Wraiths, praying that they didn't see me, on my belt i had two blocks of C-12 on each of my side. I quickly and effenctly tossed them through the air and onto the wraiths, i ran near the un-marked Wraith and started the show. The Grunts screamed in horror as the four Wraiths exploded in huge fireballs, the fifth Wraith didn't know what happened or what was going to happen to it. I slowly climbed on top of the Wraith and un-hooked a Incinderary Grenade from my belt, I pulled the pin out of the "Fire" Grenade and shoved it into the pilot's area of the Wraith. As soon as i did that, i ran for my life nearly escaping the flames and my horrible death. The Grunts stood up, their weapons lowered and they were staring into a firey oblivion. I un hooked my only two "Cluster" Nades and tossed them into their midst, as they exploded killing Grunts and then sending more frag grenades into the field and obliterating more Grunts, I toggled the controls and reappeared infront of them, my CP-02 was raised.

      "Good Evening" I smiled and laughed at the now petrified Grunts

      I aimed and fired, my GP-02 bearly gave out a recoil but the shells were tearing the Grunts apart. My full auto fusilade mowed down the Grunts before they could raise a weapon. A few did and fired, the plasma bolts missed and some actually impacted my shields and i crouched letting a few miss me by. I rolled and dove behind an empty ghost, reloading as I went. When i stood up I aimed at the last few Grunts and fired short controlled bursts, the Grunts crumpled under the fire. I slowly but grimly walked past all the bodies, knowing that I could of stopped them but I didn't.

      The remains of the base were just mostly melted, there was a few hard structures but it didn't take me long to find the horribly burned, crushed and mangled bodies of my squad. Pieces of them were everywhere, some I could reconize but others I couldn't, and part of the roof had collapsed, crushing six of my squadmates. I knew each and every one of those soliders, a few I called my friends and those were the ones I shed tears for. I gathered their two bodies near me, my feelings had come out but their bodies were the least ruined out of all of them, they had died from what I could guess was severe trama to the head. I activated my emergancy becon for my surpiors to find us, I knew I was going to be in deep shit for this. I bent down and looked at the fallen forms of Sgt. Kyle Montgomery and Lt. Olivia Tayler, I shook my head

      "This is all my fault, THIS IS ALL MY FUCKING FAULT" I screamed and burried my face into my hands, waiting for the Pelican that would arrive half an hour later.