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A John Before Halo: Part 9
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 21 September 2003, 4:04 AM

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dont delete this loius, i worked hard to create this chapter just read it, please thank you. sorry that i haven't been on lately. school and stuff making it hard but ill try to post whenever i got 2 free hours on my hands and at least once every two weeks. and everybodys up one rank now. Johns a sarge.

1000, September 28th, 2436, Reach special training camp number 0012341, Reach.

John rode in his humvee through the gates of the camp. He was looking for someone to replace his dearly-beloved friend: VManJr. He drove over into the parking area and got out of his humvee. He walked towards the firing range, 200m away. He presented his credentials to a guard and walked by noticing the accuracy of shots being fired. Halfway through he stoped and watch a Woman who was ranked corporal, and watched her pull out a custom-made revolver and fire 8 440 magnum shots into a cardboard target that represented a human. All 8 shots were headshots. John walked over to her. "Nice gun, you got there coporal." She turned around and turned back reloading her revolver. "Its a 440 Magnum, can hold eight shots and has a scope that has 2x magnification and has night-vision and infa-red capabilities." "Nice." John said grinning. He took a closer look at her uniform and it had an insignia of 5 ONI on it. She was from 5th division of ONI, assasins, and bounty hunters, why? John did not now and her codename was Amazon Ghost. "How would you like to be in a Marine Recon unit, I just lost one of my good members and we could use a person like you." She just turned around at looked at him. "Whats the catch?" Amazon said. "Your chance to die is higher and the unit is full of guys." "Alright, I need to talk to my superior and meet me at Thunder's." "M'kay" John said.

02100, same day, Thunders bar in Scivotal city.
Note: there are civies that do live on reach.

John walked in and found her twirling a sword that look like serrated Titanium B. (inmangine the basterd sword from the oringinal unreal tournament without the bone casing). John took a seat. "Now tell me about yourself Amazon." "Well, Im trained in use of almost all weaponry, and vehicles, and Im an assasin who specializes in stealth and vehicles. My revolver also has an attachable silencer and has different kinds of ammo that it can fire." She pulled out a bunch of different colored darts. "Red for undercover work, looks like a kill but without the side effect of death, green, Knocks the bastard cold for 12 hours, purple, a nerver toxin that kills very fast ans painfully." "This sword is a serreated titanium b sword that can hack through armor and bone." "Im also 23" "Now tell me about you Spartan."

"Well I was raised on Earth, and my parents were rich, until my jeaulous uncle killed my parents ands wiped my memory when I was six. One day when I was 14, I found his diary and found out, and took a knife and snook up behind my uncle and put that knife through his neck. I took what money was left and moved to a military academy here. Now the thing that scares me is that when I was 16 I accentaly killed my friend in a traing accident. The thing that scares me is that I was guilty that he was gone, but I wasn't guilty that I killed him, then I realized that Im a natural born killer and that to save my soul and my humanity, I would need to die, now I didn't have the balls to commit sucide so I accepted the most dangerous unit i could find. That was when I was 18 and now its been 7 years since." By the end he was almost in tears. Why did he told this person about his sercret past that he had never told anyone? Because he felt the need too.

"Wow." said Amazon, in shock because of the horror of Spartans being. "I joined the military because some rebels killed my parents and raped me a lot." "Now im out for revenge." John and Lindsey (her real name), talked all night long and by the end of the night, they felt like that they were ment for each other. John now had another member in his unit.