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Comments for 'A John Before Halo: Part 9'

4:48 am | November 12, 2003
you suck

i suggest you go to the 5th grade english class, have the teacher fail you at the start of class, and then go home and cry. i suggest you stop makeing storys
11:54 am | October 4, 2003
part 10 is out
3:32 am | September 25, 2003
3:32 am | September 25, 2003
sorry that was me my bad, always mix the sn's up lol
Alpha Lance
7:46 pm | September 23, 2003
Well, you know my key board was messing up three weeks ago, so lay off riot!
11:06 am | September 23, 2003
oh okay, so the reason your stories are so goddamn horrible is that your keyboard is messed up? i don't think so. you're not fooling anyone.
3:23 am | September 23, 2003
thank you alpla, as for riot and dark plague, fuck off and leave my part of this domain now, goddamn it, i am tired of hearing ur bitching, so stfu and leave now!
2:13 am | September 23, 2003
J-117, I'll read your story, I just have to stop laughing from all the post I've just read. God, you guys are relentless. Keep the bashing up, though, I'm really enjoying it.
Alpha Lance
10:33 pm | September 22, 2003
J, I love your series man, can't wait for the other chapter.

But as for riot and Dark Plague, fucking back off! Riot, you should have stade off this site, and Dark Plague my ass, you should have never came to this site. But maybe we should talk to Wu about kicking some unwanted ass off this site.

And once again J. Great job.
9:27 pm | September 22, 2003
B, she felt like she need too and shes my character so if shes wants to tell shit she can. i know that the rape part was screwed up so im gonna delete that. dark plague, stfu, my keyboard is really fucked up alright, and if u got shit to read then let me see it, otherwise, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE AND STFU ALRIGHT. mr hankey, this is a John before halo, MC does not even exist yet because this takes palce in 2436, so lay off. and i added johns past just for the hell of it. riot, just leave this place if u dont like anybodys writing,u hypocritical piece of shit, go write something and show it to me and see if its good or not, otherwise lay off bitch. thx dude, yes i will look into it, and forget the rape part thats just a stupid extra.
7:03 pm | September 22, 2003
"I joined the military because some rebels killed my parents and raped me a lot." that was retarted and funny. haha im gunna be laughing at that all week
6:36 pm | September 22, 2003
It has been awhile since you have posted. The only thing I can bitch about it the spelling and a few commas you didn't need. Good story, keep it rolling.
3:11 pm | September 22, 2003
thank you, dark plague. once again, 117, your writing is absolutely horrible in every way possible. there is not one aspect of your story that's well crafted or enjoyable. i hope that you realize how truly terrible this piece of shit you call a fan fiction really is, and that you're not deluding yourself into thinking you're a good writer.
2:27 pm | September 22, 2003
Are you talking about Jon 117 in your story? As in the master chief, i would look back at your other parts to find out but i want to spare my eyes from your writing.

If you are, the masterchiefs history is all off. Sorry if you arent talking about him.
Dark Plague
2:18 pm | September 22, 2003
Are you in 3rd grade or just retarded? Things like spelling and structure problems, revealing information so quickly, and having to give out information like "oh by the way, her real name is lindsay" makes me think that your gary the retard from the howard stern show. But i did like the getting raped a lot, what a classic. Really though, your a terrible terrible writer/person. I suggest you get raped a lot.
10:24 am | September 22, 2003
I joined the military because some rebels killed my parents and raped me a lot.

That was teh best part.
Sergeant B
10:15 am | September 22, 2003
Why would an ONI freak tell a obsolete marine about her weapons and info on her? Like, she's an assasin, bounty hunter, that kinda stuff. But why would those people tell even a Sergeant about her cool gadgets?

Otherwise, very good and very few(or none) errors.