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A John Before Halo:Part 1 (Changed for the better)
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 12 July 2003, 5:16 AM

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Note: like most stories, this series is told in a 3rd-person view. If you read my last story, you found out about a virus, I got that idea from the now canceled showtime-show "Jerimiah" 9that was for whoever said it came from a book). There is no virus of gu'narri in this version of A John Before Halo...
Squad Members: (rank, codename, specialality
CPL. John "Spartan", Squad leader
PFC. "Rambo", Heavy Weapons
PFC. "VManJr.", Heavy Weapons
PVT. "Archon", Stealth and Assault
PVT. "IceMan", Vehicles and Demolitions
PVT. "AirCav.", Vehicles and Sniper
PVT. "JB", Assualt and Demolitions
PVT. "Mayo", Assualt and Sniper
PVT. "Kelanix", Assualt and Vehicles
PVT. "Nova", Sniper and Stealth

2nd Marine Recon Division, 117th Regiment, E. Company, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad

Weapons:(Name, rounds, calibre, scope{optional})
M9 HE-DP (Grenade)
M6A Pistol, 20 10mm, 2x
MA1A AR, 30 9mm
M80 Shotgun, 8 12Gauge
S1-AM Sniper rifle, 8 12.7mm, 2x and 8x
M19 SSA Rocket Launcher, 1 150mm
M36 LAAG, 10mmX99mm

steel and kevlar mixed together. 1 cm thick armor plates, and a 1/2 cm thick helmet

Who was Armed with what:
"Spartan" pistol with 10 extra clips, AR with 10 extra clips, 4 Grenades (Everyone has this)
"Rambo" RL with 4 spare rockets, Shotgun with 32 extra single reloads
"VManJr." read what Rambo is armed with.
"Archon" 1 20cm long KBAR Knife (everyone is armed with this too.) Silenced Pistol with 10 extra clips, AR with 10 extra clips
"IceMan" Rl with 4 spare Rockets, Pistol with 10 extra clips
"AirCav." S1-AM with 5 extra clips, Pistol with 10 extra clips
"JB" AR with 10 extra clips, RL with 4 spare Rockets
"Mayo" S1-AM with 5 extra clips, AR with 10 extra clips
"Kelanix" AR with 10 exta clips, pistol with 10 extra clips
"Nova" Silenced pistol with 10 extra clips, S1-AM with 5 extra clips

Part 1:
0130 Hours, September 2, 2436, (Military Calendar), Huna III, Grid 14 by 36

Since 2391 the Rebels and the UNSC have been engaged in a Civil War for control of the Orion Arm of the galaxy. Any planets the rebels had, the UNSC wanted so we invaded and conquered every habitible planet in sight as the boundaries of Human-explored terriotory expanded.
The 2nd Marine recon's mission was to prep a 80km-Squared dropzone for the upcoming invaision of the planet comincing at 0630 today. They expected to be dropped in a very hot Landing Zone. They landed right on the edge of a forest. They set out with Nova in the lead and AirCav. watching our backs. They had been walking for five minutes when Nova raised his fist. They all stopped. Nova came to John and said"Rebel patrol, 10 in single file, sir." "Nova, Archon, walk ahead and flank them" said John. They walked ahead and two minutes later, they returned. "Hostiles elimanated, sir" said Archon. They walked right by their bodies to find that there throats had been slashed. John flashed them a thumbs-up and they continued for 30 more minutes intill they heard the sound of gunfire. Nova Scouted ahead. He returned 10 minutes later. "Four Squads are in a pitched battle with a large Rebel fort, sir." "Well, what are you waiting for lets go" said John. They went into a clearing to find a large 2km-squared fort in the process of being destroyed. They entered in. John started firing at anything that didn't look like a Marine. Rambo and VManJr. took out there shotguns and started pumping any rebel full of buckshot. Archon took out his AR and went into the action. IceMan took out his pistol and started to fire at a distance to try to get headshots. AirCav., Mayo, and Nova took out Sniper Rifles and started to fire. Kelanix and JB took out AR and went into the chaos.
John fired a 3 times into a man, and meleed another one. suddenly 10 Rebels were tossed into the air, A Marine had fired his Rocket Launcher right at the middle of the crowd. Rambo and VManJr. had gotten onto the second level and dropped into the crowd, they both yelled "Banzai!" and dropped down and fired. One Rebel had caught a Buckshot round right in the face, filling it with lead. Kelanix fired into a crowd, killing six men, and reloaded. The Snipers kept on getting headshots. JB fired right into a Rebel's chest and it exploded, covering JB's armor in blood.
John had ran through three clips before finding a Rebel with a Captains insignia on his arm, John holstered his AR and drew his knife. The Captain did the same. John caught his balde with his knife eight times in all directions before punching him, and stabbed him in the heart. "B**ch" said John. He took out his AR when he heard the a Couple of the Rebels cheering...