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A John Before Halo: Prelude and Chapter 1
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 July 2003, 7:14 PM

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Note: This story is told from a first-person view, and This is my first time writin at HBO so I would like some feedback about the Story.


2151- The Human race makes First Contact with an alien race known as the Gu'naari which later becomes the Elites.

2165- The Gu'naari and Humans make an alliance. Leading to the colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy.

2340- The last planet in the Galaxy is Colonized.

2345- Trading disputes leads to the first galatic war between the Gu'naari and the Humans.

2355- 10 years after the First Galatic War begins, all the Humans have left as territory is the Orion arm where Earth resides on the very edge.

March 10, 2355- A virus breaks out, killing all those who are done with puberty, (16 and older). Leading to an 85% loss of population of both Species.

June 20, 2355- The Virus, code-named "The Big Death" suddenly vanishes without a trace and all the Humans left are split into tribes. Without the knowledge of there predessocers.

Semtember 2355, The Tribes of North America unite under the name "United Nations", and discoveries of old technology fuel an ambition to unite the Earth.

2356- The United Nations, using there superior technology conquer the Earth and find even more lost technlolgy. They have the abilitiy to create WWII age guns, build starships with basic "Slipstream" engines and a huge Military called the "United Nations Space Command".

2358- The discovery of Human Colonies, forces the UNSC to reconquer what was left in the Human Empire before the Big Death.

2391- Having invented 21st century guns, The UNSC has conquered 3/8ths of the Remnants of the Human Empire. But a rebel faction having conquered 5/8ths of the other side of the Orion Arm starts an Civil war over who Controls the Orion Arm, the Rebels lack the superior tecnology that the UNSC has leading to the UNSC taking one Rebel Stronghold at a time.

2411- 20 years after the Civil War starts, the UNSC has hold of nearly half of the Orion Arm. A Boy named John is born on Reach to a Military family, but he doesn't know his destiny is about to Begin.

2429- At the age of 18, John joins the Marines and immendeatly becomes squad leader in his unit, 203rd Division, 17th Regiment, Easy Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st squad. ( An division has 20,000 men, an Regiment has 1000 men, a Company has 100 men, a Platoon has 50 men, and a Squad has 10 men)
Chapter 1

Febuary 2,2430 0630 Hours (Military Calendar) A Dropship landing on Huna III carring 1st Squad

"Okay Squad listen up, the 2nd platoon has to prepare a LZ for the upcoming invaision, you know what that means, kill 'em all, and blow all the other S*** out of the way" I said. A chorus of "Hell yeahs!" emerged. The Basic Marine was equpided with a M4, a 9mm berreta and 2 Fragmentation Grenades, While the basic rebel had an M1 Garand, an 9mm colt 1911, and 2 Frag Grenades. "30 seconds 'till drop" the pilot said.

We landed. The Doors Opened, "Hit it Marines!" I yelled. Unfortunatly, we happened to land right in the middle of an Excersise. I fired right at the middle of a Rebel Squad, I killed all of them before they even had a chance to fire back. A rebel got hit three times, and fell over. The smell of lead was in the air. I saw a Rebel come out of a nearby ditch with a Bazokaa, I quickly put a three-round burst into his head, when he fell over a stray rocket hit a Rebel Squad right next to him. "1st Squad into the ditch!" I yelled. They fellowed my command. Suddenly I heard someone in my Squad yell "Medic!!". It was Rambo, he had taken a bullet in the stomach. The Medic came and patched him up, and he fired the rest of his clip into another Squad trying to flank us.

We went through our clips, and there was a bunch of dead rebels who tried to fihgt and didn't suceed. By the time the battle was over there was 500 dead rebels and 7 wounded Marines. "1st Squad into the trees. We have to attack another base two kilometers away from here lets move". We fanned out into the forest, 30 minutes later we found a Rebel base with Anti-Aircraft guns. "God theres so many of 'em they'll destroy our dropships in seconds" David said. "well, we're just gonna have to destroy those guns" I said. "lets move" I said. We ran out of the forest into the trenches were the guns were. The crew wasn't there, so we just took our grenades and shoved them down the barrels of the AA guns. BOOM!!!!!. The guns were destroyed and the crew came out of the forest trying to find out what the hell was going on. They found my Squad and thats the last thing they ever saw.