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Comments for 'A John Before Halo: Prelude and Chapter 1'

Majin Gamer
3:57 pm | July 29, 2003
Well,I suppose it deserves some congratulants.But the timeline was pretty messed up.The virus thing was a good idea,though.
3:36 am | July 24, 2003
1. I did read the fall of reach u fucking idiot. 2. it was my first, time man so give me a brake. 3. now I have better shit in the series including a GOOD version of part 1. 4. I like constructive crit. not "this story sucked shit" 5. I got the virus thing from the now canceled showtime show "jerimiah" u fucking retard. 6. I probaly know Halo better then u fuckers cuz I happen to study it.
Rambo HALO
10:03 pm | July 17, 2003
Give the guy a break,it was his first one.i personally liked it.not that it had the first half of my name in it,but that it had a cool story line.
5:36 pm | July 8, 2003
man you should read The Fall of Reach, thats all there is to know about John before Halo
4:39 pm | July 8, 2003
10:19 pm | July 7, 2003
This was crap...
10:35 am | July 7, 2003
The read WAS rather pointless, as he gives no back story that would connect with Halo and give some reasonable explaation of how the humans have just met the elites. Also, the virus that wipes out everybody after puberty is ripped straight from the young adult book series "Fire-Us"....a dissapointing and unoriginal read.
Lone Wolf 4001
2:24 am | July 7, 2003
$hit man sorry, that was meant for the comedy guy yours was good though.
Lone Wolf 4001
2:24 am | July 7, 2003
That wasn't meant for you it was for the comedy guy, but, yours wasn't fantastic, infact it confused and frightened me what time is this going on at exacly and do not say rebel every six words.
Lone Wolf 4001
1:15 am | July 7, 2003
Why, why on earth would you write something like that, I cannot fathom, it was pointless, just so random. oh well kanda funny 6/10