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A John Before Halo: Part 16 Chapter 2
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 23 March 2004, 3:46 AM

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Note: Sorry it's taking so long, but hey, I got acting to deal with, school, a girlfriend, and clans, but hey, I don't forget my fans. O yeah, another thing: if you don't understand the names of the guns presented in this part, then I advise you get rainbow 6 3. Now I present to you, Chapter 2 of part 16.

0600 December 23rd 2436, Inside Rebel camp, Ardonnes Forest, Sigma Octunas IV

John just collapsed on the mounted MG, tired yet still angry of all the hate, just thinking that maybe he really was doomed to hell. Then a shot was heard behind him, and he turned around only to see a fallen Rebel and a smoking gun.
"Honey, you got to be careful" said Sarah.

"Remind me later to marry you" said John with a smile. He got up and ran with Sarah across the field of dead bodies killed by John. After running 50 meters, he ran into Helljumper and VManJr.

"Sir, we can mourn Lance later, right now we have a job to do." said Helljumper to John, looking a little weary in his helmet.

"You don't think I know that?" said John angrily. He continued to run, in till he came up about a 4 foot high wall and on the other side was an encampment full of Rebels. John pulled out a fragmentation grenade.

"Now on my mark, I want all of you to pop the firing pin and hold the grenade for 3 seconds then throw it over the wall, ready?... MARK!" said John, and he pulled out the firing pin and held it for 3 seconds then threw it over the wall and covered his ears. Three 'whumps' were heard followed by many screams. John pulled out his AR and placed the bottom of the rifle on the wall, giving himself a semi-covered position.

"Fire!" John yelled. He sighted on the remaining Rebels and squeezed the trigger, giving off single shot rounds to the Rebels. John was picking them off one by one. When none were left, he listened and heard a bunch of voices getting slowly louder. Sarah took out some binoculars and her face went pale. She handed the binoculars to John.

"Oh my god..." he said. A battalion's worth of Rebels were charging at them, John had about 30 seconds in till they were on top of him.

"Sarah, I need you to go back to base and tell them that we need help, now!" John said in a slightly panicky tone. Sarah took the binoculars and ran off.

"VManJr." I need you to go back and find all 3 of us, some weapons and ammo, because I'm on my last magazine of ammo for the AR here, ok?" said John calmly. VManJr. ran off. Just then the first shots were fired from Helljumper. A rebel that was charging with his rifle flew back and covered his stomach with his hands. John was firing, watching his ammo slowly diminish. He then noticed that no shots were being fired from the Rebels. Then another shot was fired, but this time from a sniper. The bullet bounced off the wall.

"Shit!" yelled Helljumper. John and Helljumper ducked behind the wall. John leaned out from around the wall, trying to find the sniper. He was greeted by a bullet that whizzed by his ear. John immediately pulled his head around, his head now protected by the wall. John reached into his pocket and took out a mirror the size of the middle of his palm. He took the mirror by the bottom right edge and moved the mirror to the side of the wall. John saw what he was looking for. The sniper was on top of a one-story building. John pocketed the mirror and graded his AR. He moved the AR up over into the wall and sighted in, found the sniper and pulled the trigger. His shot was confirmed by the silence of sniper shots.

VManJr. came back with a G36C, a M-4, and a G3A3. He gave the G3A3 to John, the M-4 to Helljumper and VManJr. kept the G36C to himself.

"Well what are you waiting for, an invitation? Fire!" yelled John as he sighted in and pulled the trigger, the antique gun from the early 1950's giving him smooth recoil. The 7.62 mm bullet went threw a Rebel's neck, grabbing it the Rebel went down into the ground. Soon Helljumper was screaming in a maniac manner.

"Take this you piece of shit!" said Helljumper, grinning. John punched him in the face.

"Get hold of yourself, damnit!" yelled John, turning the gun back to the Rebels and firing. Then VManJr. noticed something out of the corner of his eye, it was a small band of Rebels trying to flank John and Helljumper, VManJr. was in the middle of reloading a magazine so he had no time to shoot them, he had one option left.

He pulled out his K-bar combat knife and yelled a war cry toward the flankers. He jumped and landed the knife in the neck of a Rebel, pulled it out and turned 180 degrees causing him to cut another Rebels throat. He thrust the knife to the side of him, catching a Rebel in the heart. He dived to the right and threw the knife to his left at a flat angle, the knife flying in till it landed in the base of a Rebel's neck. The remaining Rebel took out his knife and ran towards VManJr. VManJr grabbed the arm holding the arm and threw the Rebel over his back and elbowed the Rebel in the chest, causing the knife to fall. VManJr. took the knife stabbed the Rebel in the heart.

Note: sorry I had to end this on a short note, but the KB limit was approaching too fast, so I wish all readers a good time, and just wait till next time loyal fans...