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A John Before Halo: Part 16: Chapter 1
Posted By: J-117<gjm_25@yahoo.com>
Date: 4 January 2004, 5:10 AM

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Note: sorry I've been gone lately, school and issues and having to rewrite this bout 10 some-odd times lol, so after much consideration, I present to you, part 16, enjoy...

2100, December 22nd, 2436, at the main UNSC base, Ardonnes Forest, Sigma Octunas IV

John and his Squad had been saved by UNSC, and he was in his room in his squad's bunkhouse. Though he was having a nervous breakdown over the death of part of his squad. He was crying, and shaking uncontrollably, nightmares rushing into his head, wondering why the universe had hated him so, he wished he was dead; he wanted to end the killing, end it all.

He felt like a darkness had surrounded him, and he was up against a wall, he couldn't sleep because of the faces of his squad were looking at him, blaming him for there deaths. And then he yelled, in the cry of immortal pain, of deep suffering, the most haunting yells of darkness ever to consume him.

He was trying to look for inner peace. He had locked his room from the rest of his squad to be alone in his search for peace. But now, he tried something he had never believed in, but he was willing to do anything.

"Dear god, I know you haven't ever heard a prayer from a non-believer, but please, in this time of mourning, I ask guidance from you, please show me the way out of my wicked ways, and please give me a reason to live again..."

His prayers were answered in his unloaded AR, pendant and map hitting the floor. He grinned, he took the map and looked at it, and suddenly an idea poured into his head. He gathered the AR, the pendant, and the map, and burst into the bunk room. Everybody was at Alpha Lances bunk playing cards, then turned there heads to look at him.

"I'm going to be straight with you, I got an idea, but you may not like It." said John.

"What is it, sir?" said Helljumper.

"We're gonna hit a rebel base where a Rebel division (4,000 men, or = to an UNSC brigade) is gonna hit us soon, if we can disrupt operations there, then maybe we will have enough time to mount a counter-attack against the rebels." said John seriously, his voice cold.

"Ah, sir, that's suicide" pointed out Lance.

"Well I will tell you this, I will die for this nation, and if I die, I want to die facing a Rebel, not a bed. Besides, I got a prophecy to fulfill..." He took a magazine for his AR. "I got Rebels to kill..." He loaded the Magazine into his AR. "And most importantly..." He cocked the action. "I got ideals to defend..." John said staring coldly into the eyes of his teammates. "Well are you with me or not?" John asked.

Helljumper rose "I still not up to my quota for dead Rebels, sir." Alpha Lance rose "I'm with you all the way sir." VManJr rose "I still got payback to dish out." and then Ghost rose "With you 'till my dying day...sir" she said. John nodded.

John went outside with the rest of his squad to the Regimental HQ. John detailed his plan to the colonel.

"Well it's suicide, but we need that time, permission for mission granted Spartan, and give em hell Sergeant." said the Colonel.

"Sir, yes, Sir" John barked, and snapped a salute.

0530, December 23rd, 2436, 8 KM out of main UNSC base

"Now squad listen up" said John, they crouched with him ears at ready. "Now if you can't run, you crawl, and if you can't crawl, you let yourself be carried, am I clear?" "Yes sir" they all whispered. "VMan, why do you have two ARs with you?" whispered John. "Sir, I've been practicing lately, and I can now fire two AR's at once sir, accurately too." This puzzled John, but he didn't mind the extra skill.

"Ghost, hit it" said John. She nodded. She went into the prone position and look into the scope of her revolver.

"Acquiring target" she said, looking for something flammable, "Found one" she said, she pulled the trigger. A magnificent explosion of sound and light came. A big power generator went up in flames, also knocking out all the power in the camp.

John stood up, and waved his hand forward "C'mon, do you want to live forever?" and he rushed into the camp. He ran full speed and fired his weapon in single-shot mode. Rebels got out of there tents wondering, just to have a bullet in there head a second later. Helljumper had used his gun as a blunt weapon and swung the butt around to connect with another persons head. Alpha jumped into the camp and was firing full auto into a mass of Rebels in front of him.

VManJr. had withdrawn both his ARs and fire them in burst, spinning around, then leapt to the side, firing in midair, he rolled behind cover, "Ain't this gonna be one hell of a day." He muttered. Ghost had taken cover and leaned around a corner firing into the stray Rebel. John was already clearing tents delta force style.

Johns radio crackled. "Sir, this is Lance I'm pinned down. Requesting immediate help, over" "Roger" said John. John had run to Lance's position within 15 seconds, John was right beside him.

"Okay, I'll cover you, but then you cover me, k?" said John. "Yes sir" Lance was running back, when he saw a Rebel with a shotgun turn around the cover behind John.

"Shit" said Lance, he turned around and leapt, the Rebel fired and Alpha Lance caught buckshot in the gut. John turned around and killed the Rebel, knowing he had to be more careful, and then he looked down.

"Shit, not you Lance, not you." said John, his voice breaking.

"It was an honor fighting beside you sir, an honor" said Alpha Lance, his voice growing more quiet. Then his eyes closed and his body became deadweight. John took Lances AR and a new anger had risen in him. He leaned around the corner and fired full-auto rushing into the Rebel lines. John then ran back and found what he was looking for: a mounted MG. He went up behind it and cocked the bolt, and looking coldly at a Rebel, the Rebel muttered 'o shit' and his chest exploded.

A rain of pure hell come from Johns position, he held onto the trigger into the drum magazine was empty. The place is front of the gun was like a scene out of WW1, ground full of holes, and bodies littered all around.

Note: sorry about the wierd ending, but hey this is a 2 parter lol.