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Comments for 'A John Before Halo: Part 16: Chapter 1'

5:10 am | February 23, 2004
w00t ownagez0r
1:41 am | January 14, 2004
nice man very nice
9:49 pm | January 10, 2004
3:11 am | January 8, 2004
J, u owned!!!
4:47 am | January 7, 2004
its cool walker, lol can't cuss eh? and thx for agent for answering his question and I will try to indent shade, its that damn thing always lol.
Agent Shade
4:12 am | January 7, 2004
"Just One Of Those Days" it's a Seventh Column chapter that Elfster started up and now almost everyone is involved with....i don't know the exact link, but go to the Seventh Column website, set up your own sort of profile and account, then look for Just One Of Those Days....i'm sure J-117 has a link on him....i forgot mine lol

(sorry for wasting comment space)
Agent Shade
4:12 am | January 7, 2004
great work, much improved....just one small problem: indent and make a new paragraph every time someone new speaks, that's my only complaint....keep writing dude
4:09 am | January 7, 2004
Hope you don't mind me borrowing some of your space, J-117, but where and what the |-|3|_|_ (yes, I don't like to cuss) is this JOTD place? I've heard about it, I've read stories by teams from it... but what is it? I think Wado, Mainevent and Sergeant B are somehow involved, because the started (and never finished, but oh well) a group fic under the author name of "JOTD Fanfiction Team". But I want to know more. If you don't mind, some clearing up would be a great help.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
11:23 pm | January 6, 2004
Cool, and good to see you back.
5:15 am | January 6, 2004
w00t thx man, and sure i will try.
Alpha Lance
3:49 am | January 6, 2004
Wow...you've have a great series running man. And...I saw that I died, well at least I died with honor, could have made that a little more dramatic, but this was great. Although, try describing the deaths and battle sense more. Anyways, nice going ese.
3:26 am | January 6, 2004
well i wanted this to be one part, but im still planning out part 2 and i was gettin some emails bout when u gonna write again J? so i decided m'kay ill give u guys part one. thx for the not forgotten part.

J-117, pround owner of the first Just One of Those Days Monthly Fanfiction Award.
7:43 pm | January 5, 2004
What did you mean by this is a two parter? I want the second...........getting hungrier.......and even though the absence was long, I dont think you were so easily forgotten homeboyeeeeeeeeeeeeee