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HALO: The Assembly
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 9 February 2003, 11:38 pm

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Note to the reader: Feedback, suggestions, or corrections on this quickly made fan fic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      There was much bustling in the enormous room. The room was a meeting hall filled with nothing but Covenant. Not just soldiers, but the high leaders of those soldiers. They were stacked high in hover units with one diplomate or leader with his two body guards in each. Then the Covenant all went silent as what sounded like a chime rang through the assembly hall.

      A pressure door opened. In came twelve hover units. Each were like capsules. They were purple like a banshee with a bright glare reflecting off them from the massive lights above them. They went to the center of the room and lifted high above all the others. The tops opened and then they, the Prophets, were revield. All Covenant bowed down for a moment and rose again. The prophets were an ugly race to normal human eyes, but had an odd religous beauty to the Covenant in the room. The center prophet lifted it right arm as a greeting gesture.

      Beyond the extravegant robes were spots of tan flesh. It put its hand down on a panel in front of it. It hit the lower holographic button and began to speak. It was translated to all the Covenant commanders and diplomates to hear.

      " Greetings fellow sons of the Forerunner." it said. " We all know why we are here." It turned its head and scanned over the room. " We are here to discuss the matter on the humans and our formal relic Halo." The room began to fill with chatter. Several of the grunts began to howl at the word of human.

      " Silence!" another yelled. The center prophet looked to the one that spoke and went back to his back and forth scan.

      " Now we have heard of our defeat at Halo. Such a thing can not happen again. It was too large a victory for the humans. Prophet Als'deran." it said gesturing to the prophet on his left.

      " This news has recently surfaced from our intelligence departments that the cause of the destruction of our beloved Forerunner artifact and the elimiantion of one of our main battle armadas was by a single human ship escaping from the assault we made on their military world. Also it has been concluded that the reasoning of Halo's destruction was because of a single human being sacrificing its forces to obliterate ours. We have no other details, but we will not tollerate this. Now because of the defeat we will accelerate our efforts on finding the human homeworld." It paused for a moment. " Unless of course we already have. At which point we are now on the final stage of elimination of the disease of humanity." The Prophet on the far right then spoke up.

      " Yet before we can attack we must rebuild our lost armada. Then vengeance can be served." it said.

      The room was filled with chatter. Several were saying kill humanity, wipe them clean, and all hail the Forerunners. The prophets were amused and what once was an angered group of Covenant turned into a blood thirsty mob. The lead prophet again spoke.

      " Now that you all are again fueled to do our gods will our efforts will now continue. You are hearby ordered to dispatch your troops. May the gods be with your troops in obliterating our-" it pasued " no. The Forerunners' enemy." With that the prophets again left the room and the Covenant sent their fleet on an all out hunt for the human homeworld.

      They would pass Earth many times not realizing that a planet or system was even there. It would be another eight months of destroying the remaining human colony worlds leaving only a precious few unscathed until they would find Earth.