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Comments for 'HALO: The Assembly'

4:35 pm | October 11, 2003
Great story
Bob Lucas
4:50 pm | February 23, 2003
Great, but there were a few grammer errors...but I really shouldn't be talking about that, eh? Anyway, that was good.
9:15 am | February 15, 2003
That's pretty skillful!
2:39 am | February 15, 2003
Sorry for anyone that can't really read it. I sort of wrote this in my sleep.
Traumatised Marine
10:05 pm | February 13, 2003
'Sons of the Forerunner.'

Heh, that's sort of disrespectful isn't it? It would be like calling God 'Fred' or whatever.

Good, but there is still the odd place that needs a comma. A good idea would be to send it to a few mates who can read it. Unlike you they'll not know how the story is meant to flow, and will be able to pick up little points that will improve grammar. Not to put you down, just a tip, ignore it if you wish.
Mutated Elite
2:50 am | February 13, 2003