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The Fallen: Halo 2 Ch6 The First Wave
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 5 November 2003, 3:40 PM

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Chapter 6 Section 1: The First Wave
0600 Hours November 23, 2553 (Military Calendar)
Newly Established Firebase Alpha, General Kits Division

      General Kits paid no attention as another pair of Pelicans flew overhead and landed nearby. So many craft had been flying overhead during the past few hours that they no longer disturbed him or his command staff. The six of them gathered around a mobile briefing table underneath a tent. The General activated the electronic table and began explaining his newly formulated plan.

      " We attack here at 0800. " he said pointing to the map before him. " Rumor has it from the 22nd Light Reconnaissance Unit that a real juicy target is in this area. The 22nd is having some serious trouble around this area giving more reason to this suspicion. The Sol System Militia has requested reinforcement from us to relieve their men. "

      " What are we going to do about this? " one of the officers asked that were standing there.

      " I intend to send in Delta company of the 519th Armored Battalion along with 'volunteers' from Bravo and Echo Company of my division. I'm also assigning the Spartans to go in as well. " General Kits responded.

      Using the word volunteer was generally bad. The only 'volunteers' that would be sent would be those who haven't bad shot or horribly wounded yet. On top of this sending in the Spartans was also not taken very well. Many uneasy looks came onto the five men of his staff as they thought about having such a heavy Spartan presence.

      Although they were glad to have such support on the battlefield when things were already sour, they didn't find the idea of having such men around the regulars to be very intelligent. Most marines were uneasy around the stronger and more intelligent Spartans. Some of the newer marines even thought they were Elites and began to fire on them until they were smacked up the side of the head by the more experienced soldiers. The Spartans would just bring too much confusion on the battlefield on both sides as far as they were concerned.

      " How many of them? " the same officer asked.

      " All seven. We need their support. Reports show that this location is heavily guarded. I don't want to take the risk of receiving heavy casualties. " Kits said. The general had just stopped when he saw the six scowls of his officers looking past him. He turned to see all seven of members of the Chief's squad at attention. The Master Chief stepped into the tent where the briefing was taking place.

      " MCPO Spartan 117 reporting as requested sir. " the Chief said giving a crisp salute. The general returned the Chief's salute and invited him to the briefing.

      " Welcome Chief. Here's the plan. I want you to split up your team into three groups and mount up on the next group of Pelicans heading out to this sector. They'll be landing at these beach heads here, here, here, and here. " Kits said pointing to the map. The Master Chief listened carefully and made sure he took in every detail given to him. " You are to relieve members of the 22nd Light Recon Unit. They say something is juicy through here and guessing by the amount of Covenant movement in that sector I'd say they are right. The enemy isn't dumb enough to commit that much force to one area without a reason. "

      " There's good reason for that General. " Cortana said through the Chief's speakers. " That sector is the only path leading to Halo's Control Center. " The General looked up and then back to the briefing table.

      " Damn. I knew they were after something important. " Kits said slamming the table with his fist. " Very well then. Chief I want you to leave as soon as possible. Relieve the 22nd and help take the sector. I'll even send in the order to let loose the HAC-7s. It'll be a while before they make it down to the ring, but I believe Stanforth will be more than willing to make them hurry up and get down here. "

      " Thank you sir. " the Chief said. He was glad to hear this. The HAC-7 was an effective hover assault craft. It was more or less the UNSC equivalent to the Banshee. Something very handy when in a tight spot.

      " Your welcome. The terrain you will be in is a little rough along the edges, but there is plenty of room to fit a bunch of armor. I'll leave the weapons department on this mission up to you and your team. You are dismissed. " Kits said. The Chief gave a final salute and left. The Spartans were waiting outside by the Pelicans for him.

      He didn't even need to say anything to them as he passed the six of them. They just followed. When they had made it to the main depot everything was available. Sniper rifles, shotguns, explosives, anti-tank weapons, even a crate of old MA5Bs were there.

      " Sir what is the mission? " Dale asked. The Chief turned to the Spartan.

      " We are being sent as reinforcement for a scouting group. Seems the Covenant are hammering down on the 22nd LRU pretty hard. We and volunteers from Bravo and Echo companies are to relieve the men of the 22nd and are to take the area. We also have armor support courtesy of General Kits' Delta Company of the 519th Armored Battalion. " The Chief replied. " The area we are going into is a little rough according to General Kits. However our initial landing will be at one of the four entrances to the highlands along the shoreline. General Kits has informed me to split the squad, to lessen the risk of all of us being wiped out in one fell swoop. "

      The Chief turned his attention away from Dale. " Mireille and Kirika are with me. Joshua and Peter are Green team while Lucas and Dale are Red team. "

      " Recommendations? " Dale inquired. Cortana had her own for this mission.

      " Spartans bring assault gear with enough ammo for a few hours of fighting. Everything else you really need is already on the field or will be brought to you as needed. " Cortana said. The Chief agreed with this recommendation and grabbed an M6D and MA8A with about eight magazines for each. The others did this as well except for Dale-119 and Mireille-056. They each took an S2 AM. They also each took five M9 HE-DP fragmentation grenades.

      " Ready? " the Chief asked. They each slapped in a magazine and cocked the bolts on their rifles in response. He nodded and they headed out with the rest of the landing force.


      The Master Chief looked down and watched as the shimmering blue water raced beneath the pelican and slowly got closer. His stomach was uneasy about this mission. Delta company had moved in just an hour ago and the last report from them was too long ago. At least forty minutes back. Plus the fifteen marine regulars accompanying him were barely enough should they get into any real trouble. The last thing he wanted was to have this mission go sour just like the last.

      Three minutes had passed by when his fascination with the water wore out. Instead he paid more attention when he heard several more engines and machine gun fire coming from Omega 74. A massive red splotch had passed overhead on his radar and a pair of Spooks accompanied by a Phantom dropship flew by with smoke coming out of its troop compartment. The Chief could see even from this distance that their troop bays were empty. A very bad sign.

      The Chief's attention was once again taken. This time by the marine next to him. The man held out his right hand. " Sergeant Stacker sir. " the man said. The Chief shook the man's hand. " Boy won't this be a story to tell the kids when I get back. " Those words made the Chief even more like crap. He wanted to say something, but no words came. He knew full well that this man had a very large chance dying on this mission. Just as everyone else did. Before anything else was spoke the Pelican slowed down and came to a stop.

      " We're inbound hot! " Lieutenant Ellerman yelled over the comm. channel. Omega 74 touched down on the sandy beach and the Spartans exited. Immediately they fanned out guns blazing at the minimal Covenant resistance leaving deep boot prints in the beach. The Chief looked to his right and then to his left and watched as the marines assisted the Spartans in their advance. Immediately tracers, plasma, and needlers filled the area between the two forces. As soon as the last man was off the Pelicans ditched the troops and headed back where they came from.

      The Covenant out numbered the humans three to one and made sure at the very least the marines knew that. Within a matter of seconds four men were dead from excessive needler fire. The soldiers were struck by dozens of the magenta colored spikes and went up in multiple plumes of shrapnel. Their screams were silenced as their lungs, along with the rest of their bodies, disappeared in the explosive columns of Covenant weapons fire. After the second explosion on each of their munitions packs detonated sending uncontrolled bullets flying everywhere wounding those that got in their way.

      " Damn it take them out! " Stacker yelled as he threw a grenade at a blue armored Elite. The explosion rocked the ground and knocked out the Covenant warrior's shields. Several bullets tore into its body as it flew forward from the blast. It cried out in pain and fell backwards bleeding to death.

      Despite losses on their side as well the Covenant seemed to laugh as their merrily fired away. Most of which were officer ranked Grunts. They continued firing and died as armor piercing tracers tore through their bodies. The incoming plasma fire however did not cease. All of the humans noticed this and fought not only to avenge those that had died, but to prevent themselves from becoming part of the KIA list. Kirika did so the most and it showed.

      She ran forward and took point with her MA8A blazing. With the last twelve rounds in the magazine she killed three lower ranking Grunts. Not even bothering to reload she brought out her pistol and began shooting once again. Her shields blazed gold as plasma pistol fire impacted and lowered their strength.

      Kirika immediately fired on the pair of Grunts that were giving her trouble. Two shots were fired and the Grunts fell dead from head shots. The Spartan fired the last six rounds in her magazine before she fell back to let her shields regenerate. Those six rounds resulted in the death of three Jackals and three more Grunts. Again all head shots. She ran ahead and ran into a surprise already set up by the Covenant.

      A pair of anti-tank plasma cannons nicknamed " Specters " opened fire on her. Kirika rolled to her right dodging a pair of blue explosions. Sand and glass flew up showering down on the Spartan. Several more Covenant infantry came alongside the guns giving support fire. Immediately she retreated back to the rest of the line and allowed her shields to recharge behind a massive rock she had passed by.

      When the others finally caught up her shields had recharged. They too hid behind the rock as the guns fired another round every second. Blue explosions went off all around sending more molten glass up into the air. Several their shots also whizzed by hitting the rock and the ground nearby.

      " Master Chief, Cortana! " Kirika said waving him over from the opposite end of the massive rock. He ducked behind the rock and came over to her location. He noticed the fear in several of the marines

      " What is it? " the Chief asked as he took cover from the rounds hitting above him.

      " A pair of Specter guns are over there. I'd say about seventy five meters from here with six support infantry. One Elite, five Jackals. " she responded.

      " Okay then. " he said. The Chief snapped his fingers and called for Mireille. " Mireille we have two Specter turrets seventy five meters from our position. I want them taken out. " He looked around to find some cover she could use. He found what appeared to be a piece of gray metal sticking out of the ground just fifty meters from their position. He pointed to it saying, " Run over there and take the guns out. We'll give you covering fire. " Mireille nodded and readied herself. The marines had heard everything and took up positions where they could shoot. " GO! " the Chief yelled.

      Mireille immediately ran and was shot at by the Covenant guns. Several shots zipped by and missed. The marines had opened fire when she reached the half way point. The Elite was quickly taken by the massed fire and fell dead within in seconds. The sudden loss of leadership sent a few of the nearby Jackals to panic allowing Mireille to get into position.

      She came to a sliding halt going into a prone position. The covering fire had ceased and the Specters fired back at the group again. Mireille deployed her bipod and zoomed in on the guns. They were not much different than Shades. Very little armor on the flanks giving her plenty of target. She fired once killing one of the Grunts. The guns stopped shooting and its turret went into a slow spin as the corpse held the aiming lever to one direction. She fired again at the other gunner and watched as it crawled out of the Specter clutching its chest. Mireille fired once more putting it out of its misery. Now all that was left were the Jackals.

      " Targets down. Engaging support infantry. " she said over the radio.

      " Marines fan out and attack! " Stacker ordered. The squad fanned out both end of the rock and assaulted the Jackals. Their combined fire along with Mireille's sniper rifle was enough to take the Covenant in less than ten seconds.

      Several of the marines cheered and continued firing on the now dead Covenant yelling sending insults at their defeated enemies. Not one Covenant unit was alive on the beach now.
The Chief momentarily looked at the dead Elite and watched as a pool of blood seeped out of his body. Tiny circular ripples formed in the blood in random locations and grew in number. He looked up and saw that it was beginning to rain.

      " Area secured. Marines continue advance! " someone said over the radio. The remaining ten marines were hurt, but not to the point where they could not fight. They continued on ahead, but were left lagging behind by the Spartans. In the distance they could hear the echoes of rifle fire and the occasional explosion. They were hearing the sound of the other beachhead landings. The marines ran forward and came to a stop as they reached the entrance of the first canyon.

      The field they were looking at was blackened. Splinters of glass and a dozen shattered Warthog and Squirrel chassis littered the area. The smell of burnt flesh was just as heavy as the black smoke rising from the destroyed vehicles. Several disabled Ghosts also were out their with dead pilots either in or nearby. At least six dozen bodies, both human and alien, lay dead within the area.

      " Come on people let's keep moving. " one of the marines said. The ground was soaked in blood giving it a mossy feel as they walked upon it. They continued on past the dead and met up with the waiting Spartans on the other end of the field.

      They were firing down hill at the Covenant when the marines arrived to help. A trio of Brutes and a few Grunts were giving hell to four members of the 22nd. The marines showed no restraint and foolishly ran for the Covenant screaming.

      Their screaming grabbed the attention of two of the Brutes. The massive ape like creatures rushed the on coming marines. Large beams of blue plasma were fired from the Brutes as they closed the distance. Three of the marines were hit and fell to the ground gasping for air. The others fired and tried desperately to kill them.

      The bullets hit and did very little. Tiny wounds formed on the Brutes, but did nothing to stop them. One of them got in close enough and grabbed a marine by the head with one hand. The man screamed and panicked then suddenly went limp as the Brute crushed his helmet. Red blood, bone, and brain leaked out of the deformed head.

      " They got Morris! " one of the marines that saw the killing yelled. The man threw a grenade and emptied his magazine on the Brute. The explosive went off and stripped away a chunk of flesh off its back. The Covenant beast roared sending a shockwave of fear into the marines. It got on all fours and came within arms reach of the man that threw the grenade. It stood back up and ignored the pain of the bullets hitting it and swung the bladed end of its rifle at the marine. The blade made contact and split open the man's chest.

      He immediately fell to the ground screaming. In a finishing move the Brute brought its massive fists up in the air and prepared to slam the human into the ground. Just as it did the marine managed to grab his last grenade and pulled the pin as he was forced into the hardened dirt. The Brute gave a victory cry and was silenced by the grenade it had not noticed. Only a blacked face and shredded meat remained of the beast. It was suddenly silent across the battlefield.

      Through all of the gun fire the marines and militia alike hadn't noticed that the Spartans were busy from their position. They looked around and noticed that the Covenant had been silenced in that short amount of time. The Master Chief took point of the three man Spartan team. They walked past the marines and went over to the militia.

      The battered civilians looked the Chief and his men over making sure that they were not Covenant. Seeing they only had human weapons and presented no hostility to them they were satisfied.

      " Thank God you people showed up. " one of the militia said. His face was half covered in blood and his uniform was in poor shape. He'd have to see the teams medic soon as well. With the plasma wound in his side he wouldn't hold out long under the stress of combat.

      " Soldier whose in charge here? " Cortana said through the radio channels.

      " I am sir, um ma'am. " the soldier replied. " Corporal Poldor. "

      " What's the situation here Corporal? " Cortana asked. The civilian sighed for a moment and looked over what was left of his squad.

      " We came in roughly four hours ago when we ran across the Covenant presence here. Of the combined original force of one hundred men and thirty seven vehicles only maybe a fifth of that remains. We saw part of your armor column go by an hour ago, but were unable to make contact. We then moved down from a structure we were hiding in over there, " the man said pointing to the hills, " when we were forced out by the Covenant you saw here. They pretty much had this entire area secured until you people showed up. "

      " Very well then. Bring us to this structure. My earlier scans show a potential short cut around the main Covenant armored force in this area. " Cortana said. The man's face fell.

      " There is a Covenant armored presence here? " Poldor said shakinglly.

      " Yes Corporal and it is a very big one. "

To be continued in Chapter 6 Section 2: Just Passing By