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Comments for 'The Fallen: Halo 2 Ch6 The First Wave'

Blue Dude
6:49 pm | November 29, 2003
Whered ya go?
Blue Dude
4:39 pm | November 26, 2003
Hell yeh.I just wish more would come out soon!
10:47 pm | November 25, 2003
arent they sweet blue dude
Blue Dude
9:02 pm | November 24, 2003
Hurry up and write a new one.These are awesome!
8:33 pm | November 13, 2003
go to www.xbox.com then u make an account (its free) then u click on community then fourms then all fourms then go to Halo and i named it Halo 2: The Fallen (well u named it) the only bad response was it was too long but most read it
3:56 pm | November 13, 2003
Someone mind giving me a direct link or address. Possibly even instructions how to get there. I'm kinda lost. But thank you VERY much for posting it. I appreciate it a lot.
10:21 pm | November 12, 2003
ur story is getting a lot of response
10:20 pm | November 12, 2003
I have just posted ur story----i will tell u if it gets a lot of response

Thanks again

Keep writing
10:12 pm | November 12, 2003
i will just copy and paste

Thank u Hikaru-119
12:36 pm | November 12, 2003
Someone you have my FULL permission to do so. Have fun. I like having lots of people reading my stuff. Now do you want me to e-mail it or will you just copy and paste?
4:09 pm | November 11, 2003
Its me again and i love ur series so much i was wondering if i could post Halo 2:The Fallen on xbox.com i want ur permisson first and if u say yes i would not take ony of the credit by saying

I did not write this book i found on halo.bungie.org. it is by Hikaru-119
i wanted to share this book with everyone here at xbox.com

then i would say

Note:this is wat Hikaru-119 thinks might happen in halo 2 none of it is real

then i would post it

plz reply

thank u

keep writing!
1:39 pm | November 10, 2003
I love you people. To hold my little story up so high is such a morale boost. Shame that not many people respond to my work. I like knowing about how many people read my fan fics.

And yeah Missing in Action did kinda suck. It was sort of rushed, stopped, rushed again, and completely dropped.

But thanks again for all the comments.
6:06 pm | November 9, 2003
I love ur Halo 2: The Fallen series it is by far the best ive seen on this site and probably anywhere alse i love the MC stories i have read all of ur Halo 2: The Fallen series and the parts of HALO:Missing in Action that was good too but not as good as Halo 2: The Fallen. (whick according to Microsoft Word is 118 pages)

Keep up the good work and keep writing!!!
5:44 pm | November 8, 2003
I just read most of it.

The series that is.

I like it very well.

Good good job. More people should respond to your stories. Oddly I find the poorest quality stories to get the most attention. I guess that can be expected, as most of the comments are helpful in nature...and some aren't so helpful....but anyway.

Great job.
2:53 am | November 8, 2003
This is pretty good cosidering that I'm not to fond of MC stories. I have a high respect for you and your stories.