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The Fallen: Chapter 1 Part 4
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 7 June 2003, 4:14 PM

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One of the unfortunate fellows received heavy bombardment. His body was shot and burned by three different guns. Blood sprayed out of his wounds as he screamed in pain from the fire. The shooting let up when they Covenant guns began to over heat and had to cool down. When they did the marine with his dying breath rushed the Covenant line and tossed a frag ahead of him. He screamed and fired until his rifle ran out of ammo and the frag detonated killing three of the yellow shielded Jackals. The remaining two rolled out of the way as the marine tried to engage in hand-to-hand combat and was met with two blasts of overcharged plasma. His hands went to the points where he had been hit. A marine from his squad yelled out as he saw his comrade get hit.

He fell to his knees and removed his hands from the wounds. There was no more pain as he saw the bright red blood that drowned his hands. He gave one last grimacing look as he collapsed to the floor spilling his blackened digestive system. The Master Chief didn't even winch as he saw the man die and the Jackals' attempt to re-engage. Before their shields were back up the Master Chief gave a quick burst putting both of the Covenant scum out of humanity's misery.

One of the marines they Chief was with rushed up to the corpse of his fallen comrade and slung his rifle and started pounding on his chest. The marine did everything he could too resuscitate his friend. He attempted CPR and came back looking into the twin holes in the body. Finally seeing the amount of blood loss and the ashen flakes of flesh on his hands he simply stopped, reloaded his weapon, and went to each Jackal body and gave them each a last taste of human bullets.

The Chief had no time to watch the lamenting in progress. He too had lost friends and knew better than too try too comfort the marine. It wouldn't bring the soldier back anyhow. The Chief simply went up the corridor after replacing the three clips he used from what was salvageable. When he reached the exit to the corridor he was on top level of the shuttle bay once more and already saw trouble.

On the first floor four Elites and a few Grunts were giving the marines down there trouble. The marine the Chief ran into on the top level fired his sub-machine gun at the Covenant only picking away slightly at the lead Elite's shields. The Chief knew they didn't have a chance. Even if there were seven marines there would be now way they could take out the Elite's in time. They couldn't even more so from their position. He zoomed in on the unsuspecting Covenant and took out the three Grunts to the rear. When they had fallen he targeted the most active of the Elites. It took the last of his magazine to knock out its shields and the Elite was then met by twelve armor piercing rounds to the chest. It fell dead, but the other Elite's did not stop their shooting.

Attempting to get in on the humans' flank one of the lesser blue Elites ran to the left and hooked around to where the marines were dug in. It fired send lances of blue flame into the human line. The Chief reloaded his rifle and switched over to his plasma pistol and charged it. He released the energy bolt and it was sent flying straight for it. It hit giving the marines the lapse they needed to take it out. It to then fell under several human bullets. He continued his support fire and assisted in the accurate elimination of the remaining Elites. After the threat was neutralized one of the marines down below waved and thanked the Chief for the assist.

He gave no response and continued back towards the bridge to take on the other half of the ship. As he went there was more shooting up ahead. He could hear many plasma weapons going off. The noise kept getting louder drowning out the assault rifle fire. He ran to the location that he heard the shooting and saw a pack of red armored Grunts. He threw a plasma grenade and watched as it latched onto the only cropped shell and detonate. Three others were taken out along with it while the remaining force went into panic mode from the sudden surprise attack. Then they too were taken out by the Chief. He continued past the bodies of two dead marines and the survivors and came to a stop at a locked door. Before he turned back Cortana spoke.

"Hold on Chief we need to get through here. I'll unlock the door." she said. The door's lights went from red to white and it opened. "Up ahead is a turbo lift we need to gain access too. From there we can take the main armory station located in the ships lower interior." The Chief though of the opportunity to get this location and ran for the new NAV point that came up. However he met heavy resistance.

Two Hunters and a squad of red armored Elites were waiting for him. He saw them and side stepped in time to dodge the two incoming shots from the Hunters. He threw a plasma grenade and it hit the Hunter on the right. It exploded doing minimal damage. However the Chief was not going to stop. He threw another and then a frag. The Hunters still stood, but were wounded finally. They exchanged fire for a minute until the Hunter on the right was dead.

Behind the Chief were four craters made by the Hunters that gave him plenty of cover. He was back stepping when he fell into one and took advantage of this as two of the Elites came up to replace the hole where the dead Hunter once stood. They alternated fire so that both guns would not be overheating at the same time. The Chief met several plasma bolts and was forced to duck so that he would not lose his shields. He exposed himself when his shields regenerated and fired at the Hunter even though the Elites were causing the most trouble.

The firing from the Covenant did not cease as the Master Chief finally took out the Hunter. Then its spot was only replenished by a single Elite. The other had ran back for reinforcement as the others were now advancing on his position. They walked forward slowly still shooting like crazy. If the Chief had stayed down he would still have his shields, but the Covenant would be right on top of him and even he could not take on three Elites at close range with his weapons. He would simply die from superior firepower.

So he quickly took out his plasma pistol and charged it up. He released it on the center Elite and its shields instantly dropped. The weapon cooled as he took four more plasma bolts from his opponents and pulled the trigger as fast as he could sending out an almost solid stream of green fire at the Elite. It buckled under the fire and dropped dead with a final scream of agony. The other two Elites looked at their fallen comrade and took cover around the corner of the corridor they were next to.

Only one of the Elites could fire that position and the Chief took full advantage of his rifle. He zoomed in and started firing at the exposed parts of the Elite. Only the foot, right arm, and top edge of the head could be seen. He targeted the head when it was available and picked away at the shields. His clip went empty and slapped in a new one taking a few hits in the process. Confident that the shield son his opponent were at a low enough level he threw a frag. It bounced off the wall behind the Covenant and detonated sending it to Hades. The other came to replace its partner and was met by the Chief rushing to its position with his gun blazing away.

The bullets chipped away at the final bit of the Elite's shielding and went into its chest. The Master Chief stopped firing and hit the Elite three times with his rifle shattering bones and killing it. He dropped his plasma pistol and grabbed the rifle from the corpse's claws and rummaged for a fresh plasma grenade. As he did so he heard the low tone voice of an Elite barking orders to lesser units.

" Chief enemy reinforcements approaching fast." Cortana said. The Chief quickly fell back and ducked away back inside the crater that was formed in the deck. He sat there crouched waiting for the enemy to show. He could hear a few Grunts approaching slowly accompanied by two Jackals whispering back and forth. He watched as the red motion sensor blips came closer and he almost jumped out to engage when several bullets zinged past his head hitting the lead Grunt.

The Covenant jumped from the sudden shooting and one of the Grunts ran for cover. The Chief looked up and saw tracers fly overhead and a small blob of yellow on his motion sensor at the six-o'clock position. Plasma weapons fire and needles trailed in the air above him. He decided to show his face and let loose with a full auto spray at the two targets nearest to him. The Grunts dropped quickly and the Elite from before saw him and had a clear shot. The Chief felt three bolts of plasma hit his shields and saw as they were cut in half. He tossed a plasma grenade toward the Elite and saw it dive out of the way into a hail storm of bullets by the friendlies behind the Chief.

Its shields took a serious beating and failed. The Elite's motions were stuttered as the Chief and all the marines fired on it. Although there were several other targets the Elite was priority. Always target officers and the greatest potential threat first. A new found rule amongst UNSC ground forces. The Elite fell and as it did so did the morale of the squad it commanded. Bullets flew, plasma weapons were fired, and in under a minute the Covenant had suffered ten fatalities while human casualties were held to a few wounded.

The Chief finally looked back to see the marines behind him. The team medic was patching up a man who had been hit by a needler. A real mess. His side had been hit and had a hole the size of a fist in it. The medic was taping off the wound after inserting the bio-foam as the Chief went on his way. He noticed the marines were following him as he went. The medic and the wounded man eventually caught up after the squad of eight had encountered three more enemy security teams. Only one other marine had suffered any life threatening damage. The medic went to work immediately on him. They were at the lift's entrance waiting for the medic to complete his job. Two others were helping out trying to bring the wound marine back into at least a condition in which he could shoot back.

The Chief however had other things to do. He went over to the lift's holo-access panel. He looked it over and scanned his memory for the right " button " to push. He tried a triangular shaped section towards the bottom and he heard a motor begin to work. The lift was now coming and he had to continue. It arrived a minute later and left the marines to secure the lift's entrance. The doors opened and the Chief entered. He looked to the right and saw a holo-panel and pushed a similar looking button to the one he had to activate the lift.