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Comments for 'The Fallen: Chapter 1 Part 4'

Hikaru 119
3:20 pm | June 10, 2003
Yes, I did have to split it up. After I wrote and tried to submit it I was prompted that the download size was limited to 32K. I will continue writing with this in mind.
Silent Hunter
1:33 am | June 10, 2003
Scope; Hikaru put all of this in on the same day, so does it matter?
10:12 pm | June 8, 2003
10:12 pm | June 8, 2003
Now it is back to 10:30. Something is wrong here.
Wiley K.
9:30 pm | June 8, 2003
S/he must have had to split it up because of the size. If you click "read this series" the chapter is massive.
8:42 pm | June 8, 2003
9.5/10 Question!(hand raised) Are you going to have a chapter 2 anytime soon instead of a part 1234 ect ect?