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The Fallen: Halo 2 Chapter 1 Section 1
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 7 June 2003, 3:53 PM

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Note to the reader: This story is what I think will come out of Halo 2...at about the Heroic/Legendary difficulty setting. I am open to suggestions in the post/read comments section. But before you judge the story I'd suggest you read all of it. Thanks.

Chapter 1: Evening The Odds
1747 Hours November 15, 2553 (Military Calendar)
High Earth Orbit, Above the North American Continent

Master Chief could see the Covenant cruiser appear below him. It got bigger as he came close to the ships upper hull and he could begin to see the different indentations designed into the ship. Suddenly an orange triangle appeared on a part of the ship. He realized it was a NAV point. On his helmet speakers Cortana spoke to him.

" Chief that point is an external access way for maintenance. Go through there when we land. I suspect the cruiser's shields will be down only for another five minutes. We need to hurry." she said. He was right on top of the ship now and slammed into it violently. Quickly he grabbed a loose edge with his left arm and felt his shoulder pull from his socket. The feeling was to familiar to the Chief. He then with one hand pulled out the MA8A Battle Rifle's sling and put the weapon around his arm. It was now time to board the ship.

It took a moment for him to reorient his body toward the NAV point. It was then a hundred meter crawl from indentation to indentation. Finally when he made it to his point he could see a three meter pressure door. There was a red glow around it and suddenly it was flashing from red to white at a quick pace. Finally it stopped and the lights went to white and the doors slid open.

The Chief pulled him self inside and immediately felt the effects of gravity. He was inside a meter tall tunnel that was absent of light. He chinned the flashlight switch in his helmet and a bright beam shined out from his right shoulder illuminating the interior. The walls shined an odd purple as he crawled his way through the tunnel. It was two minutes since he had entered when Cortana piped up again.

" Chief the first exit panel is twenty meters ahead of us. It should lead us to about four decks away from the bridge. We need to get there." she said. The Chief understood and continued his crawl. He finally made it to the panel and turned off his flashlight. " Motion detected Chief. I'd say about twenty of them. Time to try out your new toy. "

" Not quite Cortana." he responded. The AI was puzzled by this and then detected his motions. His hand was going for one of the five grenades he brought with him. She understood now. Master Chief then took his right hand and pried open the panel slowly making enough room for him to slip his grenade in. He then pulled the pin and slipped the frag in. Three seconds went by, then a resonant boom shuddered through his area.

He could hear the sounds of screaming Grunts from down below. With that he tore open the panel and slipped in rifle first. He scanned the area without even having to poke his head in. It was an expansive dimly lit blue room. Crates were lined up against the walls, what looked like hover beds were in another corner, several guards, and the dented armor plating from the explosion of his M9 HE-DP fragmentation grenade.

Several bodies also lay on the ground either dead or dying. Those that were wounded were coughing up blood in their methane breathers. Moans and little growls could be heard from the Grunts on the floor. However a few were unscathed and were panning the area with their plasma pistols. The guards were all Grunts and most of the red armored officers bought the farm. He realized he could dive in and take them all out with relative ease.

He prepared himself and launched his body into the room. His gun was blazing as he landed on his shoulder, rolled, and sprung to his feet. Seven seconds passed by and only the green armored Spartan remained alive.

" Where to now Cortana?" he asked. A moment passed and another NAV point came up.

" You should find this ship familiar Chief. It seems the Covenant build the interior of their ships exactly the same as those of their class. Pretty lazy if you ask me." Cortana said. The Chief had to agree with the lazy bit, but it allowed for them to transfer from ship to ship without having to learn all over again. Before he headed for the NAV point he checked his ammo counter. Only twelve rounds remained, not even half left. He swapped it for a new one and left the room.

The next room he entered was barren. Only another door and a control panel were there. He went over and touched the panel and the door opened. It was different this time however, as the room was inhabited. There were three Jackals with their shields down standing there stunned. The Master Chief however did not hesitate and pumped out nine rounds in quick succession taking down his targets with head shots. After he did so he took one of the plasma pistols and attached the claw like weapon to his side. He looked at the bodies for just long enough to notice the fear in their eyes. He felt no shame for what he had done to them and felt no pity for the dead.

He was able to advance several rooms without any other opposition. This upset him a bit not knowing where the enemy was. When he noticed this Cortana filled his helmet.

" Chief we have three more decks. All of which are crawling with Covenant," she said. " Yes. They are currently engaged with a destroyer just twenty kilos away from here. We need to get to the bridge and take the ship over. However I suggest that you take the next batch of enemies out from afar if possible. We don't have much time." The message was clearly understood and the Master Chief ran down the dark corridor until he made it to a rather large door.

It opened and two red clad Elites stepped through armed with plasma rifles. The Chief quickly reached for his plasma pistol, crouched, and charged it up. The green light gave away his position, but before the Elites could respond he let loose the charged blast and it hit the forward one in the chest. Its shields dropped and the Spartan used his rifle to land a three round burst into its face.

The creature dropped holding its wound and screamed in pain. The sudden attack stunned the other Elite and the roar of his comrade filled his ears. Again the Chief charged up the pistol and hit the other Elite that was standing in shock. It saw the Chief and fired a shot before it was hit. The Chief's shields dropped an eighth, but the Elites were gone. He didn't have time to fire so he rushed the creature and slammed his fist into its gut knocking the breath out of it. An uppercut and another punch followed breaking the Elite's left jaw. The weapon now cooled and a steady stream of green fire went into the Covenant warrior's face.

The Master Chief turned around to finish the other one on the floor, but he found it had died from massive brain trauma. He shot it again just to make sure. He was by himself and could not afford to have one of them to attack him from behind. He then dropped the plasma pistol and touched both plasma rifles.

" Cortana which has more ammo?" he asked. There was barely a pause from her.

" The one on your right. I'll have your HUD indicate when your near one with more ammo. Oh yes one more thing. The destroyer we were engaged with has found a new target. All UNSC ships in the Sol system have received specific orders not to attack this ship."

The Chief thanked her and picked up his MA8A and rummaged through one of the bodies for a plasma grenade. He found two and put them in his grenade pack. When he stood up a red light in the lower left began to pulsate. " Chief I'm picking up several transmissions. They know you're here now." Now stealth would be his most important asset to getting to the bridge. Just then he looked at his motion tracker and it was filled with red in front of him.

Quickly the Chief ran to a nearby crate for cover. As he did two doors opened and twelve Grunts came through cautiously. He waited for one of them to get close. He could hear them talking and listened carefully to the clatter of their hooves. Finally one was close enough and he unloaded three rounds into it. Those lower in rank jumped and ran back while their red armored officers stayed and attempted to duke it out. The Chief saw them cluster up and tossed a plasma grenade. The flaming explosive attached itself onto one of the Grunts.

It ran around in fear and finally detonated taking out itself and another of its kind. The plume of plasma also damaged three others. The Chief went Grunt by Grunt taking out those highest in rank and went his way down. He hadn't noticed it but several shots came his way and made contact.

Then the alarm sounded in his helmet that his shields were taking heavy fire. He backed off and waited for them to recharge. It did not take long, but the Grunts had almost advanced to right on top of him. Their minds were filled with the thought of the taste of human blood and they entered a frenzy.

Yet before they had reached the peak of their blood lust he exposed himself and bashed in the first one's skull in with the butt of his rifle. The breather mask on the alien cracked and the force of the hit split open the rear of its skull. Pieces of its small purple brain began to leak out and fall towards the floor. Before they did the Chief had emptied the last of his clip on the remaining few.

Orange tracers, green streaks of super-heated plasma, and small methane arcs of fire flew everywhere. As the last shot was fired the Chief's shields had dropped entirely and the threat had been neutralized. Patches of blue luminous blood stained the floor and plasma scoring had painted a tale of fiery hell.

Only a single bleeder remained and the Chief delivered a final blow to the enemy's face. He reloaded his weapon and scrounged up four fresh plasma grenades. It was now time to head to the bridge.

He went stealthfully out of the room that he was in and entered another walkway that headed upward. He went through several more doors and came into the mid-deck of a launch bay. Inside there were two light model U shaped Covenant dropships like the ones he had faced on Halo. One on each side a of a center divider that was accessible from the floor that he was on that separated the room into two halves.

He could see outside the ship from the two shielded launch ports in the hull. He saw several MAC guns firing from a distance and plasma trailing from the Covenant, the MAC guns' intended targets. He stopped to watch another salvo fire and knew time was short.

As he turned from the spectacle he heard several doors sliding open and the clattering of hooves and boots. He saw a stack of crates and decide to run for them. As he did a Jackal from below spotted him. He whipped out his plasma rifle and opened fire. The Jackal however put up its shield in time to take the damage. He kept the gun going in short controlled bursts while the Jackal kept up heavy answering fire.

The plasma rifle fire finally tore through the Jackal's shield and then through it's body. Others now were coming together with the support of two blue armored Elites. Other doors were opening revealing more Covenant. Most of them were contingents of Grunts and Jackals.

The Chief knew the Elites were the primary threat and tossed a frag behind them. The blast sent them forward damaging their shields to near zero. He opened fire and killed one. The other ran and hid behind the multiple Jackals. A second NAV point then appeared on his HUD. Again more Covenant reinforcement made their way into the launch bay.