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Comments for 'The Fallen: Halo 2 Chapter 1 Section 1'

11:14 pm | November 12, 2003
You write well. There are several caliber discrepencies, but few people would notice them through the entire story. Te shotgun is an 8 guage, the pistol is 12.7mm(.50 cal)equivelent of the .50 AE. However, this does not detract fom the story which is great.
Silent Hunter
11:53 am | June 13, 2003
I dont know Steele, It's kinda hard to survive a piece of plasma thats 2 million degrees and stuck to your chest, but that's just me
12:57 am | June 12, 2003
Well, not really. You see we always kick total Covenant arse on the ground, but the sorry alien pricks fall back to space, destroy our ships, then glass the planet.

Trust me, a Covenant ground army wouldn't stand a chance agianst our army today...
3:14 pm | June 11, 2003
Um Steele I doubt it would be a combination of Normal and Easy. This is why. In the mind of any human in the Halo "Universe" would be rather confused if we were losing the war if the enemy is that easy to slaughter. Plus the Covenant fight damn hard, so it would have to be around Legendary in order for it to seem like we are losing. Then again that is just my opinion.
10:51 pm | June 9, 2003
Hmm...Everything seems to happen real fast. It's sort of hard to keep up with.


Silent Hunter
10:39 pm | June 9, 2003
I was making a story about Halo 2 also...looks like you beat me to the punch :( Now I have to change it, because there were a few things that are the same in your story...
BTW this was a great story,looking forward to chapter 2
8:38 pm | June 8, 2003
8/10 What ever steele just said i agree
8:04 pm | June 8, 2003
Just remember: There is a difference between Halo on Legendary and Halo in fiction. In the 'real' Halo world everything would be more like a combination between Normal and Easy (Just with higher numbers of enemies and such).