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Final Death (Bonus Peice)
Posted By: Hikaru-119<hikaru119@email.com>
Date: 21 April 2004, 11:48 AM

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Final Death
Location: Earth, Sol Central (Local Capital City)
Time: November 15, 2552 1543 EST

      Private Mitchell was terrified as the first wave of Covenant troops headed towards his position. Hundreds of Grunts and Jackals led by a group of veteran class Elites came after him and his men. Gouts of green and blue plasma raced towards the humans burning away flesh and bone. Bloodied screams, the high pitched screeching of plasma weapons' discharge, and an every steady beat of machine gun fire filled the air with a symphony of pain and agony. The Private fired back and emptied an entire magazine of 60 7.62mm bullets into the horde. A few Grunts fell, but the majority of shots did nothing to stop the Covenant.

      A voice screamed into the COM saying, " Fall back damn it! Get back to the firebase! We'll hold them off from there! " Mitchell barely heard the message. Terrified he stayed and fired his weapon. The reverberations of his MA5B pounded into the man's shoulder and it began to bruise.

      His shoulder ached as he slapped in a fresh magazine and again the desperate marine let loose on the enemy. A few more fell, but not enough. Mitchell reached for another magazine and found none. He looked around at the brass casings that littered the street around him and saw no other ammunition. He turned and saw the last few members of his squad haul ass from the battle and made it back to the Firebase some three blocks from his position. Dozens of shots whizzed by and made glowing craters of red and orange in the concrete and steel framed structures that lined the streets.

      " Shit. " Mitchell said watching the Covenant advance ever closer. He leaned back and let out a long sigh. The marine took one last look at the enemy and made the quick decision to run. He ditched his pack and headed as fast as his legs could carry him.

      It was not enough. A single shot of fiery green-white hit him square in the back. He screamed in pain as the plasma bolt made its way through his back armor and turned his skin to charred flesh. He fell to his knees and grasped his chest to get out a ragged breath and fell over face first. Mitchell began to crawl away towards an alley that he spotted from earlier in the battle.

      He made it after nearly a minute of a painful crawl. Mitchell dragged his body inside the relative safety of the place and tore off his armor after sitting up against the wall. It slipped off and he saw the hole that was formed in the back. The melted edges still had a slight glow to them. He threw the now worthless piece of metal aside and prayed that he'd make it out in one piece.

      The wounded soldier looked to his right and watched as hundreds if not thousands of shots go by from both sides. The ground began to have a slight rumble as the massive wave of chromed armor and flesh came within effective weapons range. He saw a trio of Elites run by and were quickly gunned down by the stationary machine gun turrets of the firebase. Another Elite ran by and suddenly fell back.

      Mitchell sat absolutely still as he saw that they were getting close. The same Elite then rolled out of the way of several shots and came straight for Mitchell's position. The marine instinctively twitched back. The Covenant warrior landed right at his feet. Mitchell panicked and did not move a muscle.

      The Elite shook its head and got up on its feet. The alien shook its head once more and cracked its neck to the left. A snap of the jaws and the creature was ready to go back into the fray. Fortunately for Mitchell it didn't even notice him. Lady luck was on his side for now. The Elite ran over to where the alley met the street and ducked down firing its plasma rifle at the fixed human position. Mitchell still refused to move.

      He stayed there watching the Elite fire its weapon and did nothing. There was nothing he could do. The Elite stayed there and continued fighting. Mitchell began to tremble. Every cell in his body screamed at him to run away from the threat, but he could not move. His trembling soon grew out of control and he sneezed. The Elite stopped shooting. Mitchell dropped to ground and played dead.

      The Elite stood up and walked over to the marine. With its weapon ready it examined the human. It scanned him twice and shot next to his head. Mitchell refused to move. The Elite shot again, and still the marine played possum. Dissatisfied the 8'6" warrior groaned and kicked Mitchell's back.

      The marine quickly curled up into a ball and yelled. The alien took a step back in shock and then grinned with its mandibles. It walked forward and kicked him in the side. Mitchell coughed and struggled to get up to his feet. He was half way up when the Elite hit him between the shoulder blades.

      After a wet crack he fell with a 'thud'. The marine struggled to get back up, but couldn't muster the strength. He gagged and a trickle of blood came from his mouth. The Covenant warrior knelt down and looked the marine in the eye. Its pitch black met the dilated eyes of the marine. It growled and picked the marine up with one hand.

      His feet dragged along the ground, but the marine could not stop it. The last hit had paralyzed his legs. He was taken to the edge of the alley and he looked up to see dozens of Grunts and Jackals. The Elite spoke something to them and many turned. The marine was lifted up high in the air and thrown into the horde.

      He hit and rolled for several feet. A small blood trail was painted onto the road as he came to a stop. Covenant Grunts and Jackals encircled the wounded marine and began to taunt him in their alien tongues. He didn't care. With what little strength he had left he forced himself to look upwards.

      The pack came in and did what the Covenant do best. Kill humans.

      He was torn apart. His skin ripped into tiny shreds. Blood poured out from his body and stained the faces of all the Covenant attacking him. Bones snapped, entrails spilled, and all that remained was a broken shattered corpse.

      After the slaughter was finished a pair of Grunts grabbed the human body and dragged it through the streets letting it be known what would happen once this battle had been won. Many more instances of these vents were to come and it would be a sign that the war was coming to an end. A Final Death for the enemies of the Covenant.

The End.

Well that is my bonus piece. Hope you enjoyed it.