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Sergeant Vick: Part 2
Posted By: Helljumper<Pittklipse@aol.com>
Date: 21 April 2004, 12:20 AM

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      The four other Helljumpers of Fire Team Charlie watched as Billy turned to face Jones. His body contained numerous long, deep gashes. The blood that poured out the wounds was green but the dried blood on his uniform and the remains of his armor was red. Internal organs were visible and Vick could have sworn that he saw something move around inside Billy's torso. Without warning Billy leaped into the air covering the distance between him and Jones. A deformed right arm came down on Jones, slashing him across his face and chest. Jones let out a loud scream of pain before falling to the deck. Billy continued his assault with another slash until Jones stopped moving.
      Vick didn't know what to do as he watched one of his fellow Marines kill a member of his squad. He raised his shotgun and the others followed his lead. Billy stood over Jones's body and looked at Vick and his men. He made another leap and landed twenty meters away from Fire Team Charlie. Vick pulled the trigger on his weapon and shot Billy down. The former Marine's body twitched several times before stopping.
      As the sound of the shotgun blast echoed through the alien vessel's hallway, it started to decrease. As if in response, the air was filled with another sound. Vick tried to make out the noise. It sounded like hundreds of metal knives stabbing at metal. It grew louder until numerous small figures filed out of the hallway that Billy had came from. The creatures looked like overweight squids with many tentacles. They crawled along the walls, ceiling, and floor of the hallway. Vick could only assume that there were hundreds of them as they raced towards the docking bay and the ODST Marines.
      Sergeant Vick regained his composure and turned to Private Derrick Chisman. The Private was lost at what he was seeing. Vick shoved Chisman's shoulder getting his attention. The Sergeant shouted, "Frag 'em!"
       The Private slung his AR and pulled a grenade from his equipment pouch.
Chisman pulled the pin, pulled back his right arm and extended his left arm in the direction of the creatures. He released the trigger on the grenade, "cooking" it. He counted to 3 seconds in his head and launched the grenade. He shouted "Frag out."
      Vick slammed the palm of his hand into the control panel for the double doors and watched as they slide close. There was a loud BANG as the grenade exploded. Vick stood two meters from the door's control panel and raised his M90 Shotgun. He pulled the pump action back causing the empty 8 gauge shell to be ejected and pushed the pump forward loading a fresh shell. The shotgun was pointed at the door's controls and Vick fired at it. Sparks flew from the exposed and damaged wires.
      Vick looked at the horror in the faces of his men, and noticed that Fire Team Delta had watched the whole scene from behind their defensive positions. He lead his men quickly watch to their positions as the sound of metal scratching again metal grew loud and engulfed the room. The platoon sergeant clicked on his COM to first squads' channel. "This is second squad to first squad, do you copy?"

      Lance Corporal Singer ran as fast as he could through the alien corridors. Sweat dripped from his forehead, and blood poured through the wound in his right leg. His mind was filled with the images of those green creatures attacking his squad. He could still hear their screams mixed with the sound of gunfire. The thoughts blocked his judgment and all he could do was run.
      The corridor the Marine was running in came to a dead end. Singer slowed to a jog and then a halt as he tried to catch his breath. He didn't know how long he was running for, or which direction he was heading. He looked around confused as if it was impossible for there to be a dead end. To his left were several holo-panels and to right was what seemed like an outline to a door. He stepped towards it and felt along its surface for a switch or something to open it. His hand must have triggered something because the door slide open revealing a rather small room the size of a closet. Something moved inside the dark room and he pointed his MA5B Assault Rifle at it. The screeching voice of a Covenant Grunt spoke, "Don't kill me."
      Singer heard the sound of those small green creatures as they approached in the distance. He turned his head down the corridor but didn't see them. He stepped into the room and kicked the Grunt to make room for himself. He looked for a switch to close the door and was surprised when it closed by itself. Looking at the terrified alien, the Corporal said, "lock it."
      The Grunt reached for something on the wall and then Singer heard the sound of a locking mechanism. He kept his gun pointed at the Grunt and sat so that his back was against the door. The adrenaline in his blood started to decrease and he became fully aware of the pain coming from his wound.
      One of those little green squid things had latched unto his leg and stuck its knife like tentacles into his right thigh. The Lance Corporal had shot the creature and pulled the tentacle out of his leg. He saw a clearing among the creatures and his struggling squad members and ran.
      Static filled his COM earpiece and then he heard the words of his platoon sergeant, Staff Sergeant Vick. The first message the Sarge had sent, he didn't quite catch, but the static decreased when the message was repeated, "This is second squad to first squad, do you copy?" Singer fondled the COM gear's controls while keeping his AR pointed at the silent Grunt.
"This is Corporal Singer, Sarge... We were ambushed by these fucking green creatures. Everyone is dead." Singer waited for a reply.
"Roger that Corporal. What's your situation?"
"I'm in a small room with a Covenant Grunt as my prisoner. I'm wounded in my thigh, and I'm losing a lot of blood."
"Roger, do you have a medical kit with you?"
"No Sarge,"
"I want you to interrogate your prisoner. Find out what the fuck is going on in this ship."
"Yes, sir."
"Sit tight we're on our way. Keep your COM on so we can follow the signal."
"Aye, aye sir."