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Comments for 'Sergeant Vick: Part 2'

12:59 am | April 26, 2004
Sorry I didnt read this earlier, my comp is dead and im at a friends house and in a rush. It was good, something was lacking in it though... Oh, and Helljumper, before I write another chapter, im waiting for your email, thats if your remember. =P
Nick Kang
10:42 am | April 24, 2004
Although I don't think the Grunt would last very long...but it's the thought that counts.

9:41 pm | April 23, 2004
I agree with Nick. It would be interesting if the grunt and Singer reached a truce for a while to fight off the Flood.
12:52 pm | April 23, 2004
I'm glad you guys are enjoying my series, this one is short so only maybe like 2 chapters left. I'm glad no one said anything about action, because if you have noticed, i like to build my stories like they are real and there is more to a story than action. Don't get me wrong, action is good, but it doesn't make the story. I'm mad they put my story on the second page, i don't think many people know its here.

11:31 am | April 23, 2004
Nick Kang
10:24 am | April 23, 2004
Great story! I've been waiting for the second one and I think it would be cool if Singer and the Grunt teamed up.

4:44 pm | April 22, 2004
Good job, a little short, but it built up suspense for the next part. Very good.
CoLd BlooDed
1:53 pm | April 22, 2004
Really good work, Helljumper, I enjoyed reading that. I only noticed a few minor errors, but they were barely noticable.

Keep it up, man, I'm looking forward to your next. :)