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Seargent Vick: Part 1
Posted By: Helljumper<Pittklipse@aol.com>
Date: 4 April 2004, 3:00 AM

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      Two Pelicans flew into the docking bay of the Covenant cruiser. The ion barrier, that separated the void of space from the internal atmosphere of the alien vessel, formed itself to the shape of the Pelicans and washed off as they cleared it. The dropships turned 180 degrees and hovered two feet off the deck. The troop bays opened and twenty heavily armed Helljumpers landed on the alien surface.
      Staff Sergeant Vick formed his ten man squad into a semi circle to provide covering fire for the Pelicans to land. His shotgun scanned the area in front of him but found no targets. The COM clicked on and the familiar voice of Lieutenant Sanders spoke into Vick's earpiece.
"Sergeant, move your squad and take up defensive positions by the two doors that enter this room."
"Roger that sir." Vick opened his COM to second squads' channel. "Corporal Powell, take Fire Team Delta and set up at the right door, Fire Team Charlie with me on the left door. Let's movie Marines,"
      A young Marine with a red bandana showing under his helmet stood and ran towards the right double doors followed by four others. Vick signaled with his left arm for his unit to move out. Keeping his shotgun pointed towards the door he reached a stack of the enemy's purple cargo crates. Fire Team Charlie set themselves up in a semi-circle formation facing the door. "Charlie and Delta are in position."
"Roger that Corporal, first squad moving up."

      Warrant Officer Michael Jones began to power down his Pelican's engines. He could hear and feel the whine of the engines decrease and then stop. He turned off the rest of the systems and un-strapped his seat belt. Removing his flight helmet, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. The adrenaline in his blood began to subside and the pilot realized that he was breathing very heavily.
      This is fucking crazy. Its one thing to make combat drops onto a hostile planet, but flying towards a Covenant cruiser just sitting out in the open is just nuts. So what if the scanners declared that the ship's engines are offline and its generators are running on minimum. The Covenant doesn't just abandon their cruisers. The Captain is crazy for sending us out here. We are on a ship full of aliens that want to kill us.
      Jones had to force himself to clam down. He released his chair and swung around to face the troop bay. His legs were lazy at first but he stood up and stretched. Pulling his M6D pistol from its holster on his hip, he stepped onto the alien deck. In front of him, the Marines were securing the docking bay

      Lance Corporal Singer followed Lieutenant Sanders pass second squad's defensive positions to the double doors on the left. First squad stood by the door as Sanders spoke to Sergeant Vick. Singer liked to be involved and know everything that was going on. He purposely stood close to his platoon leader and platoon sergeant.
"Vick, I want you and your squad to stay in the docking bay and set up defensive positions. We might need to Evac ASAP and I need our pilots alive and these birds ready," the Lt. paused. "I'll take first squad and see if anyone is home. We'll make our way to the Bridge. I don't know what the Covies have planned or why they just left this cruiser here out in the open. The fly boys of Longsword Squadron Alpha said there weren't any external damages and the fact that we made it in here means their shields are down. If they abandoned this ship and we can take control of it, think of all the technology the ONI can get. The UNSC might fuck around and find the coordinates to the Covenant home-worlds."
"Yes sir,"
"I've leave the defensive plans in your capable hands Sergeant."
"Good luck sir,"
"We don't use luck in the Corps, we use bullets."

      Sergeant Vick waited for his CO to lead first squad through the double doors before beginning to set up the docking bay's defenses. The Covenant's purple cargo crates were moved thirty meters from the two doors and laid on their sides in a semi-circle position. A second row of crates were moved in front of the Pelicans to protect them from stray fire.
      The task took twenty minute, and Vick was wondering why the Lieutenant hadn't checked in yet. Maybe they were ambushed? Maybe they're COM gear wasn't working so deep into the ship. These questions flooded his mind.
      His thoughts were broken by the sound of the double doors sliding open. He looked over towards the door expecting to see first squad, but was surprised to see a blue armored Elite and two Grunts. The Elite was holding his side as purple blood flowed between its fingers. The alien looked surprised to see the Helljumpers behind the cargo crates and before it could even think about responding, it was cut down by a series of three round burst from MA5B assault rifles. Vick only watched as the dieing Grunts twitched and then stopped.
      Regaining his composure, he signaled for Fire Team Charlie to move out. He led the four other men of the unit in a crouch towards the dead bodies. They reached the door and scanned the hallway with their weapons. Vick examined the Elite's body. The wound on its side started in the middle of its torso and ran around to the middle of its back. Private Jones moved over to Vick.
"Damn, something cut the shit out of him."
"You could say that again Private."
"Do you think it was done by a combat knife from one of the guys in first squad, Sarge?"
"Couldn't be, the cut isn't even."
"Maybe a plasma sword,"
"Wrong again Private, the heat from the sword would have left burn marks." Vick said pointing around the edges of the wound.
      Their conversation was cut short by another Private in Fire Team Charlie clicking the COM twice getting everyone's attention. Vick looked down the hallway to see a figure emerge from a side passage. It moved slowly in odd, uncoordinated steps. From the side view, it was clear that it was a Marine but it was different.
      Private Jones said, "Hey its Billy," but it was clear that he wasn't talking to anyone in specific. The Private stood up and started a jog to his friend. The staggering Marine was forty meters down the hall and Jones stopped his jog and started walking when he was about ten meters away from Billy.