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Worlds Apart Prologue: The Chicken or The Egg?
Posted By: Keelan Harris<xbox0@email.com>
Date: 4 June 2002, 3:50 am

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The Covenant
The word is used with reference to God's revelation of himself in the way of promise or of favor to men. Thus God's promise to Noah after the Flood is called a covenant (Gen. 9; Jer. 33:20, "my covenant"). In conformity with human custom, God's covenant is said to be confirmed with an oath (Deut. 4:31; Ps. 89:3), and to be accompanied by a sign (Gen. 9; 17). Hence the covenant is called God's "counsel," "oath," "promise" (Ps. 89:3, 4; 105:8-11; Heb. 6:13-20; Luke 1:68-75). God's covenant consists wholly in the bestowal of blessing (Isa. 59:21; Jer. 31:33, 34).

On the edge of our unknown universe lies millions of galaxies trillions upon trillions of light years away. Being at this distance these are some of the very first galaxies to have been created and some no doubt the first to be teaming with life be it evolution or creation. Most galaxies are devoid of life, some key ingredients to spark that flash of life may have gone missing or maybe they just had an absente landlord, although others where filled with numerous races of beings. One such galaxy would be called Ronasiu. A galaxy, which held more than one billion plants all with sentient life all inhabited by one race called Nujiwus. Beings with knowledge unparalleled in their known universe with the power to terriform not just planets or solar systems but entire galaxies.

"The great counsel is here called to order, are all representatives from the Planet Systems of Ronasiu present? " spoke a being floating on a platform in the middle of a room which seemed to be a giant sphere with millions of smaller platforms floating along it's circumference, holding two to five beings, each with a symbol behind it representing each colonized system. He paused for a moment and closed his eyes. A smile of disapproval came over his face as he opened his eyes and said "Today we have finished a task that has taken our great people nearly one hundred million years to complete. With the last solar system in Ronasiu, the Hijwan System, ready to sustain life this gives us our last eleven planets to expand our colonies. Once total colonization is complete we will have a total of one billion one hundred eighty-seven million two hundred and twenty-five thousand four hundred and fifty-five colonized planets. We expect complete colonization of the Hijwan System in one hundred years. Unless there are any other pressing matters we will reconvene this meeting in one hundred and five years. This will give us five years after the complete colonization to watch and learn from the citizens of the Hijwan System. Also this will give the system time to chose members of their worlds to represent their system amongst the great counsel." The being waved his right hand over his left palm and a small holographic display appeared, he stared at it for a few seconds closed his palm and than without even a flash or warning he was gone. Shortly after the remaining nearly three million beings followed suite.

The being from the head of the great counsel instantly reappeared in front of what seemed to be a translucent building with two beings guarding the main entrance. "Good afternoon Governor Gwuinj" both guards said simultaneously, "Governor Telik is waiting for you in his meeting room." Governor Gwuinj entered the building, to the right of the entrance was a holographic display. He waved his right hand over it and it was as if time and space intertwined and warped all around him. In an instant he was standing in Governor Telik's meeting room. "Well, well my good old friend what brings you to my part of Ronasiu?" humorously said Governor Telik. " With a puzzling look on his face he replied " I could not feel your presence within the great counsel today. Everyone was accounted for except for you." With sarcasm in his voice "Did I say really really old? Personally I can find better things to do than to wink to the center of the galaxy to meet for a counsel that is held every one hundred or three hundred years. Do look for me when the counsel starts to meet every millennia or so. Besides I have been working on how we plan our first attempt at terraform a complete galaxy. Moving our equipment across the vastness of this much space may cause multiple problems." Quickly Governor Gwuinj replied "You know the regulations for galactic terraforming must I remind you what they are and why they are? Just as we believe in a higher being no doubt any other race that is created or evolved will likewise do so. In a matter of less than one hundred thousand years they should be capable of space flight of travel from galaxy to galaxy. If we are to close our Ronasiu will be discovered before they have matured and one of there things will happen. We will either be befriended, waged war upon or held as God's. When it is time for them to learn of us we will make the first contact." As Governor Gwuinj spoke Governor Telik thought about the glory of having a galaxy of beings worshiping him. Knowing him as their creator their God. And with the Nujiwus technology how much so his powers would be God like. Governor Telik quickly shook the purged the thought from his mind before it manifested. He spoke up in a soft tone as if a child being scolded "Yes governor I remember the procedures and I do understand how this could have a huge impact on the growth of primitive civilization. I will refigure my calculations and come up with a report on how we can move the rings with a greater amount of success."

With that said Governor Gwuinj held out his left hand swiftly waved his right hand over it and again a small holographic display appeard. He staired at the display for a moment. He watched as the words changed from Luvinu System: Open: Wink Stream .0005-38.1269-88.0071 to Pruluna Home System: Open: Wink Stream .0003-14.3982-75.2277. He thought about how the software of the Wink Stream system would have to be changed in the next 100 years to accommodate the new galaxy that would be added and with that thought space and time swirled around him like a cool summer breeze and he was gone.