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Comments for 'Worlds Apart Prologue: The Chicken or The Egg?'

5:09 am | June 10, 2002
Me like this puzzling story, i can understand this better then effusion(no offense). I can't wait for the next one. Keep it Up
4:06 pm | June 7, 2002
i liked it so far. can't wait for more
Author of Worlds Apart (Keelan)
3:23 am | June 6, 2002
I do apolagize about my story if it it not understood. I do promise that it does get better as the story unfolds.Basicly it is my theory and story on how Halo, Earth and the Covanent came to be.Please do not hesitate if you don't understand something or if you think my story sucks please tell me.Keelan
10:44 pm | June 5, 2002
I don't get it. It's ok, but also make it longer.