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Through a UNSC soldiers eyes: Death
Posted By: Harley<kud321@Rock.com>
Date: 10 January 2003, 9:34 pm

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  I've seen death you can never get away from it and you can never get used to it death is a sad subject, especially when you've been around it half you life. I've cried before and others have cried too, and I'm not afraid to admit, oh but back to what I was going to tell you, I have decided to record this so everyone can see its not easy being a soldier and too see what I and my other comrades have to go through, this has changed my life. Oh almost forgot my name is Private Kevin McKenna.
  Captain Jeff Hawkly walked up to me and some of my comrades; their names are Private Pearson Davis, Sargeant Dale Wilkins, Private Jacob Ford, and last is Private Corey Johnson, I knew it was a mission by his look he always had a look, he told us we had to clear out a covenant camp tomorrow. I had a funny feeling something bad was going to happen as soon as the captain got done with the briefing we saluted and went on our ways. I told Corey about the funny feeling he said
"Not to worry a nice sleep would help, you will feel better by tomorrow"
I just looked at him and he said.
"Go get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow"
I turned and started to head for my bunker I saw the Master Chief I rarely see him and I never talked to him. He was carrying a Sniper Rifle and it seemed like he just came out of a battle with all the blood and plasma scars on his suit, I got to my bunker and went to sleep.
  The following day was the big day I got dressed and ate my breakfast went outside to go see the Captain standing few feet away from a Pelican along with my comrades. I got into line to hear the briefing once again, when he got done we boarded the Pelican right when we settled down the MC jumped in with his Rocket Launcher and Pistol.
  The Pelican lifted up and it boosted off we sat their telling what they were going to do once we got to the camp, and other jokes. I looked at the MC he was sitting their fiddling with the Rocket Launcher, I turned my head towards the land I saw lakes, ponds ECT...
I saw weird animals eating and hunting each other. The Pilot came over the Comm.
"We are landing two miles away from the camp."
As the Pelican descended we all jumped out, I was nervous and scared but I was always like that in every battle.
  We all followed the Mc towards the camp, we went up a hill for a good snipe spot, we were about two hundred feet away, their were about two Wraiths, three ghosts and we couldn't count how many other covenant there were. The MC told Pearson to snipe as many covenant as he could while he destroys the Wraiths, I kneeled next to Pearson ready for anything, right when the first bullet went out of the sniper rifle the MC ran towards the Wraiths and fired a shot at the first Wraith the rocket went into the cannon before the Wraith could fire it blew up, I heard a noise to my right while I was running towards the base I turned the Ghost was heading straight towards me I jumped out the way the Ghost turned around firing a couple of shots luckily they missed but they were real close, the Ghost made another path towards my direction but this time I threw a Plasma Grenade before I jumped so I wouldn't get killed, the grenade stuck to the tip of the wing the Elite yelled then a ball of fire flipped rapidly sideways with the body of the Elite flying out of the Ghost. My hears rang for a while I was pretty close to the blast, I got up I didn't see the MC anywhere oh well. I looked to my left and there my marines were in a fight with two Elites and a couple of Grunts, I ran over to help them out but I was running out of ammo so I grabbed a plasma pistol from a dead grunt it had a bullet hole in its head blood was running from its head I turned away and faced the battling marines I charged up the pistol and released and plasma bolt charged through the marines hitting a grunt in the arm disintegrating it. The grunt screamed in agony running and falling to the ground it wasn't dead yet so I took out my pistol and shot it on the top of the head ending its suffering. As I looked towards the fight I saw one of my marines blow up crap I thought I ran again recharging the plasma pistol and fired another bolt it was aiming for an Elite the bolt hit it right in the head clearing it off its shoulders the body fell with blood squirting out and plasma spilling. We terminated the last remaining Elite and two other grunts.
  We ran over to the covenant bunkers and met up with three Jackals, one Elite, and a couple of grunts, the Jackals started to make a blockade, one of the marines ran up I told him to get back but he refused he fired his weapon while jumping over the Jackals he killed a grunt but was met with the Elites gun on his face he knelt down trying to balance himself the Elite fired hitting him in his throat he gasped for air the Jackal behind him charged his pistol and fired putting a hole in his back, this made me angry I tossed a grenade it killed two Jackals and injuring the Elite, as soon as it got up I heard another Ghost approaching from behind I turned around and dived the elite threw a 180 degree turn I fired my pistol trying to hit it but missed and came at me again this time I laid down under it I rolled over and sat up shooting the Elite in the back of the head killing it the Ghost skid to a stop while the dead body fell out. The other elite was on the ground I guess the marines took care of him Jacob got in the Ghost and killed the other two grunts.
  We didn't see anyone else around but we heard a crash me and sarge turned around and there was Jacob with a sword coming out his chest I saw a gold Elite for the first time it ran straight for sarge, the Elite jumped and sliced sarge blood ran out his stomach and finally falling to the ground. Damn it I said I tried to hit the elite but it was too fast the Elite tripped me I fell on my back painfully, while I laid there I tried to show no fear I looked into its eyes fire seemed to be burning in it eyes I knew it had been through many battles but I don't know why I know this. The Elite said something in is own language of course I didn't know what he said the elite started to lift up his sword I closed my eyes I heard a body drop so I opened my eyes there the Elite lay dead blood flowing out its head I saw in the distance the chief holding his sniper rifle waving he ran over and helping me to my feet I shook his hand thanking him and we were on our way back to the LZ.