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Comments for 'Through a UNSC soldiers eyes: Death'

7:27 am | January 20, 2003
yeah im just wondering im trying to think of some idea's for my next story and i need some help if u would be so kind reply back to kud321@rock.com
12:11 pm | January 18, 2003
I read this once more simply because of my previous comment and once more good job. In addition I am shocked that a few people agree with my "anger management" thanks. Now to my mission...
3:08 pm | January 16, 2003
alright thanks for your feedback yeah I know I missed alot of the Punctuation's I'll try to do better on my next story if i can think of anything but thank u to all
5:05 am | January 16, 2003
Punctuation is a definite note. It bothered me. Sorry. Just had to let that out. Otherwise, the stroy was pretty neat.
10:39 pm | January 13, 2003
title was extremly un-original, but whatever. Keep it up.
8:28 pm | January 13, 2003
You had a good plot, but you need to work on your punctuation. other than that it was a good story
10:47 pm | January 12, 2003
lol thats funny
10:18 pm | January 12, 2003
thanks for the advice anonymous. Yo Hikaru do it!
8:46 pm | January 12, 2003
Go ahead! kill that shit-head!

To Bean: Reload the page a few times, the comments should update after the 2nd time.
8:24 pm | January 12, 2003
Good short story for story line content. Even better with giving part of my real name to a sergeant. Keep the stories coming and will more than just three people ever give me some feedback. Also anyone want me to hunt down Anonymous with my Civilian Version, Semi-auto, 7.62x39mm bullet sized SKS-58? I need something to release my anger of Halo 2 not being out and stupid comments being mae by stupid people.
4:23 am | January 12, 2003
yeah but i dont care if anonymous says but thanks i knew somethings were missing and thank u bean too
4:03 am | January 12, 2003
What the heck is wrong with my computer? I have to write in order to read comments!
4:03 am | January 12, 2003
It was ok,as for that anonymous person don't write if you don't have anything good to say.
4:03 am | January 12, 2003
It was ok,As for the anonymous person don't write if you don't have anything good to say.
Guilty Spark
3:49 am | January 12, 2003
Not bad. I like the concept of your story, and the action scenes were nice. I would like to hear more about how McKenna's fellow marines fought (and died) in combat. Also, work on punctuation - it seemed like commas and periods were missing in several spots.

Keep them coming.
9:51 pm | January 11, 2003
Your story sucked...

It used too many words...