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The Battle for Rackma VI: Part 1
Posted By: gwinnalex<gwinnalex@aol.com>
Date: 9 March 2003, 7:56 PM

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"Move, move, move! Hit the sand!" yelled Sergeant Charlie Perkins. His squad hit the beach and within minutes had secured the area. In Eighth Squad were six Privates and two Corporals, brothers Bill and Ted McDoogle.
It was seven months since the Master Chief had destroyed the Halo. Every Marine in the Core regarded him as the ultimate in perfection. The Covenant still had a commanding grip on several colony worlds. Among these was Rackma VI. This planet was almost completely ocean. There was one island in this vast sea. It was approximately 2756 square feet of land.
Years ago, this island was home to a large colony of humans. Constant Covenant attacks wore down the Marine defenses, until two weeks ago, when the attackers finally prevailed, and the colony fell.
Eighth Squad was one of ten sent in pairs to five key points on the island to reclaim it. Not too far down the beach, Seventh Squad had also secured a landing point. "Drop ship Pelican Delta 117, this is Sergeant Charlie Perkins of Eighth Squad, we have secured a suitable area for an Operations Base, begin landing supplies," Perkins ordered into his helmet's communicator.
About half an hour later, Seventh and Eighth received enough supplies to build a small hut for Commanding and Communicating, not to mention enough weapons and ammo to kill every Marine on that island twice over. Everyone knew that all five teams were getting that much, and that it probably wouldn't be enough. They spent the rest of the day and most of the night building the base.
In the morning, they radioed all the other teams to check how their landings went. All had set up bases, except Ninth and Tenth Squads. "Ok, men," said Sergeant Alex Schoop, commander of Seventh Squad, "Ninth and Tenth Squads are hold behind a dune at their drop zone. We're the closest team to them. It's our job to bail them out. Corporals Ted McDoogle and Bill Reinhart, each of you pick two Privates, you'll be staying here and guarding our base."
They chose Privates Rudy Chapman, Marty Sinclair, Arnold Jones, and Harry Monroe. The rest grabbed everything they could carry, and started down the beach. The rest started back towards the base. They thought that they would sit around until the others got back.
They watched as the others disappeared over a dune, and at that moment plasma began to fly. "It was an ambush!" Ted yelled. "Rudy send a distress signal!" "Sir, they are jamming our communications!" Rudy yelled back as a Platoon of Covenant appeared on the horizon. "Ok, take cover, and don't stop shooting!" commanded Corporal Reinhart. They kicked over a long metal table from the base and dragged the supply box over to them, Assault Rifles blazing.
The Covenant were now fifty feet away, commanding them was a gold sword Elite. In the distance was another Platoon. "Fire in the hole!" yelled Private Sinclair, as he hurled a grenade. It landed unnoticed in the Covenant ranks. Three seconds later, Private Jones was hit with a blue foot. The gold Elite was still alive, along with five Grunts. The grunts were dispatched with Pistols, and the Elite with a Shotgun. The other Platoon was still advancing, and four hundred meters east, an armored column was advancing, with a Wraith and four Ghosts.
They had been hold down for almost two hours. "Private Monroe, ready the Rocket Launcher," said Ted. "The Wraith must be jamming our communications." Harry fired, and the Wraith went up in smoke. Ted tried to contact Earth's main operations base for this sector. "This is Corporal Ted McDoogle, on Rackma VI, we are at 47 North, 89 West, we need reinforcements." "Copy, we are sending two Spartans, over." Ted turned to his men and relayed the news. "They can get us out of this," he said, " we just have to stay alive until then."
Twenty minutes and two Grunts and an Elite later, a Pelican dropped off two Spartans. "Corporal McDoogle, I'm John 117," said one. "The Master Chief..." said Ted in awe. "And this is Sergeant Paul 098," said the Chief, "what's the situation?" "Two Platoons and an armored column are dug in up there," Ted answered. They went to the base, where the others were firing like mad. The Spartans pick up assault Rifles and grenades, and beg an to advance on the Covenant. It was about this point that Ted looked back and noticed that Private Sinclair's body was dislodged from his head.
They had to fall back to the base. On the horizon were the Marines that had left earlier. When they arrived, Sergeant Perkins explained what happened, "We saved them, with one casualty, Ted your brother is dead."
The Spartan's continued to fire, but to Ted, it didn't seem to matter anymore.

To be continued...