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Comments for 'The Battle for Rackma VI: Part 1'

8:42 pm | March 11, 2003
Thanks, I wiil try not to in third insallment. (I already wrote the second one and subbmited it.)
8:19 pm | March 11, 2003
He ment when he said hit with a blue foot was that an Elite's foot hit him in the head. He's called gwinnalex becauser he lives in Gwinn. I know because I know him. Nice story man.
3:24 am | March 11, 2003
Almost forgot the part where you said the gold sword elite just a suggestion but maybe say An Elit in gold armor with a sword or something like that and poor Sinclair.
3:18 am | March 11, 2003
Well not bad a pretty kool story line but that part where you said "Private Jones was hit with a blue foot," what do you mean by that? Kool beginning but don't rush things thats a strange name gwinnalex but kool. Final rating 8/10 keep it coming man!
9:40 pm | March 10, 2003
Oops. It is judge.
9:40 pm | March 10, 2003
It is my first time. Don't judje it too harshly.