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The Yellow Banshee; re-edited
Posted By: grylsy
Date: 2 April 2003, 8:10 AM

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THE YELLOW BANSHEE; the re-edited version!

The roar of engines was loud while the 5 Banshee escort were flying along strafing the unknown enemy under the battle cruiser the Truth and Reconciliation and were attempting to board the vessel which they have already breeched the hull and engine coolant was pouring on the ground making it a hard job for the Elite Special Operations team to kill them.

The weird menace seemed to dwell in the liquid, the 5 Banshees were the escort of the gold Elite commander Kahn, a ferocious leader of soldiers, his acts on Reech caused some of the pitiful humans' loss of their precious SPARTANs and had led a squad of Spec Ops against enemy positions and almost signally kill one of the SPARTANs. Kahn, due to his brave efforts on Reech was given the highest honour, a Gold Banshee, a Banshee with 5 times as more armour than a regular Banshee and instead of the slow firing fuel rod gun it had a repeating fuel rod gun firing almost fully automatic. The Banshees continued making strafing runs against these new enemies whilst still moving towards the Battle Cruiser, with in a few minutes the Banshees had landed in the landing bay and had secured the area around Kahn as he exited his Banshee.

Kahn growled at two Elites who were standing near the door guarding it in case the enemies attacked and told them to stand guard at the banshees and keep an eye on his Yellow Banshee. Kahn started moving towards a door which headed to the command centre, flanked on each side by a Spec Op Elite as all of his pilots were part of the Spec Op unit, and he had two moving in front of him and one behind. The had reached the door and opened it Kahn readied his plasma sword and had in an offensive position ready to behead any enemy dumb enough the rush him, his escort had their plasma rifles at the ready and had plasma swords at the ready on their webbing in case they need kill something fast, Kahn had a plasma rifle also but left it hanging on his webbing. After a few minutes of walking they met a group of elites pinned down by the new enemy which he knew nothing about firing in a corridor, the Elites put up a good fight but the weirdly mutated elites and marines won the battle racing up to the bodies and releasing some of the little green squid things which latched onto the dead bodies and dug into the back of their ribs and grabbing onto the spines of their hosts. Kahn growled at this yelling at his escort to kill the enemies, they opened up with deadly precession and blew entire heads of the weird enemies but they kept coming one got too close to Kahn so he swung with his sword splitting it in half and leaving the body to shake wildly on the ground. The escort quickly had to draw their swords as the hosts were less than 5 metres away and their movements seemed slow and pointless their heads seemed to wobble as they moved as it meant their neck had been snapped they had human pistols and assault rifles and a vast assortment of covenant needlers, plasma pistols and rifles. Kahn screamed in anger as one of his escort had just had it neck snapped by one of the hosts as it used its tentacles to break it's neck in one swift motion, the other Elites responded by going agro and quickly charging the enemy and killing them all in a few seconds, the bodies of the hosts lay twisted and they seem half eaten.

Kahn inspected one of the bodies and saw one of the green squid things latched to the host, which was a human's spine; it had broken the marine's neck and latched onto the spine taking control of the body. Kahn saw that the squid thing was still alive and quickly jabbed it with his sword causing it to explode and caused the marines chest cavity to explode open, this gave Kahn a better view of what the squid had done, it had eaten the marine's stomach, intestines, parts of is liver, kidney and even lungs, yet it still was able to attack with speed and agility, the marines skull had been blown in half most likely from a earlier attack maybe before he was killed and mutated. Kahn signalled to keep moving towards the control centre and they moved on leaving the dead elites and marines to finally rest in peace not in pieces. They reached the control centre and they met up with several rough looking Elites and another Gold Elite, he was Stiek, Stiek was the commander of the ground forces here and had called for assistance after he had been called here to kill some new enemy which had started in the detention station and they had first taken the form of dead marines and had escape and killed their guards and taken their weapons and then used their bodies to attack more then steal their bodies and weapons and so on then eventually they had almost taken over the ship, Stiek was celled in before they last contact then after an hour of fighting the Spec Op units had taken control of the ship but with heavy casualties.

After they had secured the ship they began to clean up the bodies and then the flood, as some Elites had called them as they kept coming had attacked again getting more host bodies and this time killing off entire platoons of Elites in seconds. Kahn had come here to evacuate Stiek and what remain of his personal guard which as now just down to 3 Spec Op Elites with Plasma swords, Kahn growled over at Stiek telling him to follow him back to the shuttle bay and leave this ship in a pre-arranged drop ship which was waiting for Kahn's signal to come and pick up the survivors as the commander so the fleet had ordered all commanders back to their capital ships, Kahn had come along to see this new enemy and make a report about them. They had made good progress and had made it to where they had killed the 'flood' hosts before had disappeared, most likely to be remade into servants of this dark enemy who had never heard of a soldiers time of rest; when he dies. They continued moving not taking any notice of the missing bodies, Kahn and Stiek had been placed in the centre of the group and the other Elites formed a ring around them protecting them if any 'flood' decided to make a appearance.

They reached the hanger to only find a hell of a mess, banshee wreckage was spilled over the floor and battered dead Elites lay on the ground most likely kill in the explosion. Kahn was shocked he looked around for parts of his yellow banshee to see if it had been destroyed in the explosion, then he saw it a gapping hole where his banshee had been sitting so he looked down the hole, it fell down into the gorge and there it's wingtip was submerged in coolant was his banshee upside down but ok. He growled into his communicator to tell the drop ship to come in and retrieve him and the team, they said they would there soon so he signalled two elites to come and help him retrieve his Banshee, he instructed them to jump with him down into the pool of coolant below. They fell fast hitting the coolant, it was cold, extremely cold, well it was designed to keep engine cool, they crawled out of the coolant and reached the Banshee it was intact and could be flown, then they heard it the sound of the dropship landing in the shuttle bay, the two Elites yell at each other saying how will they get back up there. Then Kahn saw it, the unmistakable sight of a large body of 'flood' moving towards them, a mixed arsenal of weapons, shooting blindly at Kahn and the Elites, one of the Elites fell first a burn mark caused by a plasma rifle had hit him in the head, the other Elite growled at this throwing a grenade at the group, BANG it went off killing, well killing them again, the hosts and sending body parts flying.
The Elite gave Kahn a knowing look knowing that he would not escape this fight and yelled at Kahn to get away while he still could, the reason the Elite did this is because he saw the drop ship flying off into the distance with out them. Then the Elite doubled over a fist-sized chuck missing from its neck; it coughed on the ground not struggling because it knew it was over for him. Kahn was shocked, another casualty in such a short time, he went to start up the Banshee, it didn't start but it was no good the so called 'dead' hosts which were caught in the grenade blast started to rise again already moving fast towards Kahn. Kahn to knew resistance was futile, some of the hosts had rocket launchers and were already firing shells at him, the shells were close but not close enough, Kahn ready some grenades and gathered grenades of the two dead Elites and stuck them to his Banshee and ready to release the spoons and destroy his Banshee, the 'flood' would soon be near him and he knew if they got his knowledge they could easily repair this banshee and it could be used against his comrades to deadly affect. Kahn pulled the spoons and counted to 3 one... two... three... BOOM! The Banshee exploded in a flash of white light and gold pieces were flung across the valley, then still remaining near the main wreckage of the banshee was the burnt and mangled body of Kahn, missing all parts of his body. Then in the next hour Master Chief the last remaining SPARTAN II had destroyed the Pillar of Autumns fusion cores and caused a wild cat destabilisation and caused the Autumn to explode and destroy the ring world killing all. Chief and the military grade AI Cortana escape the planet and lived to fight another day.

And that is the Story of the Yellow Banshee, yet more Yellow Banshees remain this was the only one to be used in the HALO incident.