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Comments for 'The Yellow Banshee; re-edited'

The Auther (grylsy)
6:41 am | April 7, 2003
hey Dispraiser what is your site? hey then check out my friends www.badguy.tk and you'll see some of my pictures i drew hehehehehehehe.
1:15 am | April 7, 2003
Or maybe I should force them to read my fanfic.. That actually sounds like a good idea... I think I might add that to my site...
6:48 am | April 6, 2003
maybe you should, maybe s you should hehehehehehe... $5 per story sounds like a good profit!!
12:41 pm | April 5, 2003
Maybe I should make a website for people to submit fanfics for me to indent...
10:46 pm | April 4, 2003
ok then... i am working on TWO stories right now...
8:00 pm | April 4, 2003
Yeah, I'll check it out for you! I hate to see things like this around here... justing1@ameritech.net. I can garauntee you that I can find most of your major gramatical mistake before you submit it.
James Kinsella
1:24 pm | April 4, 2003
There is a lot of crap that slips through word editor. I suggest that you send it to some author that submits here and ask them to check it out. you can even send to me. My address is under the story Just getting Started. just click on the blue hyperlink of my name.
5:20 am | April 4, 2003
i ran word's grammer checiking thing three times and it said nothing was wrong!
8:42 pm | April 3, 2003
Damn it! People here don't know a thing about punctuation! C-!
James Kinsella
7:21 pm | April 3, 2003
Periods, Commas, Spelling, & Grammar. If these were included in the story it would be great. I suggest you check the green and red underlines on Microsoft Word, they can help. Other than the vomit of text it was pretty good.