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Last Stand part 2
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 March 2003, 8:05 AM

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Inside the Pelican it was still rather noisy, yet bearable. Andersan checked and cleaned his newly acquired S2 AM Sniper rifle which he got from the crates which the squad they saved in the landing bay had left for them... Yet he was not the only marine who got stuff from those crates; you also acquired a MA5B with a full ammo pouch to clip onto you combat webbing, you have placed the Assault rifle on a sling and have it on your back resting gently between your shoulder blades, Roger also acquired a M90 shotgun from the crates and checked it. Also and other marines in the other Pelicans had also had got extra MA5B ammo, two SPNKr rocket launchers and a few M6D combat pistols; now the squad was starting to look like a heavily equipped scout team! Every marine had 4 M9 HE-DP grenades on their webbing each. "Hey, Race!" yells Roger from the front seat near the cockpit while you chose to sit on the right hand side seat near the exit ramp, "what?" you yell back as you were in deep thought wondering if we might get out of this alive. "You said you were in combat three other times where were they?" Roger replies, "all on Reach" you say trying to get back to your thoughts. "How bad were you hit each time?" Roger says sounding interested in the topic... "Pretty bad" you say back. Roger walks over to you and sits in the seat opposite of you, "tells about the WORST one," he says.
"Ok then, it might take awhile though"
"Don't worry," says Andersan taking interest it the topic, "we still got twenty minutes till we reach the drop point."

You mind thinks back to the last battle you fought in at Reach three hours before you boarded the Autumn, explaining every detail to Andersan and Hunt.
All the marines of the 235th Assault Squad (your old unit before being posted to Bravo team because of its loss of manpower before boarding the Autumn as well) were all in trenches 5 foot deep; deep enough to duck down out of view and duck up to fire you only have about 20 cm about ground as a target and is pretty hard to hit yet the Covenant always seemed to kill even the most concealed marine. All you had then as a weapon was a MA5B with a half full ammo pouch as you had used that much in the other two battles, ducking and firing constantly you manage to kill 5 elites and a Jackal, yet there was still only a million to kill! "One down a million to go" says private Anthony Ryans as he takes down a Elite in a single burst; aiming low at it's feet and letting the weapons kick leave the last round to hit the Elite in the head. "Hey that's not far from the truth!" Yells your life long friend Private First Class Erric Holwe who you signed up with as a dare against each other and you did it! The reason why he was a PFC was because in basic training he showed a great amount of skill with a S2 AM sniper rifle and joined the sniper command of the 235th being promoted to PFC, as do all snipers of the Marine Corp. Erric was using his S2 right now dispatching another Elite with a furious head shot spraying over another Elite turning it's beautiful Blue armour to a hideous red mess. BLAM Erric's S2 fired again hitting the now red colour Elite in a head shot as well but this one was different even though a fist sized chunk was missing from it's head it was still running towards the position. The Covenant attack force was now 50 metres away and the Elite sprinted towards the trenches closing the ground quickly; while Erric was struggling to get a jammed cartridge out of the rifles breach. The Elite made it to the trench with a few extra holes, but it was running on pure adrenaline or what ever aliens have instead o it and it was pissed we I think I would be too. Now the Alien had a plasma grenade in one hand Plasma Rifle in the other, "HOLY SHIT! GET THAT MOTHER FUCKA'!" yell one of the marines standing near the Elite who was now standing above the trench screaming some war cry, you raise your MA5B in response holding down on the trigger and letting the kick from the rifle let the last round it the burst hit the alien in the head and the Elite falls into the trench next to Erric and the other marines standing near him. The Elite with it's last amount of strength released it's grip on the grenade release the weird type of spoon and arming the grenade, "sweet Jesus!" yelled one of the marines standing near Erric yells in a petrified voice. Erric without thinking and you could only watch helplessly as Erric jumped onto the grenade sacrificing his own life for the men next to him BOOM the grenade detonated and all the parts of Erric and the elite were flung all over the place... Shock seeing you best friend blasted into a million pieces makes you stand up grabbing another Assault Rifle lying on the ground and holding both assault rifles one in each hand. You hold down the triggers of both of them letting loose with a hail of 7.62mm super charged bullets into the Covenant ranks causing lots of wounds not killing anything back wounding almost entire group of grunts as they moved forward other marines responding to this threw grenades at them and fired their MA5Bs at the aliens who were now 10 metres away. "Blow the Claymores!" yelled the captain in charge, you don't know his name but he is a veteran of many battles and only met him once, and with his command the entire field of claymores lying 9.5 metres away from the trenches exploding and killing the entire Alien force as it moved forward............ Then in 2 hours time as the battle had taken 1 hour; you were on the Pillar of Autumn and speeding away from the doomed planet of Reach...

"And you guys know the rest" you say concluding your story. "Damn that's some nasty shit!" replied Roger from the seat opposite of you, "damn straight' says Andersan.
"LZ looks clear," Says the female pilot of the pelican and she opens the atmosphere protection door and revealing the mysterious ring world, which looked like earth, but it wasn't. The surrounding area of the LZ was a green pastureland and with some pine trees scattered around. The Warthogs were dropped first and then the Pelicans circled around and landed the Scout team right near their Warthogs. "We'll be near the command shuttle, just give us a call and we'll come pick you up" and with the Pelicans left them and flew off.

"Ok, marines, mount up!"
And with that you and the marines sped off scouting the surrounding areas for any covenant around the area.........