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Last Stand Part one
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 March 2003, 11:27 PM

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You awake to the sound of a fellow marine jumping out of his bunk putting on his armour and loading his MA5B, "hey wake up, mate!" he yells at you, "what's going on" you reply still half asleep; "those Covenant bastards are attacking us!" he yells at the top of his voice. You jump out of your bunk as quickly as you can, opening your foot locker scrambling to put on some fatigues and strapping on your breast plate, leg guards and a brimmed hat, "hey you'll need this!" yells First Sargeant Andersan the man in charge of Fire Team Bravo throwing you a M90 8 gauge shotgun and a box of shells, you place the boxes contents in you left leg pocket and a MD6 Pistol; which you stooged off a dead bloke from Reach you place in your right leg's holster and a few spare clips into the right pocket of your fatigues. Whilst loading up the shotgun Captain Keyes' voice booms over the loud speakers "This is Captain Keyes I want all squads to report to secondary Defensive positions, the Covenant are attempting to board this vessel I want all squads to guard empty life boat positions as Covenant are attaching boarding craft to the empty positions." What? You think as the loud speakers now falls silent, You wonder why the Covenant would bother attacking one ship as it attempted to escape Reach; it maybe that the Covenant are searching for the SPARTAN-II that was thought to be on this vessel. As you recall two marines bragging about that they saw him being loaded aboard the ship. You shrugged this thought off and get back to the job at hand; and that was to stop the Covenant from capturing this ship, "OK troop fall in!" Yells Sargeant Andersan and you fall into line next to the other marines, noting their medals and awards and noting that you only joined the UNSC only two months ago and that makes you the most inexperienced of the group. "OK, men we have led those dumb bugs away from Earth so they won't get their hands on it, but it seems we have stumbled onto something big, something they are scrambling over each other to get; well I don't care if it is God's on personal-anti-son-of-a-bitch machine or a giant hoola hoop! We will not give it over to them, but we will give them a belly full of lead and a pool of their own blood to drown in!" Yells Andersan at the top of his voice, "am I right marines?" "SIR YES, SIR!" you and the entire 35 man team of Bravo Team yell in response. "MM HMMM damn right I am!" Replies Andersan, "Now move it out, double time!" You and the Entire team move out you look around noting the scenery you can see Pelicans loading up other teams for departure onto this mysterious ring you have heard men on the radio talk about and also the impressive M808B Scorpion Tanks being loaded being loaded on some of the Pelicans; "hey, I'd hate to be a Covenant when those things get cracking mate!" Yells the marine running behind you, you notice his medals and awards on his chest, he must have been a good marine and still is. "Yeah I pity those pricks!" you yell back at him in response", "the Name's Hunt, Roger Hunt, what's yours mate?" You pause for a second, realise that no-one had ever asked your name in the entire two months no-one except for the guy who signed you up back on earth, "join the marines he said! See the universe he said! Man he never said kill an entire alien race! Oh, and the name is Race, William Race" you reply. "hahahaha, that's what the bloke said to me when I signed up too, Will, and hey just stick by me and you'll get through this, I've been in the Corp for 8 years and not a scratch" "you got your self a deal, mate!" you reply. Now noting that the squad has made it to the Warthog rack you bag driver seat, Roger bags gunner and Andersan bags passenger seat and other marines jump onto other Warthogs and your Warthog leads the pack along the service lane around the ship. "Keyes said the Covenant have been sighted along here you know so when we get Launch Bay 7 we get 4 pelicans to take 4 Warthogs down to the planet with us and use them as he has assigned us as scouts. Also Half the squad is gonna be deployed by Lifeboat" Says Andersan as you drive along the service lane at an impressive 150 kilometres an hour. Andersan waves a hand and 5 out of 9 Warthogs turn off at a different intersection heading for lifeboats to be dropped onto the surface.
"Hey Race" yells Roger holding onto the Warthog's M41 LAAG gun "yeah?" you say keeping an eye on the road. "Have you been in battle before?" Roger continues, "three times this will be the forth" you say still concentrating on the road, "Ah that's OK I thought you would be one of those still green newbs and end up in a body bag first time of action" Roger comments... You don't reply you just keep looking ahead. A few minutes later, "Ah Sargeant?" you say in a terrified voice, "What is it Race?" Andersan Replies, "tell me what do you see up the lane about half a click?" you say. Andersan pulls out his binoculars and trains it on the dots running around on the lane 536metres away; "Holy shit!" Andersan breathes. "What is it sir?" Roger asks Cocking the 12.7mm M41 LAAG just in case, "it's a Covenant landing party they've breached the landing bay!" Andersan replies sounding shocked. You slam on the brakes and the M12 LRV skids to a halt in a few metres, the other 3 Warthogs also stop. You can make out the shapes of what the landing squad consists of; 2 Elites, 3 Jackals and 12 grunts. All of who are involved in a fire fight with a squad of marines who were attempting to leave the Pillar Of Autumn by Pelican. Yet got caught by this Covenant Group who were dropped off by a drop ship which was destroyed before it left by a well placed SPNKr 102mm shaped charge. It seemed the marines were winning as they were taking cover behind a bunch of cargo crates and the debris of the wrecked drop-ship, the Covenant seemed suicidal against the marines they just kept coming and coming. "Give those, men some support Hunt!" yells Andersan as he rests his MA5B's forward grip onto the Warthog's roll cage to make his fire accurate over the distance, "sure thing, Sarge!" replies Roger, taking pleasure in rotating the M41 LAAG to the Covenant's direction. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM barks the M41 instantly cutting down all the grunts in the group, Andersan joins in by letting loose with his Assault rifle and kills a Jackal. The other marines just watched; you included; Andersan and Hunt mow down the Aliens also the marines down near the marines took their toll on the aliens as well. By lending to the battle with the SPNKr which they used to shoot down the drop ship, in 2 minutes of battle all the Covenant are dead, and the marines only took one loss and that was at the start when the aliens first landed in the bay. You gun the engine of the Warthog and speed down to the bay; the other marines follow as well in their Warthogs. As you reach the bay the marines that were behind the crate had already boarded one of the many Pelicans, yet the Sargeant of this group gives you a gesture and points to some crates on the ground; "let's check 'em out," says Roger. You pull up at the crates as the Pelican with the other marines in it leaves the ship, all the marines huddle around these crates; including you, Andersan pops the lids off crate with his 9inche combat knife, reviling a armament of two SPNKrs, one M90 and a Sniper Rifle, and loads of ammo for Assault Rifles, within minutes everything had been loaded into the Warthogs. Andersan signals to the Pelicans to come over and pick up these Warthogs, within Five minutes you and the other members of the Bravo team Scout force heads for this mysterious Ring...........................