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Long Time Gone Part 7
Posted By: grylsy<grylsy@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 December 2003, 12:01 PM

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Long Time Gone Part 7: The Problems and Solution

Anther shell landed close to the Command Post, the surviving staff had taken up arms and were protecting their bunker with the greatest bravery. There were only a handful of men left; everyone else was dead or dying. General GŁtt Shutze, one of the survivors was taking cover behind his desk with some fellow survivors; every now and then a small group of armed Rebels would run into the room yelling at them in strange tongue. But every time the General and his staff would repulse the attacks with their various weapons but they were mostly their Nickel Plated M6D Ceremonial pistols and a couple of the General's bolt action hunting rifles which were on the mantle piece.

The ammunition was beginning to run low, they had to make every shot count, but one of the staff wasn't going to die because he didn't have any weapons to defend himself with, the man jumped to his feet and raced to the doorway, snatching up a couple of MP .375s and various 9mm pistols.

"Good work soldier!" said GŁtt taking one of the 9mm pistols and a few spare clips, the staff member had even got a couple of grenades! With these new weapons the GŁtt predicted that they could last maybe another half hour.

The Sargeant introduce himself as Hans Grebler, his German accent was strong, he told them that, yes he was part of the 1st Shock Troop Brigade that was departing for Reach in two days, but that he and his squad were going a day after the rest of the Brigade went. They had been called from their station in Munich, Germany to help secure the Congo front as German Intelligence had predicted the attack but the Coalition didn't listen, they sent almost 80% of their forces on leave.

At a closer look, the Sargeant under all his high-tech body armour was almost handsome in his own sort of way, as Chris' father always said women love a man in uniform , he was right, except the part that he wasn't a girl... The Sargeant was clean cut and shaven, unlike how Chris and Chambers were unshaven, Hans wore a neatly iron uniformed and spit shined boots but Chris and Michael were in grimy civvies clothes and mud covered runners.

The Shock Troopers carried high-tech MA5Bs modified to the extreme, laser sights, reflex sights, they all but one had sound suppressors as one had a heavy barrel (a Squad Automatic Weapon Version) acting as the Squads Machine Gunner, this configuration was ideal as the weapon still used the 60 round magazine that the original MA5B rifle used thus, if the machine gunner ran out of ammunition any normal rifleman could give his or hers ammunition to the machine gunner.

"Corporals Chris McAllen and Michael Chambers reporting for duty, SIR!" Said Chris in his firmest voice.

"Very good, gentleman," replied Hans, Chambers started to laugh,

"What the hell are you laughing at Corporal?" Demanded Hans. Chambers stopped laughing, cleared his voice and said,

"Its just no one has ever called me a gentleman before, sir" said Chambers.

"Is that so..." said Hans tossing McAllen and Chambers a high-tech armour vest each,

"Only problem is, we don't have any spare rifles," said Hans tapping his MA5B Custom.

"That's all right sir, the Rebels do", Chris walked off to the destroyed tank, fetching up a few rifles and magazines, he came back with a M61 Sub-machine gun, .40 calibre, 35 round clip, but was long for a submachine gun, just under a metre long. Chris also handed Chambers a few MA5B clip he had scavenged.

The Drop ship took off in the small street; its engines drowning out all other noise, the pilot gave Hans the thumbs up and a reassuring smile

With the sounds off the drop ship fading off, Chris heard the moan, the moan of someone hurt, oh shit Chris thought Alison! Chris ran back to the alleyway, and there slumped up against the wall was Alison, still unconscious, moaning badly with pain yet alive.

"MEDIC!" Chris yelled, a Black Clad Soldier came running over, a Red Cross painted on his helmet.

"What's wrong?" asked the soldier, "her, she got whacked in the back of the head" said Chris pointing at Alison.

"looks like a minor concussion, she should be fine in a few days, but I'll do what I can," the Soldier whistle over to two comrades, they came running over,

"Get her into that house!" Ordered the Medic.

Chris wanted to follow but an urged made him go back to the Sargeant,

"Anything we can do, sir?" Asked McAllen, the Hans took a deep breath,

"We need to link up with other forces to achieve an effective resistance, agree?"

"That's what we're paid to do," said one of the Black Clad Soldiers. "

Ok, then, my men will lead first, you two bring up the rear, and we'll have to send a medivac for the women, medic and two troopers" Hans took another deep breathe,

"Charles!" he yelled, a Trooper stood,

"YES, SIR!" said the Trooper,

"Get me battalion on the horn," another 'YES, SIR!' was said and then the Radio man started talking all Radio Code into his headset,

"This is, Dark Knight, over, requesting medivac at Grid Reference, Tango 26, Bravo 13, over..." the Trooper waited, then suddenly a burst of static,

"Roger that, Dark Knight, Hotel one-nine-five in bound, be advised, the drop ship contains, munitions and you are to take ALL you can carry, the enemy is advancing towards your position.

"They will be there in approximately 46 minutes,"

"And Hotel one-nine-five's ETA?" Said the Trooper named Charles,

"Ah, unknown, not long, possibly half-an-hour".

"Roger that base, Dark Knight out!"

"Sir, it doesn't look good," said Charles, placing the mouthpiece of his headset up to the top of his helmet.

Hans swore under his breath, his mind started to race, out numbered, out gunned, fifteen Soldiers, three were tacking care of a forth and I have two strangely dressed Coalition Troopers, out of which I only have nine Shock Troopers including my self fit for battle... shit not good, unknown hostiles, EVAC for the women on it's way . Hans begun to chuckle uncontrollably, Chris wondered what was so funny.

"Just another funking day in the Corp!" Said Hans, his laughter ceased, "well what the fuck are you guys standing around for? Get into defensive positions!

Chris only just noticed what the Shock Troopers had brought with them, six large samsonite containers lay scattered around the area where the Pelican had landed, Chris walked over to them they were all open and the first four had held the groups MA5B Assault Rifles, whilst the fifth carried the bullets and the last one had once contained a SPNKr 103mm Rocket Launcher, Chris looked around and then he saw the gunner, sitting against a wall, cigarette in his mouth, looking off into the distance. The thousand yard stare... Thought Chris.

The thousand yard stare was a habit, which had become a problem in the 30th Century Vietnam War in the 1960s and 70s with service men who had been in combat too long. The sufferer was known to stare into the abyss for hours on end, not knowing what was going on, it was basically sleeping awake, as if that is possible. Many soldiers were shipped home after they were unable to for fill there duty as it affect there awareness and usefulness as a soldier.
Chris was brought back to the present by a rough pat on the back,

"Come on buddy we both said it, 'I'm gonna shake that man's hand' remember?" Chris roused,

"What? Oh yeah lets go," Chris and Chambers walked over to the gazing Trooper,

"Hey, Soldier" Chris stopped, noticed the two stripes, "I, ah, mean Corporal," Gazing Trooper stopped,

"You are blocking my view" was all he said, Chris moved and looked where the Trooper was, he was looking at the mayhem he had caused with his SPNKr.

"That's Geoff," said a voice, Chris and Chambers turned, an African-American Trooper stood there, hold his MA5B custom lazily by his side, he started to speak again, "hi I'm Frank Mohammad, everyone just calls me Gunny", indicating the Gunnery Sargeant Stripes on his Chest Plate. Hans was also a Gunnery Sargeant but Gunny had agreed to let Hans lead the Squad. Chambers was the first to reply.

"Ah, hi there, Gunny , I'm Corporal Michael Chambers and this here is my good friend Corporal Chris McAllen," Chambers stepped forward, shaking Gunny's hand, Chris shook Gunny's hand next.

"Nice to met you both," Gunny replied,

"Back at ya" replied Chambers and Chris as one. Chris was the next to speak.

"So, Geoff," Chris said in his friendliest voice, Geoff sat there, still staring,

"I'll fix him," said Gunny, walking over to Geoff, give his black Helmet a tap, the Corporal instantly stood up.

"Corporal Geoff Hughes reporting for duty, SIR!" He said as if he was on parade.

"Is that normal?" asked Chambers,

"Yeah, he gets distracted easily, he's got A.D.D" Replied Gunny, Chambers reply came quick and short.

"Ok then..." Chris took a deep breathe,

"Hey Corporal Hughes, you saved Chambers' and my bacon today and I'll try to repay you for it." Geoff cocked his head to one side, and offered a firm hand and a 100 watt smile.

"You're welcome...?" Geoff asked,

"Corporal Chris McAllen and Corporal Michael Chambers,"

"Ah ok, you are welcome McAllen." Chris put his rifle over his shoulder, said his good byes to Gunny and Geoff and he walked over to the building were Alison was.

And that's the end of that chapter... Please tell me what you think, I NEED compliments, as fellow writers you know how important even a SMALL compliment does for you, and tell mw do you like this set up or my other chapters' set ups? Also do you think this is long enough for one chapter?