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Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 September 2003, 2:35 AM

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       The figure just stood and stared back. Almost seven feet of rock hard muscle and reinforced bones, covered in a nearly impenetrable armor stood 3 feet in front of him. The only reason 559's head hadn't caved in was because it was also reinforced with steel. 559 stood and ignored the immense pain he was feeling in his head. "I've heard about you. One of those puppets that came before us. Awarded almost every medal twice. I'm glad we could meet, Master Chief."
       "I can't say the same." Master Chief said. "The only thing I'm glad about is that you're about to die."
       559 laughed. A cruel, evil laugh that echoed off the tall deserted buildings. There was a moment of silence, then two loud booms echoed in the distance. "I don't suppose you heard that...?" asked 559.
       "It was just thunder." Master Chief said, hatred in his voice.
       559 laughed again. "Ah, yes. It was just thunder." Rain began to fall, soaking 559's clothes and flowed off of Master Chief's armor. "I think you should look at your approaching doom."
       559 watched as Master Chief looked slowly to his right, where 778 was approaching rapidly in the giant mech. Master Chief quickly looked back at 559 and pulled out a pistol. By the time he had turned off the safety and aimed it at 559, 559 had disappeared. Master Chief looked amazed that someone had been able to escape his enhanced speed. 559 watched from the shadows ten feet away, smirking.
       He saw Master Chief grab his assault rifle and run for cover. The mech raised one of it's arms and two giant missiles erupted out of the sides. 559 laughed. Master Chief ducked behind a thick concrete wall. The missiles now couldn't see their target, and aimed for the biggest heat source they could find. A building hundreds of feet away was swallowed up by a huge explosion The explosion was so big that 559 had to run to avoid it.
       Debris and flames flew over 559 just after he ducked. He waited until the noise died down and the rubble stopped falling before he looked up. He coughed to get the dirt out of his lungs and blinked several times to remove the dust from his eyelids. He was stunned at Master Chief. Master Chief was running towards the Walking Fortress. 559 watched as he open fired with his MA5B, spraying concentrated fired over one of the shins of the mech. 559 laughed. "He's never going to blow off the leg with an assault rifle." He laughed again, then stopped. "What is he doing?"
       Master Chief wasn't trying to disable the robot, just knock off a chunk of the armor. 559 watched as a small plate, barely 5 feet by 5 feet, fell off under the hail of bullets. Master Chief threw down his gun. 559 now understood what he was doing. Master Chief pulled out a Fragmentation Grenade, pulled out the pin, and threw it with perfect aim into the hole that the missing armor used to protect. Not three seconds later, there was a small explosion, and the armor panels were pushed outwards. Fuel and oil leaked out of small cracks, and the armor plating was torn off. The giant mech stumbled into town, and tripped over electrical wires. The wires snapped and fell to the ground. The mech stumbled and fell, spraying fuel everywhere. 559 watched as sparks from the torn electrical wires ignited the fuel, sending flames high into the raining sky. The fuel in the mech caught fire and exploded, sending red-hot pieces of metal into the air. Then, the ammunition cache got too hot to stand it, and the ammo inside exploded, sending more pieces into the dark, cloudy sky.
       559 stood still, mouth wide open. He had yet to process what had just went on. Then something in his head clicked, and he erupted in rage. Tears flowed down his face and into his open mouth. He screamed in rage at the top of his lungs. He punched a wall next to him, and even without the MJOLNIR armor, the wall crumbled under his strength. "You... You killed her..." He looked up at the distant figure of the Master Chief. "You took her away from me... The only person I've ever cared for..."
       He screamed again and pulled the sniper rifle off of his shoulder, looked through the scope, and aimed for the Master Chief. He didn't aim for his head. He wanted to cause him as much pain as he could before he died. The Master Chief's arm fell into his aim. 559 pulled the trigger, and the bullet pierced the MJOLNIR armor and flesh. The Master Chief, grabbing his arm in pain, ducked behind a wall for cover just as three more bullets passed through the air. 559 slung the rifle over his shoulder and pulled out his M6D. He charged the Master Chief, pulling the trigger down, over and over again. A few bullets pinged off his armor, and his shield flickered and faded. This was the chance 559 was hoping for.
       Before the shield could recharge, he kicked him in the faceplate. The steel-toe boot cracked the glass, and 559 heard the Master Chief moan. 559 picked up a rock and beat the Master Chief until he wasn't moving anymore. He looked for signs of breathing, and when there were none, he left, wiping the tears out of his eyes. "Now for the President."
       He went to the building where the helicopter landed on, and went inside. Three guards guarded the entrance, and 559 pulled out his combat knife. He stabbed the first guard in the throat, turned around and punched the second guards face in, and threw the knife into the third guards face. He took one of their Submachine Guns. He entered the elevator and pressed for the top level: 30th floor. He looked at the speakers, emitting a soft, mellow music. He punched through them and ripped out their wires. "I hate elevator music."
       The doors opened, and 559 looked out. All the guards had their guns aimed towards him, and he felt a moment of fear. He jumped to the ceiling of the elevator and kicked the panels out. He felt the heat of the bullets passing inches below him. He waited for a pause in the firing, and pulled out a grenade. He pulled out the pin and threw it down, making sure it would bounce into the room with all the guards. He heard a loud WUMPH and jumped down into the elevator. The room was painted a blood red color now, and arms and legs looked like strange artwork that someone had hung up.
       There was a big double door entrance in front of him, and he kicked down the doors. The President was sitting on one side of the table, on the other, a foreign Prime Minister, and on both sides of the room were 20 guards. He aimed at one group of guards and pulled the trigger. The SMG tore through their bodies like tissue paper, and splattered the President with blood. The next group he took down with a grenade, and the guards blew apart. The Prime Minister went down with three new holes in his head. 559 turned towards the shaking President. "P-p-please... don't kill m-m-me!" he cried. "I have a f-family!"
       "Goodbye, Mr. President." 559 raised his gun up to the President's head, and just before he pulled the trigger, he heard a small "Ding!" behind him. He turned around and saw the Master Chief running through the opening elevator doors. 559 was stunned "You?! I killed you!"
       The Master Chief punched 559 in the stomach, and 559 keeled over, the wind knocked out of him. "MR. PRESIDENT! GET TO THE HELICOPTER!" He yelled.
       The President ran out of the room and up a flight of stairs. "NO!" 559 yelled and tried to stand, but the Master Chief kicked him into the wall.
       559 had one grenade left, and he pulled out the pin. He threw it behind the Master Chief, careful to make it so that he wouldn't get hit by any shrapnel. 559 covered his head and heard an explosion. He looked up in time to see the Master Chief fall over, stunned. 559 jumped to his feet and ran towards the stairwell. He climbed up the ten stairs in less than a second, and pushed open the door at the top. The helicopter was lifting off, and 559 pulled out his SMG and aimed for it. He opened fire, and several bullets hit the engine. The helicopter began to smoke and sink. The helicopter crashed into the ground, but didn't explode. 559 took a deep breath, and turned around.
       Suddenly, he felt a small pain in his chest. He touched it with his finger, and saw that it was covered in blood. Wait... He thought. That's MY blood! He looked up and saw Master Chief standing ten feet in front of him, a smoking pistol in his hand. 559 reached for his M6D, and five more bullets entered his chest. He coughed up blood. "They... took away my life... I never chose to be like this..."
       "No." Master Chief said. "You were chosen." The Master Chief raised the pistol and pointed it at 559's head.
       559 charged the Master Chief and took the bullet with his shoulder. He rammed into him and pushed him all the way to the edge of the building. The Master Chief fell off the side, but grabbed onto the ledge at the last second. 559 laughed and pulled out his sniper rifle. "Now you die." 559 said, and pulled the trigger.
       "What the...?" 559 looked at the gun.
       "You never reloaded." The Master Chief said. He took one of his hands and grabbed 559's ankle. With a quick pull, he pulled 559 off the edge of the building. 559 screamed all the way down, and sunk into the deep mud with a loud smack. The Master Chief pulled himself up onto the roof and caught his breath. "I have to check on the President."
       Master Chief ran towards where the helicopter crashed. He checked inside and saw the President and two pilots alive, but trapped. He pulled apart the twisted metal and checked to see if everyone is ok. "I'm fine... I'm fine." The President said. "Did you get rid of the terrorist?"
       "Yes, sir. It turns out that he used to be a Spartan, and he just... went insane. I think we should get his body for ID."
       "Very good. Where is it?"
       Master Chief led him towards where 559 fell and gasped. "He landed right here! Where did he go?"

       "Get the doctor in here, right now!"
       "I'm here. My god, what happened to this guy?"
       "It appears he's been shot several times, and he has a large amount of broken bones."
       "What's his name?"
       "I-I don't know."
       "How did he get here?"
       "He...walked... doctor."
       "This man walked in here?"
       "Yes doctor."
       "My god. We don't have time to question this! Get this man into an operation room, stat!"

The End

well, it's not the end if you check out my next series...