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A Marine Named Peters: This Time it's Snowboarding
Posted By: GLADIATRRR3000<gladiatrrr2002@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 September 2003, 11:58 PM

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       "Just when I thought this day wouldn't get worse..."
       "Dammit. I need new pants."
       Peters had just survived a flock of Banshees and now he was going to be killed by snow. A few hundred tons of snow, actually. The Elites turned and ran towards the Ghosts they rode up the mountain. One Ghost rose and shot forward. It swerved to miss a rock and instead hit a tree. One of the wings tore off and split into two. The other stayed on until the Ghost exploded and then flew off as well. The pieces of both wings landed at Peters' Karls', and Madison's feet. "Anyone know how to snowboard?" Peters asked.
       "I do." Karls said.
       "Good." Peters said, picking up one of the pieces and starting to run. "You'll need it."
       Peters threw the piece on the ground and stepped onto it. He started to move downhill and pick up speed. He looked back and saw that Karls and Madison were doing the same thing. He looked forward again and hit a small bump. He caught air and landed back on the ground. "You call that a trick?" He heard Karls yell, but the end of the sentence was cut off by the roaring sound of snow falling. He looked back and saw the snow starting to move. He ducked under a branch and saw the Elites ahead. One looked back and pulled out his plasma rifle. It fired three shots at Peters and missed. It hit the Ghost piece Peters was riding and heated it up. Peters began to move faster. "Hey!" He yelled to Karls and Madison. "If you have any plasma weapons, shoot them at the 'boards'! They go faster when they're hot!"
       Karls pulled out a plasma pistol and fired it faster than Peters had ever seen a plasma pistol be fired. The board instantly turned a dull red and Karls yelled. "MY FEET! DAMN, THIS IS HOT!"
       Madison didn't have any plasma weapons, so Peters threw him a rifle and turned back around. He could hear the snow starting to move fast and almost wet himself. There was no way to go faster than the avalanche, and he knew it. They had a better chance of survival if they were buried at the top, because there was less snow. Then he heard something that made him keep going. The laugh of an Elite. Peters sped up and made for the Elites on the Ghosts. He went off of a ten-foot drop and saw a dropship picking up the Elites and their Ghosts. He jumped off of the shard of Ghost and sprinted towards them. One Elite saw him and opened fire. The rest turned, looked, and opened fire as well. Peters threw snow into the paths of three plasma bolts and saw that the plasma hit the snow, melted it, and absorbed it. The plasma was now had too much weight and sank and hit the ground. There was a small pillar of water where the plasma hit the ground. The Elites looked at each other, and ran back into the dropship. "Yeah, that's right. RUN! HAHAHAHAHAH..." Peters turned around. The avalanche had really started, as there was a 100-foot wall of snow coming at him.
       He turned and ran towards the dropship and tried to jump in, but the doors closed on him. He hit the side and swore. The dropship began to rise, but he ran over towards its gun and grabbed onto it. The gun began to shake wildly in attempts to remove him from it, but Peters held tight. The dropship rose above the wall of snow just in time. Peters felt the snow hit his boots and held on tighter. He looked for where the dropship was going, and almost cried. He was heading towards the Covenant base.
       He looked down and saw a small hill 30 feet below him. Figuring this was his best chance of survival, he let go of the dropship. He fell for four seconds and hit the ground. He sunk into a two-foot snow dune and got the wind knocked out of him. The dropships gun open fired on Peters. The snow took the majority of the hits, but one plasma shot hit him in the back and melted the MA5B he was carrying. "DAMMIT!" he cried, as he threw off the gun. It hit the snow and sunk.
       He was sure more Covenant were going to be there soon, but why run? He had nowhere to run to. He sat down and watched the dropship fly away towards the larger Covenant space ship. Peters sighed. "I wish I had learned the names of these ships. They're beautiful."
       The setting sun gave the purple ship a beautiful orange color on one side, and a dark blue color on the other. There were soldiers being sent down to the ground through a gravity lift, and Banshees were flying out of docking bays on the sides. Then he noticed something. He stared intently at the Covenant ship, then reached into his pocket and pulled out the strange rock he found near Bravo Base. He stared at it for a while, stared at the ship, and gasped. The markings on the side of the rock and on the Covenant ship were almost exactly alike. Was this how they always knew where he was? He lifted it up above his head and prepared to throw it as far away as possible, then stopped. He had gotten an idea.

       A Ghost hovered past several Shades and screeched to a stop. The diver hopped out and ran up to a Gold Elite. The Gold Elite turned and stared at him. "What is it, 'Nalshanee?"
       "Sir. We have picked up the trace of the Holy Relic once again."
       The Gold Elite almost jumped. "That is excellent news. Where is it?"
       "It's less than one unit away. We can assemble a small squad and be there in..." he checked a small screen. "Now."
       "Excellent, excellent. Have you done a thermal scan of the area to detect any human slime that could be there?"
       "No, sir. But only three survived the initial crash and only one is believed to be alive after the avalanche."
       The Gold Elite paused. "Which one?"
       The Blue Elite was confused. "W-which one what?"
       The Gold Elite sighed. "The human. Which human survived?"
       "...I believe his name is ...er... 'Peeterz'. At least, that's what our probes picked up from their conversations."
       The Gold Elite coughed. "PEETERZ? He alone has caused many deaths for our kind and is considered a hero for these humans. It will be great to finally rid ourselves of this nuisance."

       "Okay... The trap is set... Now I need to hide!" Peters backed up slowly, looking at the ground. He paused, lifted up his foot higher, and continued walking. He climbed up a hill and lied down on his stomach. He looked at the Covenant camp and saw two dropships coming towards him. "Hahah. So they were tracking me. Well, I hope, for once, that these dropships are full." He covered himself in snow and kept watching.
       The dropships landed, and ten Grunts and five Elites came out. "Come on... come on..." Peters said under his breath. "Just trip the wires... Set off the grenades... come on..."
       Peters had put the rock on a large stump so that the Covenant would see it almost instantly. It worked. One Elite saw it and walked towards it. Peters saw him pick up one of his feet right where he had set a tripwire. Sure enough, eight grenades went off at once and blew all five Elites and eight Grunts to hell. The last to Grunts looked at each other and scrambled. They didn't make it far, because Peters put them to sleep with a bullet to the back of the head.
       "Ok. Now, more Covenant will come. I just used all my grenades, but these guys have to have some. But they're Covenant grenades, so I don't know how to set a trap with them. He saw a tree near him with a low branch. He had another idea. He salvaged all the plasma weapons and attached them to the branch. He pulled them all back, and the branch pulled their triggers, firing the weapons. He had 15 plasma weapon's worth of power now.
       Sure enough, more Covenant came. When they came out of the dropships, he pulled back the plasma guns and unleashed the stopping power of a small squad. Elites, Jackals, and Grunts fell. He pulled out two plasma grenades and threw one into each dropship's hatches. The hatches closed and the grenades went off. Both dropships exploded and fell.
       Peters saw a Grunt move and ran over to him. He shook his head and yelled into his face. "How many Covenant do you have at your base?" The Grunt didn't answer, so he pulled the breathing apparatus out of his mouth for a few seconds and put it back in.
       "Now, how many Covenant are at your base?"
       The Grunt blinked some blood out of his eye and coughed. "T-t-two thousand."
       Peters gasped. "How can I keep this up?"

to be continued